Biography of Taloran King Picts


Before 616 Taloran King Picts was born to Eanfrith King Bernicia.

In 616 Taloran King Picts fled into exile to the Picts after his father had been killed.

Battle of Strath Ethairt

In 654 Taloran King Picts defeated the army of Dál Riata at the Battle of Strath Ethairt.

In 657 Taloran King Picts died.

In 653 Taloran King Picts succeeded as King Picts.

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Bernicia

Descendants Family Trees:

Aethelric King Bernicia

Yffe Deira


Kings Bernicia: Son of Eanfrith King Bernicia

Kings Deira: Great Grand Son of Aella King Deira


Father: Eanfrith King Bernicia

GrandFather: Aethelfrith King Bernicia, King Deira

Great GrandFather: Aethelric King Bernicia

GrandMother: Acha Deira Queen Consort Bernicia, Queen Consort Deira

Great GrandFather: Aella King Deira

Great x 2 GrandFather: Yffe Deira