Biography of Cuthwine King Wessex


In 590 Cedda Wessex was born to Cuthwine King Wessex.

Cuthwine King Wessex succeeded as King Wessex.

Around 565 Cuthwine King Wessex was born to Ceawlin King Wessex.

Before 592 Cuthwulf Wessex was born to Cuthwine King Wessex.

Battle of Dyrham

In 577 Ceawlin King Wessex and his son Cuthwine King Wessex won a major victory over the Britons at the Battle of Dyrham Hinton Hill. The victory of resulted in the capture of Gloucester, Cirencester and Bath.

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Wessex

Descendants Family Trees:

Cerdic King Wessex


Kings Wessex: Son of Ceawlin King Wessex


Father: Ceawlin King Wessex

GrandFather: Cynric King Wessex

Great GrandFather: Cerdic King Wessex