Biography of Richard "The Elder" Westmacott


In 1747 Richard "The Elder" Westmacott was born.

Around 1759 Richard "The Elder" Westmacott was educated at Brasenose College.

On 15 Jul 1775 Richard Westmacott was born to Richard "The Elder" Westmacott.

After 06 Sep 1776 James Lenox Dutton was buried at Church of Saint Mary Magdalene. Monument to James Lenox Dutton and his second wife Jane Bond. Sculpted by Richard "The Elder" Westmacott in 1791. Remarkble for the quality of the carving and the stone (probably Carrara Marble) and the skeleton. Believed to be called Immortality Trampling Death. Life-sized angel leans on a medallion with profiles of the deceased, underfoot a prostrate skeleton (representing death).

After 25 Dec 1807. Monument to Brownlow Cust 1st Baron Brownlow in St Peter and St Paul Church. Sculpted by Richard "The Elder" Westmacott.

In 1808 Richard "The Elder" Westmacott died.

Richard "The Elder" Westmacott.

St Mary's Church. That on the left Grecian with standing mourner, sculpted by Richard "The Elder" Westmacott. On the right, Grecian style with figures of Faith and Hope, sculpted by Richard Westmacott.