Events in ... 1587 ...

Before 1587 Francis Newport 1555-1623 (31) and Beatrice Lacon were married.

Before 1587 John "Black Sir John" Egerton 1551-1614 (35) was appointed as Justice of the Peace: Cheshire.

Around 1587. Unknown Artist. Portrait of William Drury 1550-1590 (36).

Around 1587 Nicholas Stone 1587-1647 was born in Woodbury, Exeter, Devon.

Around 1587 Catherine Babington 1518-1587 (69) died.

In 1587 Frances Bourchier 1587-1612 was born to William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath 1557-1623 (29) and Elizabeth Russell Countess Bath, Count Eu -1605.

Around 1587 John "The Younger" Bettes 1569-1616 (17). Portrait of Dorothy Bagot 1562-1628 (24).

In 1587 George Carey of Clovelly 1543-1601 (44) was appointed as High Sheriff Devon.

In 1587 Henry Carey 1st Baron Hunsdon 1526-1596 (60) began an affair with Aemilia Bassano 1569-1645 (17) giving her a pension of £40 per year.He 45 years her senior; she 18.

In 1587 Hugh "The Elder" Cholmondeley 1513-1596 (74) was appointed as Deputy Lieutenant Cheshire.

In 1587 Henry Clinton 1587-1641 was born to Henry Clinton 2nd Earl Lincoln 1539-1616 (48) and Elizabeth Morrison Countess Lincoln -1611.

In 1587 Edward Denny 1st Earl Norwich 1569-1637 (17) was knighted.

In 1587 Henry Bourchier 5th Earl Bath 1587-1654 was born to George Bourchier 1535-1605 (52) and Martha Howard.

Around 1587 William Feilding 1st Earl Denbigh 1587-1643 was born.

In 1587 Thomas Heneage 1532-1595 (55) was appointed as Vice Chamberlain of the Household.

In 1587 Thomas Heneage 1532-1595 (55) was appointed as Privy Council.

In 1587 William Hervey 1587-1660 was born at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Around 1587 Elizabeth Mohun 1566-1587 (51) died.

In 1587 William Segar 1554-1663. Portrait of Robert Dudley 1st Earl Leicester 1532-1588 (54).

In 1587 Mary Sidney 1587-1653 was born to Robert Sidney 1st Earl Leicester 1563-1626 (23) and Barbara Gamage 1563-1621 (24).

Around 1587 Roger Dudley 1540-1587 (47) died.

In 1587 Kenelm Throckmorton -1587 died.

In 1587 William Vernon 1510-1587 (77) died.

Around 1587 Guildford Walsingham 1558-1587 (29) died.

In 1587 Jacques Wingfield 1519-1587 (68) died.

In 1587 Charles Somerset 1587-1665 was born to Edward Somerset 4th Earl Worcester 1550-1628 (37) and Elizabeth Hastings Countess Worcester 1546-.

Around 1574 George Gower 1540-1596 (34). Portrait of Charles Somerset 1587-1665 (-13). Armorial top left quarterly 1&4 with a yellow band top and bottom 2 Unknown Arms 3 his great x 4 grandfather Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers 1405-1469.

In 1587 Edward Atkyns 1587-1669 was born.

In 1587 Eleonora Bourbon-Condé Princess Orange 1587-1619 was born to Henri Bourbon-Condé Prince Condé 1552-1588 (34) and Charlotte Catherine Tremoille Princess Condé.

In 1587 Claud Hamilton 1st Lord Paisley 1546-1621 (40) was created 1st Lord Paisley. Margaret Seton Lady Paisley -1616 by marriage Lord Paisley.

Around 1587 Thomas Hutchinson 1587-1618 was born to Thomas Hutchinson and Jane Sacheverell 1563-1598 (24).

In 1587 William Pelham 1528-1587 (59) died.

In 1587 Herbert Pelham 1587- was born to Edmund Pelham 1533-1606 (54).

In 1587 William Wrey -1597 was appointed as Sheriff Cornwall.

In 1587 George Yeardley 1587-1627 was born.

In 1587 Thomas Armstrong 1510-1587 (77) died.

In 1587 William Griffith -1587 died.

In 1587 John Griffith -1609 was appointed as Sheriff Anglesey.

In 1587 John Leveson of Haling Kent 1587-1613 was born.

In 1587 William Perrot -1587 died unmarried.

In 1587 Henry Poole of Sapperton 1541-1616 (46) was knighted.

In 1587 Endymion Porter 1587-1649 was born.

Around 1642. William Dobson Painter 1611-1646 (30). Portrait of Endymion Porter 1587-1649 (55).

Around 1627 Daniel Mijtens 1590-1648 (37). Portrait of Endymion Porter 1587-1649 (40).

In 1587 Anne Preston Baroness Paget Beaudasert, Baroness Parr Kendal -1587 died.

In 1587 Dorothy Stanley 1530-1587 (57) died.

In 1587 Arthur Coke 1587-1629 was born to Edward Coke 1552-1634 (34) and Bridget Paston -1598.

In 1587 Richard Evelyn of Watton 1587-1640 was born.

In 1587 Arthur Mansel 1587-1638 was born to Thomas 1st Baronet Mansel 1556-1631 (31).

In 1587 Thomas Wotton 2nd Baron Wotton 1587-1630 was born to Edward Wotton 1st Baron Wotton 1548-1626 (39).

In 1587 Isabel Williams 1522-1587 (65) died.

In 1587 Anne Drummond Countess Mar 1555-1587 (32) died.

Around 1587 Robert Carr 1st Earl Somerset 1587-1645 was born to Thomas Kerr 9th of Ferniehirst 1529-1586 at Wrington, Somerset.

Around 1628 John Hoskins 1590-1664 (38) (copy from original).Portrait of Robert Carr 1st Earl Somerset 1587-1645 (41).

Jan 1587

13 Jan 1587

On 13 Jan 1587 Elisabeth Oldenburg 1574-1587 (12) died.

18 Jan 1587

On 18 Jan 1587 Nicholas Browne 1525-1587 (62) died at Snelston, Derbyshire.

19 Jan 1587

On 19 Jan 1587 Friedrich Wettin 1586-1587 died at Weimar. His brother Johann Philipp Wettin Duke Saxe-Altenburg 1597-1639 (-11) succeeded as Duke Saxe-Altenburg.

23 Jan 1587

On 23 Jan 1587 Johann Wilhelm Wettin 1585-1587 (1) died.

Feb 1587

01 Feb 1587

Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

On 01 Feb 1587 Queen Elizabeth I (53) signed Mary Queen of Scot's (44) death warrant. Elizabeth gave orders of Mary's jailor Amyas Poulett 1457-1538 to complete the task. He refused..

In 1572 Nicholas Hilliard Painter 1547-1619 (25) painted the "Pelican Portrait" of Elizabeth I (38).
The Pelican being the pendant hung from her necklace of pearls; pearls a symbol of virginity.Pelicans traditionally used as sign of self-sacrifice since the Pelican was believed to peck at her own breast to feed her young; the symbolism meaning Elizabeth had sacrificed herself for England.
Other details include the highly decorated armlet above her elbow and many jewels over her red velvet gown and headress.The two cherries tucked into her right ear possibly refer to her virginity; possibly an over-interpretation of the modern use of cherry.
Research in 2010 found the painting used wood from the same tree used for the Phoenix Portrait.

In 1572 Nicholas Hilliard Painter 1547-1619 (25) painted the "Phoenix Portrait" of Elizabeth I (38).
Research in 2010 found the painting used wood from the same tree used for the Pelican Portrait.

In 1571 François Clouet Portrait Painter 1510-1572 (61). Portrait known as "Lady in her Bath" believed to depict Diane de Poitiers or Mary "Queen of Scots" Stewart I Queen Scotland 1542-1587 (28).

07 Feb 1587

Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

On 07 Feb 1587 Mary Queen of Scots (44) was informed she was to be executed the following day. During the course of the night she wrote to her former brother-in-law Henry III King France 1551-1589 (35) ...
08 February 1587
To the most Christian king, my brother and old ally,
Royal brother, having by God’s will, for my sins I think, thrown myself into the power of the Queen my cousin, at whose hands I have suffered much for almost twenty years, I have finally been condemned to death by her and her Estates. I have asked for my papers, which they have taken away, in order that I might make my will, but I have been unable to recover anything of use to me, or even get leave either to make my will freely or to have my body conveyed after my death, as I would wish, to your kingdom where I had the honor to be queen, your sister and old ally.
Tonight, after dinner, I have been advised of my sentence: I am to be executed like a criminal at eight in the morning. I have not had time to give you a full account of everything that has happened, but if you will listen to my doctor and my other unfortunate servants, you will learn the truth, and how, thanks be to God, I scorn death and vow that I meet it innocent of any crime, even if I were their subject. The Catholic faith and the assertion of my God-given right to the English crown are the two issues on which I am condemned, and yet I am not allowed to say that it is for the Catholic religion that I die, but for fear of interference with theirs. The proof of this is that they have taken away my chaplain, and although he is in the building, I have not been able to get permission for him to come and hear my confession and give me the Last Sacrament, while they have been most insistent that I receive the consolation and instruction of their minister, brought here for that purpose. The bearer of this letter and his companions, most of them your subjects, will testify to my conduct at my last hour. It remains for me to beg Your Most Christian Majesty, my brother-in-law and old ally, who have always protested your love for me, to give proof now of your goodness on all these points: firstly by charity, in paying my unfortunate servants the wages due them – this is a burden on my conscience that only you can relieve: further, by having prayers offered to God for a queen who has borne the title Most Christian, and who dies a Catholic, stripped of all her possessions. As for my son, I commend him to you in so far as he deserves, for I cannot answer for him. I have taken the liberty of sending you two precious stones, talismans against illness, trusting that you will enjoy good health and a long and happy life. Accept them from your loving sister-in-law, who, as she dies, bears witness of her warm feeling for you. Again I commend my servants to you. Give instructions, if it please you, that for my soul’s sake part of what you owe me should be paid, and that for the sake of Jesus Christ, to whom I shall pray for you tomorrow as I die, I be left enough to found a memorial mass and give the customary alms.
Wednesday, at two in the morning
Your most loving and most true sister
Mary R.

27 Feb 1587

On 27 Feb 1587 Anthony Cope 1st Baronet Hanwell 1548-1614 (39) was imprisoned for presenting the Speaker of the House of Commons with a Puritan revision of the Book of Common Prayer and a bill abrogating existing ecclesiastical law at Tower of London, Tower Hill, City of London.

Mar 1587

01 Mar 1587

On 01 Mar 1587 John Puckering 1544-1596 (43) was asked by Peter Wentworth 1529-1596 (58) to answer some questions regarding the liberties of the House. Puckering refused, but showed one of the questions to Thomas Heneage 1532-1595 (55). Wentworth (58), and four other members of parliament who seconded his motion were imprisoned in the Tower of London.

08 Mar 1587

On 08 Mar 1587 Charles Bourchier -1587 died. He was buried at St Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny, County Kilkenny.

10 Mar 1587

On 10 Mar 1587 Jane Heckington -1587 died.

Apr 1587

Around Apr 1587 Thomas Monck 1570-1627 (16) was educated at King's College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

11 Apr 1587

On 11 Apr 1587 Thomas Bromley Lord Chancellor 1530-1587 (57) died. He was buried at Westminster Abbey.

12 Apr 1587

Singeing the King of Spain's Beard

On 12 Apr 1587 an English fleet commanded by Francis Drake 1540-1596 (47) left Plymouth, Devon.

In 1591 Nicholas Hilliard Painter 1547-1619 (44) painted a portrait of Francis Drake 1540-1596 (51).

In 1581 Unknown Artist. Portrait of Francis Drake 1540-1596 (41).

18 Apr 1587

On 18 Apr 1587 Charles Morrison 1587-1628 was born to Charles Morrison 1549-1599 (38) and Dorothea Clerke.

29 Apr 1587

Singeing the King of Spain's Beard

On 29 Apr 1587 the English fleet entered the Bay of Cádiz, Spain in the evening to discover sixty Spanish and twenty French ships.The Spanish ships, under the command of Pedro de Acuña, sailed out to meet the English fleet but were forced to retire back to Cadiz before the superiority of the English. Gun positions on the shore opened fire, shelling the English fleet from the coast with little effect. During the night of the 29th and all the following day and night the battle raged in the bay. At dawn on 1 May, the English withdrew having destroyed around thirty-two Spanish ships, with a combined capacity of 10,000 tons, and captured four other ships, laden with provisions.

May 1587

02 May 1587

05 May 1587

Before 05 May 1587 Rowland Laugharne of St Brides 1563-1587 (24) and Lettice Perrot Baroness Chichester 1560-1620 (27) were married.

On 05 May 1587 Rowland Laugharne of St Brides 1563-1587 (24) died.

07 May 1587

On 07 May 1587 Richard Newport 1st Baron Newport 1587-1651 was born to Francis Newport 1555-1623 (32) and Beatrice Lacon.

Jun 1587

On Jun 1587 Robert Devereux 2nd Earl Essex 1565-1601 (21) was appointed as Master of the Horse.

08 Jun 1587

Singeing the King of Spain's Beard

On 08 Jun 1587 the English fleet sighted a Portuguese carrack, the São Filipe, twenty leagues from the Island of São Miguel, returning from the Indies laden with treasure. After a brief exchange of fire it was captured, the first ship to be so on the return run from the Indies. Its enormous fortune of gold, spices, and silk was valued at £108,000 (of which 10% was to go to Drake); the fleet returned to England, arriving on 6 July.The expedition led by Francis Drake was a resounding military success: over one hundred Spanish vessels of different tonnages were destroyed or captured during the expedition.Economic and material losses caused to the Spanish fleet by the English attack ensured that Spanish plans for the invasion of England had to be postponed for over a year. It was not until August 1588 that the Armada was ready to leave for the British Isles.

15 Jun 1587

On 15 Jun 1587 Frederick II Oldenburg 1568-1587 (19) died.

Jul 1587

In Jul 1587 George Speke 1565-1587 (22) died.

On Jul 1587 Mary "Queen of Scots" Stewart I Queen Scotland 1542-1587 was buried at Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

04 Jul 1587

On 04 Jul 1587 Magdalene Wittelsbach 1587-1628 was born to William Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria 1548-1626 (38) and Renata Lorraine Duchess Bavaria 1544-1602 (43).

14 Jul 1587

Before 14 Jul 1587 Edward Watson of Rockingham Castle 1549-1617 (38) and Anne Digby 1546-1611 (41) were married.

On 14 Jul 1587 Lewis Watson 1st Baron Rockingham 1587-1653 was born to Edward Watson of Rockingham Castle 1549-1617 (38) and Anne Digby 1546-1611 (41).Some sources say 1584.

29 Jul 1587

On 29 Jul 1587 Archibald Douglas 8th Earl Angus, 5th Earl Morton 1555-1558 and Jean Lyon Countess Angus Countess Morton 1556-1610 (31) were married. Jean Lyon Countess Angus Countess Morton 1556-1610 (31) by marriage Countess Angus, Earl Morton.

Aug 1587

14 Aug 1587

On 14 Aug 1587 William Gonzaga I Duke Mantua 1538-1587 (49) died.

15 Aug 1587

On 15 Aug 1587 William Pole 1515-1587 (72) died.

Sep 1587

19 Sep 1587

On 19 Sep 1587 Robert Sanderson Bishop Lincoln 1587-1663 was born.

On 29 Jan 1663. John Riley 1646-1691 (17). Portrait of Robert Sanderson Bishop Lincoln 1587-1663 (75).

Nov 1587

01 Nov 1587

On 01 Nov 1587 Alfonso Este Lord Montecchio 1527-1587 (60) died.

04 Nov 1587

On 04 Nov 1587 Edward Arundell -1587 died.

30 Nov 1587

On 30 Nov 1587 Thomas Erskine 1st Earl Kellie 1566-1639 (21) and Ann Ogilvy were married.