1610-1612 Death of Frederick Prince of Wales

Prince Henry invested as Prince of Wales and Earl Chester

Tethy's Festival Masque

On 05 Jun 1610 the Tethy's Festival Masque was performed at Whitehall Palace to celebrate the the investiture of Prince Frederick as Prince of Wales. The script was written by Samuel Daniel at the request of the Queen, who appeared in person as Tethys a goddess of the sea. Inigo Jones designed the staging and scenery.
Prince Charles took the part of Zephyrus,
Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia appeared as the companion or daughter of Tethys, the "Nymph of Thames",
Arbella Stewart took the part of the "Nymph of Trent",
Alethea Talbot Countess Arundel, Countess Surrey, 1st Countess Norfolk as "Nymph of Arun"
Elizabeth Vere Countess Derby as "Nymph of Derwent",
Frances Howard Countess Essex, Countess Somerset as "Nymph of Lee",
Anne Clifford Countess Dorset, Countess Pembroke as "Nymph of Air",
Susan Vere Countess Montgomery as "Nymph of Severn",
Elizabeth Radclyffe as "Nymph of Rother",
Elizabeth Talbot Countess Kent as "Nymph of Medway",
Four sisters, daughters of Edward Somerset 4th Earl Worcester and Elizabeth Hastings Countess Worcester, danced as the rivers of Monmouthshire:
Catherine Somerset Baroness Windsor the "Nymph of Usk"
Katherine Somerset the "Nymph of Olwy"
Elizabeth Somerset the "Nymph of Dulesse" (Dulas), and
Mary Wintour the "Nymph of Wye".

Creation of the First Baronets

Funeral of Prince Frederick

On 07 Dec 1612 Henry Frederick Stewart Prince Wales was buried at Westminster Abbey. Francis Manners 6th Earl Rutland carried the shield. .

Addled Parliament

Investiture of Charles as Prince of Wales

On 04 Nov 1616 Charles I King England, Scotland and Ireland was appointed Prince of Wales. Robert Radclyffe 5th Earl Sussex carried the Purple Ermined Robe. James Wriothesley, brothers Robert Howard and William Howard, George Berkeley 8th Baron Berkeley and John Cavendish were appointed Knight of the Bath. .