1465-1469 Rise of the Woodville Family

Marriage of John Woodville and Catherine Neville

In Jan 1465 John Woodville and Katherine Neville Duchess Norfolk were married. Described as a 'Diabolical Marriage' by opponents of the Woodvilles. He being nineteen, she sixty-five. His first husband, her fourth. Regarded as another example of the Woodville family increasing the wealth and power. .

Lancastrians Attainders

Coronation of Elizabeth Woodville

On 26 May 1465 Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England was crowned as Queen Consort England by Cardinal Thomas Bourchier at Westminster Abbey. Edward IV King England attended. John Cheney 1st Baron Cheyne, Anthony Woodville 2nd Earl Rivers and Richard Woodville 3rd Earl Rivers were appointed Knight of the Bath. .

George Neville's Enthronement as Archbishop York

On 06 Sep 1465 George Neville Archbishop York was enthroned as Archbishop York at Cawood Castle during the George Neville's Enthronement as Archbishop York attended by Isabel Neville, Anne Neville Queen Consort England and Richard III King England.

Marriage of Charles the Bold and Margaret of York

Before 03 Jul 1468 Charles "Bold" Valois-Burgundy Duke Burgundy and Margaret of Burgundy were married at Bruges. John Paston travelled with Margaret. The marriage re-enforced Edward's connection with the Low Countries. After Richard "Kingmaker" Neville 16th Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury rebelled against Edward IV King England escaped to the Low Countries. .