Maternal Family Trees

Dangereuse Ile-Bouchard Viscountess Chatellerault 1079-1151. 111 Person. 7 Generations. 9 Kings. 1 Queen. 2 Queen Consorts. 4 . 3 Duchesses. 1 Duke. 1 Marquess. 1 Marchioness. 15 Earls. 10 Countesses. 1 Viscount.
Families: , Île-Bouchard, Chatellerault, Poitiers, Plantagenet, Welf, Chateaudun, Ivrea, Brienne, Beaumont, Burgundy, Capet, Barcelona, Rouerge, Blois, Flanders, Avesnes, Hainault, Luxembourg, Dampierre, Chatillon, Hohenstaufen, Andechs, Amboise, Nesle, Angoulême.
Titles: Duke Aquitaine, Queen Consort Franks, Queen Consort England, King England: Plantagenet Angevin, Count Poitiers, Duke Saxony, Count Perche, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Holy Roman Emperor, Duke Brittany, Queen Consort Castile, King Castile, King Leon, Count Eu, Viscount Beaumont, Queen Consort Portugal, King Portugal, Queen Consort France, King France: Capet, Count Poitou, Count Toulose, Queen Consort Aragon, Marquess Provence, Count Champagne, Count Flanders, Count Hainault, Count Luxembourg, Holy Roman Emperor Luxembourg, Count Bar, Count Blois, Count Saint-Pol, Duke Merania, Count Burgundy, Count Soissons, Count Vermandois, Count Angoulême.