Biography of James Forsyth


After 1839. St Mary the Virgin Church. Monument to Madelina Lance -1839. A unusual tomb, known by some as a Zombie Tomb, showing Madelina emerging from her tomb with her child. Designed and sculpted by James Forsyth.

In 1883. Monument to Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth Bertie 21st Baroness Willoughby Eresby in Swinstead. Sculpted by James Forsyth in 1883. An elaborate Gothic aedicule of limestone on the death of her daughter. Above the recessed inscription an achievement of arms of the Bertie's. .

After 24 Dec 1894. Monument to Bishop James Atlay. Hereford Cathedral. Sculpted by James Forsyth.

Before 1910. St Mary the Virgin Church. A magnificient Reredos sculpted in alabaster by James Forsyth.

James Forsyth.