1610-1612 Death of Frederick Prince of Wales

Prince Henry invested as Prince of Wales and Earl Chester

On 01 Jun 1610 Prince Frederick (16) was created as Prince Wales and Earl Chester (10C 1610). Peregrine Bertie 1584-1639 was appointed as Knight of the Bath..

Tethy's Festival Masque

On 05 Jun 1610 the Tethy's Festival Masque was performed at Whitehall Palace, Westminster to celebrate the the investiture of Prince Frederick (16) as Prince of Wales.The script was written by Samuel Daniel at the request of the Queen (35), who appeared in person as Tethys a goddess of the sea. Inigo Jones Architect 1573-1652 (36) designed the staging and scenery.
Prince Charles (9) took the part of Zephyrus,
Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia 1596-1662 appeared as the companion or daughter of Tethys, the "Nymph of Thames",
Arbella Stewart 1575-1615 took the part of the "Nymph of Trent",
Alethea Talbot Countess Arundel, Countess Surrey, 1st Countess Norfolk 1585-1654 (25) as "Nymph of Arun"
Elizabeth Vere Countess Derby 1575-1627 (34) as "Nymph of Derwent",
Frances Howard Countess Essex, Countess Somerset 1590-1632 (20) as "Nymph of Lee",
Anne Clifford Countess Dorset, Countess Pembroke 1590-1676 (20) as "Nymph of Air",
Susan Vere Countess Montgomery 1587-1628 (23) as "Nymph of Severn",
Elizabeth Radclyffe -1618 as "Nymph of Rother",
Elizabeth Talbot Countess Kent 1582-1651 (28) as "Nymph of Medway",
Four sisters, daughters of Edward Somerset 4th Earl Worcester 1550-1628 (60) and Elizabeth Hastings Countess Worcester 1546-, danced as the rivers of Monmouthshire:
Catherine Somerset Baroness Windsor 1575-1654 the "Nymph of Usk"
Katherine Somerset Baroness Petre 1575-1625 the "Nymph of Olwy"
Elizabeth Somerset 1590-1625 the "Nymph of Dulesse" (Dulas), and
Mary Wintour the "Nymph of Wye".

Creation of the First Baronets

On 22 May 1611 the first Baronets were created by James I (44) who granted letters patent to two hundred gentlemen of good birth with an income of at least £1,000 a year in return for which each was required to pay for the upkeep of thirty soldiers for three years. The first Baronets were:
Nicholas Bacon 1st Baronet Bacon 1540-1624 was created 1st Baronet Bacon of Redgrave. The Premier Baronet being the first creation.
Lionel Tollemache 1st Baronet Talmash 1562-1621 was created 1st Baronet Talmash of Helmingham in Suffolk.
George Booth 1st Baronet Dunham Massey 1556-1652 was created 1st Baronet Dunham Massey. Katherine Anderson Baronetess Dunham Massey 1568-1639 (43) by marriage Baronetess Dunham Massey.
Phillip Knyvet was created 1st Baronet Knyvet of Buckenham in Norfolk.
Edward Carr (20) was created 1st Baronet Carr of Sleaford in Lincolnshire.
John St John 1st Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze 1585-1648 was created 1st Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire (1611).

Funeral of Prince Frederick

On 07 Dec 1612 Henry Frederick Stewart Prince Wales 1594-1612 was buried at Westminster Abbey. Francis Manners 6th Earl Rutland 1578-1632 (34) carried the shield.

Marriage of Elizabeth Stewart and Frederick V Elector Palatine

On 14 Feb 1613 Frederick Palatinate-Simmern V Elector Palatine Rhine 1596-1632 (16) and Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia 1596-1662 were married at Chapel Royal, Whitehall Palace, Westminster.
A grand occasion that saw more royalty than ever visit the court of England.[26] The marriage was an enormously popular match and was the occasion for an outpouring of public affection with the ceremony described as "a wonder of ceremonial and magnificence even for that extravagant age".
It was celebrated with lavish and sophisticated festivities both in London and Heidelberg, including mass feasts and lavish furnishings that cost nearly £50,000, and nearly bankrupted King James. Among many celebratory writings of the events was John Donne's "Epithalamion, Or Marriage Song on the Lady Elizabeth, and Count Palatine being married on St Valentine's Day".

In 1635 Gerrit van Honthorst 1592-1656 (42).Portrait of Frederick Palatinate-Simmern V Elector Palatine Rhine 1596-1632.

After 07 Feb 1612 Unknown Artist.Portrait of Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia 1596-1662.Elizabeth's standing collar of reticella is worked with the Royal coat of arms with its lion and unicorn supporters. She wears a gown of Italian silk brocade. The black armband is thought to be a sign of mourning for her brother Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales (17) who died on 07 Feb 1612.

Addled Parliament

In 1614 Thomas 1st Baronet Mansel 1556-1631 was elected MP Glamorgan at the Addled Parliament.

In 1614 during the Addled Parliament Charles Thynne 1568-1652 was elected as MP Lymington. John "Black Sir John" Egerton 1551-1614 was elected as MP Lichfield. Mervyn Tuchet 2nd Earl Castlehaven 1593-1631 (21) was elected as MP Dorset. Richard Edgecumbe 1570-1639 (44) was elected as MP Bodmin.

Investiture of Charles as Prince of Wales

On 04 Nov 1616 Charles I King England, Scotland and Ireland 1600-1649 (15) was appointed Prince of Wales. Robert Radclyffe 5th Earl Sussex 1573-1629 (43) carried the Purple Ermined Robe.
James Wriothesley 1605-1624, brothers Robert Howard 1584-1653 and William Howard, George Berkeley 8th Baron Berkeley 1601-1658, Henry Carey 1st Viscount Falkland 1575-1633 (41) and John Cavendish -1618 were appointed Knight of the Bath.

Funeral of Anne of Denmark

On 13 May 1619 Anne of Denmark Queen Consort Scotland, England and Ireland 1574-1619 was buried in the Henry VII Chapel in Westminster Abbey.
Anne Carey 1592-1627 and Mary Woodhouse -1756 walked in the procession.
As Keeper of the Wardrobe Lionel Cranfield 1st Earl Middlesex 1575-1645 (44) supervised the spending of £20,000 on the funeral.