Biography of Cynric King Wessex


Cynric King Wessex was born to Cerdic King Wessex.

In 534 Cynric King Wessex succeeded as King Wessex.

In 556 Cynric King Wessex and Ceawlin King Wessex defeated the Britons at Barbury Castle during the Battle of Beran Burg. Barbury Castle possibly of strategic importance since it is located on the Ridgeway with extensive views over the Thames valley.

Cutha Wessex was born to Cynric King Wessex.

Ceawlin King Wessex was born to Cynric King Wessex.

In 495 Cerdic King Wessex landed with his son Cynric King Wessex in five ships at Hampshire.

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Wessex

Descendants Family Trees:

Cerdic King Wessex


Kings Wessex: Son of Cerdic King Wessex


Father: Cerdic King Wessex