700-999 Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Second Battle of Woden's Barrow

In 715 Ceolred King Mercia and Ine King Wessex were defeated by an unknown army during the Second Battle of Woden's Barrow at Adam's Grave.

Battle of Ellendun

On Sep 825 Beornwulf King Mercia defeated Ecgberht, King of Wessex, at the Battle of Ellendun replacing Mercian with Wessex dominance over the Saxon Heptarchy. Sir Frank Stenton described it as 'one of the most decisive battles of English history'. The location of the battle is not known although a number of locations have been suggested: Wroughton, Lydiard Park and Wilton.

Battle of Brissarthe

On 02 Jul 866 Ranulf Poitiers I Duke Aquitaine and Robert "Strong" King West Francia were killed fighting the joint Breton-Viking army at the Battle of Brissarthe at Brissarthe.

Battle of Englefield

On 31 Dec 870 Aethelwulf Mercia Earldorman Berkshire defeated the Viking army at the Battle of Englefield at Englefield. The Viking Army retreated to Reading.

Sidrac Viking killed during the Battle of Englefield.

Battle of Reading

On 04 Jan 871 Aethelred King Wessex and Alfred "The Great" King England 's army attacked, but were repulsed by, the Viking army at Battle of Reading at Reading. Aethelwulf Mercia Earldorman Berkshire killed.

Battle of Ashdown

On 08 Jan 871 Alfred "The Great" King England defeated the Viking army led by Halfdan Ragnarsson at the Battle of Ashdown in Berkshire. Bagsecg Unknown was killed.

Battle of Basing

On 22 Jan 871 Aethelred King Wessex was defeated by the Viking army at the Battle of Basing at Old Basing.

Battle of Marton

Around 22 Mar 871 Halfdan Ragnarsson defeated the Wessex army led by Aethelred King Wessex and Alfred "The Great" King England at the Battle of Marton. The location of 'Marton' is not known; suggestions include Marden in Wiltshire and Winterborne St Martin in Dorset. Heahmund Wessex Bishop Sherborne was killed.

On 23 Apr 871 Aethelred King Wessex died possibly as a result of wounds received at the Battle of Marton which took place a month earlier.

Battle of Edington

Around 12 May 878 Alfred "The Great" King England defeated the Viking army led by Guthrum Viking at the Battle of Edington at Edington (the location is subject to dispute).

Treaty of Wedmore

Around Aug 878 Guthrum Viking agreed to leave Wessex, to be baptised and to accept Alfred "The Great" King England as his adoptive father. Known as Treaty of Wedmore.

Battle of Brunanburh

In 937 Aethelstan I King Anglo-Saxons, I King England and his son Edmund I King England defeated the Scottish, Irish Viking and Strathclyde army at the Battle of Brunanburh. Two of Aethelstan's cousins, Aethelwine Wessex and Aelfwine Wessex were killed.

Battle of the Holme

Battle of Trans-la-Foret

On 01 Aug 939 Hugh Maine II Count Maine, Alan "Twisted Beard" Poher II Duke Brittany and Judicael Berengar Penthièvre I Count Rennes defeated the Viking army at Battle of Trans-la-Foret in Trans-la-Foret freeing Brittany of Viking occupation and leading to the establishment of the Duchy of Brittany.

Battle of Carno

In 950 Iago ap Idwal Aberffraw and Idwal "Ieuaf aka Junior" Aberffraw, sons of Idwal ap Anaward "Foel aka Bald" King Gwynedd, defeated the sons of Hywel at the Battle of Carno at Carno.

Battle of Llanwrst

In 954 Rhodri ap Hywel King Deheubarth and Edwin ap Hywel King Deheubarth defeated the sons of Idwal at the Battle of Llanwrst at Llanrwst.

Battle of Anglesey

In 980 Hywel ap Ieuaf King Gwynedd defeated Custennin ab Iago Aberffraw, son of his former enemy Iago ap Idwal Aberffraw at the Battle of Anglesey, at Anglesey. Custennin was killed ; he was supported by the Viking Gofraid mac Arailt Ivar.