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History of County Durham

County Durham is in North [Place]

Barnard Castle

Bishop Auckland

On 23 Jan 1576 James Pilkington Bishop of Durham 1520-1576 (56) died at Bishop Auckland.


Times Newspaper Funerals. 05 Feb 1929. The funeral of the Earl of Durham took place yesterday at Burnmoor. The Countess of Durham who was unable to attend owing to illness, received the following telegram from the Queen (61):- " I send you and your family my sincere sympathy in your great sorrow."
The cortege left Fenton at 11.30, and, as followed by 25 coaches, three of which conveyed wreaths. The chief mourners included Viscount Lambton (44) and Captain the Hon. Claud Lambton (45) (sons). Captain the Hon. D'Arcv Lambton (62), the Hon. George Lambton (68), and the Hon. Charles Lambton (71) (brothers). Viscount Cecil (brother-in-law), the Earl (56) and Countess of Ellesmnere (48) (son-in-law and daughter), the Earl of Home (son-in-law). The officiating clergy were the Rev. Ralph Watson. the Rev. A. J. Gadd, the rector. and the Rev, G. F. Eolme. Tenants from Lord Durham's Fenton Estate were the bearers. A memorial eervice for Lord Durham was held vesterday at St. Peter's. Eaton-square, the Rev. Austin Thompson officiating. Among those present were:- The Hen. Mrs. Charles rsmbton. the Bon. Mrs. Claud Lambtor, Air. D'Arcy Iarnb9o0. the Earl and Countr of Pemlroke. Co'onel the on. George lerhert lalso represeettna the Dowager Coun!tess of Pembrke). Mr artlrr Lambton. the Duke and Duchess of Abereorn the Dowager Marchioness of Lansdowne Alberthn Marehioness of Blaamdord.

1923. William Bruce Ellis-Ranken Painter 1881-1941 (41). Portrait of Victoria Mary Teck Queen Consort England 1867-1953 (55).

Bradley Hall


On 22 Feb 1459 Thomas Neville -1459 died at Brancepeth.

On Jun 1461 Humphrey Neville 1439-1469 (22) was captured at Brancepeth.

In 1471 Eleanor Scrope 1424-1471 (47) died at Brancepeth.

In 1478 Isabel Booth Countess Westmoreland 1457-1478 (21) died at Brancepeth.

See Brancepeth Castle, Brancepeth

Brancepeth Church, Brancepeth

On 09 Jun 1396 Margaret Stafford Baroness Neville Raby 1364-1396 (32) died. She was buried at Brancepeth Church, Brancepeth.



Murder of Robert de Comines Earl Northumbria

On 28 Jan 1069 Robert de Comines Earl Northumbria -1069 was burned to death in Durham when a rebel army set fire to the house in which he was staying. All his men were killed. In retaliation William "Conqueror" I King England 1028-1087 (41) commenced the Harrying of the North.

Battle of Neville's Cross

On 17 Oct 1346 at the Battle of Neville's Cross near Durham the English inflicted a heavy defeat on the Scottish army that had invaded England in compliance with their treaty with the French for mutual support against England.
The English army included: William Deincourt 1st Baron Deincourt 1301-1364 (45), Henry Scrope 1st Baron Scrope Masham 1312-1392 (34), Ralph Hastings 1291-1346 (55), Ralph Neville 2nd Baron Neville Raby 1291-1367 (55), William Zouche Archbishop of York -1352, Henry Percy 2nd Baron Percy 1299-1352 (47) and John Mowbray 3rd Baron Mowbray 1310-1361 (35).
Of the Scottish army David II King Scotland 1324-1371 (22), John Graham Earl Menteith -1347 and William "Flower of Chivalry and Knight Liddesdale" Douglas 1st Earl Atholl 1300-1353 (46) were captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London.
Neil Bruce -1346, John Randolph 3rd Earl Moray 1306-1346, David Hay 6th Baron Erroll 1318-1346 and Edward Keith of Sinton 1280-1346 were killed.

After 17 Oct 1346 Ralph Hastings 1291-1346 died at Durham.

Northern Rising

On 20 Jul 1405 John Fauconberg -1405 was beheaded in Durham.

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1461. 29 Apr 1461. Durham. Grant to Cecilia, late wife of Thomas Kyriell 1396-1461, knight, and executrix of his will, during the minority of Giles the son and heir of William Daubeney 1424-1460 late of Southpederton, co Somerset, esquire, deceased, of all the possessions of the latter, with the custody and marriage of the heir, saving to Alice the late wife of the said William her reaonsable dower. If the heir dire during the minority she hsall have the same during the minority of the next heir, and so on. By p.s.

Battle of Marston Moor

John Evelyn's Diary 1654 August. 17 Aug 1654. Passed through Pontefract; therichard castle famous for many sieges both of late and ancient times, and the death of that unhappy King murdered in it, was now demolishing by the Rebels; it stands on a mount, and makes a goodly show at a distance. The Queen (44) has a house here, and there are many fair seats near it, especially Mr. Pierrepont's (48), built at the foot of a hill out of the castle ruins. We all alighted in the highway to drink at a crystal spring, which they call Robin Hood's Well; near it, is a stone chair, and an iron ladle to drink out of, chained to the seat. We rode to Tadcaster, at the side of which we have prospect of the Archbishop's Palace (which is a noble seat), and in sight of divers other gentlemen's fair houses. This tract is a goodly, fertile, well-watered, and wooded country, abounding with pasture and plenty of provisions.
To York, the second city of England, fairly walled, of a circular form, watered by the brave River Ouse, bearing vessels of considerable burden on it; over it is a stone bridge emulating that of London, and built on; the middle arch is larger than any I have seen in England, with a wharf of hewn stone, which makes the river appear very neat. But most remarkable and worth seeing is St. Peter's Cathedral, which of all the great churches in England had been best preserved from the fury of the sacrilegious, by composition with the Rebels when they took the city, during the many incursions of Scotch and others. It is a most entire magnificent piece of Gothic architecture. The screen before the choir is of stone carved with flowers, running work and statues of the old kings. Many of the. Monuments are very ancient. Here, as a great rarity in these days and at this time, they showed me a Bible and Common Prayer Book covered with crimson velvet, and richly embossed with silver gilt; also a service for the altar of gilt wrought plate, flagons, basin, ewer, plates, chalices, patins, etc., with a gorgeous covering for the altar and pulpit, carefully preserved in the vestry, in the hollow wall whereof rises a plentiful spring of excellent water. I got up to the tower, whence we had a prospect toward Durham, and could see Ripon, part of Lancashire, the famous and fatal Marston Moor, the Spas of Knaresborough, and all the environs of that admirable country. Sir —— Ingoldsby has here a large house, gardens, and tennis court; also the King (24)'s house and church near the castle, which was modernly fortified with a palisade and bastions. The streets are narrow and ill-paved, the shops like London.

St Margaret's Church

On 15 Aug 1626 John Cosin Bishop 1594-1672 (31) and Frances Blakiston -1642 were married at St Margaret's Church.

Durham Cathedral

William Digby 1733-1788 was appointed Dean Durham.

John Montagu 1655-1729 was appointed Dean Durham.

In 995 Aldun Northumbria Bishop of Lindisfarne, Bishop of Durham -1019 was appointed Bishop of Durham.

In 1056 Æthelwine Bishop -1072 was consecrated Bishop of Durham having been supported in his election by Tostig Godwinson Earl Northumbria 1026-1066.

On 09 Jul 1283 Antony Bek Bishop of Durham 1245-1311 (38) was elected Bishop of Durham.

On 09 Jan 1284 Antony Bek Bishop of Durham 1245-1311 (39) was consecrated Bishop of Durham at which time he also had the remains of Saint William of York moved to a new shrine in York Minster.

Antony Bek Enthroned as Bishop of Durham

On 25 Dec 1285 Antony Bek Bishop of Durham 1245-1311 (40) was enthroned at Durham Cathedral.

Around 1371 Alexander Neville Archbishop of York 1341-1392 (30) was appointed Archdeacon Durham.

On 11 Jan 1374 Alice Audley Baroness Greystoke, Baroness Neville Raby 1304-1374 (70) died at Greystoke. She was buried at Durham Cathedral.

On 09 Sep 1381 John Fordham Bishop Ely -1425 was nominated Bishop of Durham.

On 05 Jan 1382 John Fordham Bishop Ely -1425 was consecrated Bishop of Durham.

In 1437 Robert Neville Bishop of Salisbury, Bishop of Durham was appointed Bishop of Durham.

On 31 Jul 1476 William Dudley Bishop of Durham 1425-1483 (51) was appointed Bishop of Durham.

In 1494 Richard Foxe Bishop 1448-1528 (46) was elected Bishop of Durham.

On 21 Feb 1499 Edmund Tudor 1st Duke Somerset 1499-1500 was born to Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509 (42) and Elizabeth York Queen Consort England 1466-1503 (33) at the Palace of Placentia being their sixth child. On 24 Feb 1499 he was christened at the Church of the Observant Friars. His godparents were Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond 1443-1509 (55), Edward Stafford 3rd Duke of Buckingham 1478-1521 (21) andn Richard Foxe Bishop 1448-1528 (51), then Bishop of Durham. He is believed to have been created 1st Duke Somerset (3C 1499) on the same day although there is no documentation. On 19 Jun 1500 he died at the Royal Palace, Hatfield; possibly of plague of which an outbreak was occuring. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Around 1510 Meynnart Wewyck Painter 1499-1525 (10). Portrait of Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond 1443-1509 in the Masters Lodge, St John's College. Commissioned by John Fisher Bishop of Rochester 1469-1535 (40). Note the Beaufort Arms on the wall beneath which is the Beafort Portcullis. Repeated in the window. She is wearing widow's clothes, or possibly that of a convent; Gabled Headress with Lappets. On 29 Mar 2019, St John's College, Cambridge, which she founded, announced the portrait was original work by Wewyck.

On 22 Feb 1530 Cuthbert Tunstall Bishop of Durham 1474-1559 (56) was appointed Bishop of Durham.

On 15 Dec 1560 James Pilkington Bishop of Durham 1520-1576 (40) was elected Bishop of Durham.

On 02 Mar 1561 James Pilkington Bishop of Durham 1520-1576 (41) was consecrated Bishop of Durham.

On 10 Apr 1561 James Pilkington Bishop of Durham 1520-1576 (41) was enthroned Bishop of Durham.

On 24 May 1576 James Pilkington Bishop of Durham 1520-1576 was buried in front of the High Altar at Durham Cathedral.

In Dec 1624 John Cosin Bishop 1594-1672 (30) was appointed Prebendary Durham.

On 05 Nov 1660 John Cosin Bishop 1594-1672 (65) was elected Bishop of Durham.

On 02 Dec 1660 John Cosin Bishop 1594-1672 (66) was consecrated Bishop of Durham.

On 08 Dec 1660 John Cosin Bishop 1594-1672 (66) was enhtroned Bishop of Durham.

John Evelyn's Diary 1668 November. 14 Nov 1668. To London, invited to the consecration of that excellent person, the Dean of Ripon, Dr. Wilkins (54), now made Bishop of Chester; it was at Ely House, the Archbishop of Canterbury (70), Dr. Cosin (73), Bishop of Durham, the Bishops of Ely (77), Salisbury (51), Rochester (43), and others officiating. Dr. Tillotson (38) preached. Then, we went to a sumptuous dinner in the hall, where were the Duke of Buckingham (40), Judges, Secretaries of State, Lord-Keeper, Council, Noblemen, and innumerable other company, who were honorers of this incomparable man, universally beloved by all who knew him.
This being the Queen's birthday, great was the gallantry at Whitehall, and the night celebrated with very fine fireworks.
My poor brother (66) continuing ill, I went not from him till the 17th, when, dining at the Groom Porters, I heard Sir Edward Sutton play excellently on the Irish harp; he performs genteelly, but not approaching my worthy friend, Mr. Clark, a gentleman of Northumberland, who makes it execute lute, viol, and all the harmony an instrument is capable of; pity it is that it is not more in use; but, indeed, to play well, takes up the whole man, as Mr. Clark has assured me, who, though a gentleman of quality and parts, was yet brought up to that instrument from five years old, as I remember he told me.

In 1674 Nathaniel Crew Bishop 1633-1721 (40) was appointed Bishop of Durham.

John Evelyn's Diary 1686 March. 01 Mar 1686. Came Sir Gilbert Gerrard to treate with me about his sonn's marrying my daughter Susanna (17). The father being obnoxious, and in some suspicion and displeasure of the King (52), I would receive no proposal till his Ma* (52) had given me leave, wch he was pleas'd to do ; but after severall meetings we brake off on his not being willing to secure any thing competent for my daughter's children ; besides that I found most of his estate was in ye coal pits as far off as Newcastle, and on leases from the Bishop of Durham, who had power to make concurrent leases, with other difficulties.

In 1692 Hammond Clement Postmaster 1692- to John Clement Porter 1670-. He was christened at Durham Cathedral where his father worked as a Porter.

In 1722 William Talbot Bishop 1658-1730 (64) was appointed Bishop of Durham.

In Oct 1750 Joseph Butler Bishop 1692-1792 (58) was translated to Bishop of Durham.

In 1771 John Egerton Bishop Bangor, Bishop Lichfield, Bishop of Durham 1721-1787 (49) was appointed Bishop of Durham.

On 25 Jun 1791 Shute Barrington Bishop of Llandaff, Bishop of Salisbury, Bishop of Durham 1734-1826 (57) was elected Bishop of Durham.

On 13 Jul 1836 Henry Cadogan 4th Earl Cadogan 1812-1873 (24) and Mary Sarah Wellesley Countess Cadogan 1808-1873 (28) were married (he was her first-cousin) at Durham Cathedral.

In 1856 Charles Longley Archbishop 1794-1868 (61) was consecrated Bishop of Durham.

In 1861 Charles Baring Bishop of Durham 1807-1879 (53) was appointed Bishop of Durham.

Galilee, Durham Cathedral

On 15 Jan 1724 George Wheeler Traveller 1651-1724 (72) died. He was buried in the Galilee, Durham Cathedral.

Elemore Hall

On 17 May 1792 Anne Isabella Noel Baroness Byron, 15th Baroness Despencer, 11th Baroness Wentworth 1792-1860 was born to Ralph Milbanke aka Noel 6th Baronet 1747-1825 (44) and Judith Noel 1751-1822 (41) at Elemore Hall.

Eske Hall


On 14 Jul 1323 Ralph Greystoke 1st Baron Greystoke 1299-1323 (23) died at Gateshead. Possibly poisoned by a rebel knight. His son William Greystoke 2nd Baron Greystoke 1321-1359 (2) succeeded 2nd Baron Greystoke.

In May 1621 William Blackett 1st Baronet of Newcastle 1621-1680 was born at Gateshead.

Houghton le Spring

On 20 Jun 1736 Thomas Lyon 8th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne 1704-1753 (32) and Jean Nicholson -1778 were married at Houghton le Spring. Jean Nicholson -1778 by marriage Countess Strathmore and Kinghorne.

St Michael's Church, Houghton le Spring

In 1795 Henry Phipps 1st Earl Mulgrave 1755-1831 (39) and Matha Sophia Thomson Maling Countess Mulgrave -1849 were married at St Michael's Church, Houghton le Spring. Matha Sophia Thomson Maling Countess Mulgrave -1849 by marriage Baroness Mulgrave of New Ross in Wexford.



On 18 Oct 1262 Ralph Neville 1st Baron Neville Raby 1262-1331 was born to Robert Neville 1237-1271 (25) at Raby.

Around 1407 George Neville 1st Baron Latimer Snape 1407-1469 was born to Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425 (43) and Joan Beaufort Countess Westmoreland 1379-1440 (28) at Raby.

Around 1440 George Neville 4th Baron Bergavenny 1440-1492 was born to Edward Neville 3rd Baron Bergavenny 1413-1476 (26) and Elizabeth Beauchamp Baroness Bergavenny 1415-1448 (24) at Raby.

On 29 Jun 1478 Katherine Howard Baroness Bergavenny 1414-1478 (64) died at Raby. She was buried at Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, South-East Wales.

Raby Castle

Around 1197 Geoffrey Fitzrobert aka Neville 1197-1242 was born to Robert Fitzmaldred 1150-1248 (47) at Raby Castle.

In 1237 Robert Neville 1237-1271 was born to Geoffrey Neville 1225-1285 at Raby Castle.

Before 29 Sep 1242 Geoffrey Fitzrobert aka Neville 1197-1242 died at Raby Castle.

On 06 Jun 1271 Robert Neville 1237-1271 (34) died at Raby Castle.

On 18 Apr 1331 Ralph Neville 1st Baron Neville Raby 1262-1331 (68) died at Raby Castle. His son Ralph Neville 2nd Baron Neville Raby 1291-1367 (40) succeeded 2nd Baron Neville Raby (1C 1295).

Around 1337 John Neville 3rd Baron Neville Raby 1337-1388 was born to Ralph Neville 2nd Baron Neville Raby 1291-1367 (46) and Alice Audley Baroness Greystoke, Baroness Neville Raby 1304-1374 (33) at Raby Castle.

Around 1358 Alice Neville Baroness Deincourt 1358-1433 was born to John Neville 3rd Baron Neville Raby 1337-1388 (21) and Maud Percy Baroness Neville Raby at Raby Castle.

Around 1362 Thomas Neville 5th Baron Furnivall 1362-1406 was born to John Neville 3rd Baron Neville Raby 1337-1388 (25) and Maud Percy Baroness Neville Raby at Raby Castle.

Around 1387 John Neville 1387-1420 was born to Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425 (23) and Margaret Stafford Baroness Neville Raby 1364-1396 (23) at Raby Castle.

Around 1392 Ralph Neville 1392-1458 was born to Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425 (28) and Margaret Stafford Baroness Neville Raby 1364-1396 (28) at Raby Castle.

1406. Letter XXXII. Joanna Counters of Westmoreland to her brother Henry IV. 1406. Letter XXXII. Joanna Counters of Westmoreland (27) to her brother Henry IV (38).
Most high and puissant prince, and most excellent sovereign lord,
I recommend myself to your royal and high lordship in the most obedient manner which, with my whole, entire, and simple heart, I can most humbly do, as she who desires to know of you, and of your most noble estate and most perfect health, such prosperity as your royal and most honourable heart can desire. And may it please your high nobleness to understand that I write now to your royal presence in behalf of your loyal liege and esquire, Christopher Standith, who, as he has certified me, has been in your service in Wales every time you have been there against your enemies, and besides, in all your most honourable journeys since your coronation, in which he has expended the substance that he could acquire of his own and of his friends, in such wise that, whereas he and my well beloved his wife Margaret (daughter to Mr. Thomas Fleming, who was chancellor and servant during his life to my most honoured and redoubted lord your father, whom God assoil) kept house and establishment, they have left it, and the said Margaret is lodged very uncomfortably with her children, of whom she has many, having one or two every year; and all this on account of the great charge which her said husband has incurred and still incurs in your service; to whom, of your gracious goodness and gentleness, you have aforetime promised guerdon of his labour, whenever he should spy out [something] from which [he could have a living] of 40 marks or of 40 pounds. And, most puissant and excellent prince and my most sovereign lord, he is the youngest [and his father has dismissed him from] his service, and that merely because he and his wife married each other for downright love, without thinking this time [what they should have to live upon. Wherefore 1) entreat your most high and puissant lordship to consider that the said Margaret should dwell [in some suitable place, or else with the queen your wife, whom God protect; and that she is come to me trusting that my [intercession] might avail her with you. May it please you to be gracious lord to her and her said husband, and of your guerdon [assist them] to support in their persons poor gentility, that their affiance may turn to good effect for them, and to my honour, if it please you, by their finding succour from your royal and most excellent nobility^ on account of this my most effectual supplication.
Most high and puissant prince and most excellent sovereign lord, I pray God to grant you a most honourable and long life, and preserve you in his most excellent keeping, and give entire joy and gladness as much as your gentle and most noble heart would choose or desire. !Written at the castle of Raby. Your most humble and obedient subject, if it please you, J. DB W.

On 03 May 1415 Cecily "Rose of Raby" Neville Duchess York 1415-1495 was born to Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425 (51) and Joan Beaufort Countess Westmoreland 1379-1440 (36) at Raby Castle.

Before 20 May 1420 John Neville 1387-1420 died at Raby Castle.

On 21 Sep 1480 Eleanor Poynings Countess Northumberland 1422-1480 (58) died at Raby Castle.

Samuel Pepy's Diary 1660 January. 09 Jan 1660. Monday. For these two or three days I have been much troubled with thoughts how to get money to pay them that I have borrowed money of, by reason of my money being in my uncle's hands. I rose early this morning, and looked over and corrected my brother John's speech, which he is to make the next apposition,—[Note. Declamations at St. Paul's School, in which there were opponents and respondents.]—and after that I went towards my office, and in my way met with W. Simons, Muddiman, and Jack Price, and went with them to Harper's and in many sorts of talk I staid till two of the clock in the afternoon. I found Muddiman a good scholar, an arch rogue; and owns that though he writes new books for the Parliament, yet he did declare that he did it only to get money; and did talk very basely of many of them. Among other things, W. Simons told me how his uncle Scobel was on Saturday last called to the bar, for entering in the journal of the House, for the year 1653, these words: "This day his Excellence the Lord General Cromwell dissolved this House;" which words the Parliament voted a forgery, and demanded of him how they came to be entered. He answered that they were his own handwriting, and that he did it by virtue of his office, and the practice of his predecessor; and that the intent of the practice was to—let posterity know how such and such a Parliament was dissolved, whether by the command of the King, or by their own neglect, as the last House of Lords was; and that to this end, he had said and writ that it was dissolved by his Excellence the Lord G[eneral]; and that for the word dissolved, he never at the time did hear of any other term; and desired pardon if he would not dare to make a word himself when it was six years after, before they came themselves to call it an interruption; but they were so little satisfied with this answer, that they did chuse a committee to report to the House, whether this crime of Mr. Scobell's did come within the act of indemnity or no. Thence I went with Muddiman to the Coffee-House, and gave 18d. to be entered of the Club. Thence into the Hall, where I heard for certain that Monk (51) was coming to London, and that Bradshaw's lodgings were preparing for him. Thence to Mrs. Jem's, and found her in bed, and she was afraid that it would prove the small-pox. Thence back to Westminster Hall, where I heard how Sir H. Vane (46) was this day voted out of the House, and to sit no more there; and that he would retire himself to his house at Raby, as also all the rest of the nine officers that had their commissions formerly taken away from them, were commanded to their farthest houses from London during the pleasure of the Parliament. Here I met with the Quarter Master of my Lord's (34) troop, and his clerk Mr. Jenings, and took them home, and gave them a bottle of wine, and the remainder of my collar of brawn; and so good night. After that came in Mr. Hawly, who told me that I was mist this day at my office, and that to-morrow I must pay all the money that I have, at which I was put to a great loss how I should get money to make up my cash, and so went to bed in great trouble.

On 08 Sep 1792 Henry Vane 2nd Earl Darlington 1726-1792 (66) died at Raby Castle. He was buried at Raby Castle. His son William Harry Vane 1st Duke Cleveland 1766-1842 (26) succeeded 3rd Earl Darlington, 3rd Viscount Barnard, 5th Baron Barnard. Catharine Margaret Powlett Countess Darlington 1766-1807 (26) by marriage Countess Darlington.


Windlestone Hall, Rushyford

On 31 Jan 1715 John Eden 2nd Baronet 1677-1728 (37) and Catherine Shafto were married. They were given Windlestone Hall, Rushyford as a wedding gift.


Seaham Hall, Seaham

Seaham Manor, Seaham

In 1488 Richard Bowes 1488-1558 was born at Seaham Manor, Seaham.


See St Mary's Church, Staindrop


Wynyard Park, County Durham

On 08 Feb 1915 Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart 6th Marquess Londonderry 1852-1915 died. Charles Vane-Tempest-Stewart 7th Marquess of Londonderry 1878-1949 (36) succeeded as 7th Marquess Londonderry.
09 Feb 1915. Times Newspaper Obituaries. The news of the death of the Marquess of Londonderry, which occurred at Wynyard, Stockton-on-Tees, yesterday morning, will be received with profound regret far beyond the circle of his personal friends or of the members of the Unionist Party. Lord Londonderry had not been entirely well for some little time past. For a fortnight, it seems, he had been suffering from sciatica. Last week he caught a chill, from which pneumonia developed. On Sunday his condition was seen to be critical. During the night he collapsed, and the end came at 9.30 yesterday morning. Lady Londonderry, who had been in constant attendance on him during his illness, was present at the last, as also were Lady Ilchester and Lord Herbert Vane-Tempest (52).


In 1527 George Bowes 1527-1580 was born to Richard Bowes 1488-1558 (39) at Streatlam.

Around 1577 Thomas Bowes 1577-1636 was born to George Bowes 1527-1580 (50) at Streatlam.


Stanhope Park, Weardale

Battle of Stanhope Park

On 04 Aug 1327 , during the night, James "Black" Douglas 1286-1330 (41) ambushed Edward III's (14) camp at Stanhope Park, Weardale. Douglas reached Edward III's (14) collapsed tent nearly capturing the English King.


In 1767 Henry Hopper Sculptor 1767-1844 was born at Wolsingham.