Photographs of St Mary the Virgin Church, Elmley, Worcestershire

After 07 Aug 1616 William Savage was buried at St Mary the Virgin Church. Monument to William Savage, Giles Savage and Katherine Dalston. Alabaster table tomb. She holding a chrisom child probably representing stillborn, or died soon after birth.
At their feet two lions and what is described as a stag with an arrow through its neck.

After 1699. St Mary the Virgin Church. Monument to Thomas Coventry 1st Earl Coventry. His remains lie in Crome D'Abitot church. The monument was created by his second wife but rejected by his son. She was, apparently, somewhat imaginative in describing her provenance to the point that the second Earl, son of the first Earl's first wife, refused to have the monument erected over his father's remains. High quality monument including a white marble figure of the Earl reclining on a deep chest in front of a lengthy inscription and under an arch crowned with armorial bearings. Large sub-figures flank the chest and the armorial bearings. Signed by William Stanton.