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1st Millennium

6th to 10th Centuries

6th Century Events

7th Century Events

8th Century Events

9th Century Events

10th Century Events

2nd Millennium

11th Century Events

1000-1049 Cnut

1050-1099 Norman Invasion

12th Century Events

1100-1129 Henry I and the White Ship

1130-1154 Anarchy

1154-1170 Becket

1175-1189 Abergavenny Massacre

1190-1200 Crusade and Richard I Captured

13th Century Events

1200-1216 Magna Carta

1216-1220 Henry III Accedes

1230-1259 Henry III

1260-1269 Second Baron's War

1270-1299 Welsh and Scottish Wars

14th Century Events

1300-1309 Scottish Succession

1310-1319 Gaveston's Demise

1320-1329 Despencer War

1330-1339 Edward III and Scottish Independence

1340-1349 Plague and Crecy

1350-1359 Winchelsea and Poitiers

1360-1369 Black Monday Hailstorm

1370-1379 Death of the Black Prince, Accession of Richard II

1380-1389 Peasant's Revolt and Lords Appellant

1390-1399 Henry IV Accedes

15th Century Events

1400-1414 Epiphany Rising and Rebellions Against Henry IV

1415-1424 Henry V and Agincourt

1425-1449 Loire Campaign, Joan of Arc and the end of the Hundred Years War

1454-1464 First War of the Wars of the Roses

1465-1469 Rise of the Woodville Family

1469-1479 Second War of the Wars of the Roses, Warwick Rebels

1480-Apr 1483 Edward IV's Last Years

Apr 1483-Aug 1483 Richard III Accedes

Sep 1483-May 1485 Buckingham's Rebellion

May 1485-Dec 1485 Bosworth

1486-1487 Henry VII Marries

1488-1496 Battle of Sauchieburn and Yorkshire Rebellion

Jun 1497-1499 Cornish Rebellion and Perkin Warbreck

16th Century Events

1500-1509 Death of Prince Arthur and Henry VII

May 1509-1519 Coronation of Henry VIII and Marriage to Catherine of Aragon

1520-May 1536 Field of the Cloth of Gold

May 1536-1540 Jane Seymour, Bigod's Rebellion and the Exeter Conspiracy

1540 Anne of Cleves

1540-1543 Catherine Howard and Cromwell's Execution

1543-1547 Catherine Parr

1547-1550 Edward VI

1550-1558 Edward VI's Death, Lady Jane Grey and Queen Mary

1559-1579 Elizabeth I Accedes

1580-1599 Babington Plot and Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

1600-1603 Essex Rebellion, Elizabeth's Death

1603-1610 James I

1610-1620 Death of Frederick Prince of Wales

1620-1639 Charles I Accedes

1640-1649 Civil War and Regicide

1650-1659 Battle of Worcester and the Protectorate

1660-1684 Restoration

1685-1699 Glorious Revolution

17th Century Events