Biography of Morcar Mercia


On Oct 1065 Morcar Mercia was appointed as Ealdorman Northumbria.

Battle of Fulford

On 20 Sep 1066 Harald III King Norway, with Tostig Godwinson, defeated the brothers Edwin Mercia and Morcar Mercia at the Battle of Fulford at Fulford.

Battle of Stamford Bridge

On 25 Sep 1066 Harold II King England, supported by the brothers Edwin Mercia and Morcar Mercia, defeated the Viking army at the Battle of Stamford Bridge at Stamford Bridge. Harald III King Norway and Tostig Godwinson were killed.

After 1087 Morcar Mercia died.

Morcar Mercia was born to Aelfgar Mercia Earl East Anglia.

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Mercia

Descendants Family Trees:

Leofwine Mercia


Father: Aelfgar Mercia Earl East Anglia

GrandFather: Loefric Mercia

Great GrandFather: Leofwine Mercia

GrandMother: Godiva Unknown