Biography of William Behnes


After 1789. Holy Trinity Church. Monument to Maria Archer. Sculpted by Joseph Nollekens. He regarded it as his finest work; entitled Faith. This work is represented on the Nollekens Monument in Paddington Parish Church by William Behnes.

After 1825. Monument to Charlotte Botfield -1825 in All Saints Church. Sculpted by William Behnes.

After 1837 William Behnes was tutor to Henry Weekes and Thomas Woolner.

Before 1841 Henry WeekesWorked for William Behnes and Francis Leggatt Chantrey.

On 01 Jan 1864 William Behnes was found unconscious in a gutter, with only three pence in his pocket. .

On 03 Jan 1864 William Behnes died in Middlesex Hospital.

William Behnes.