Photographs of Tewkesbury Abbey, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

After 1326. Tewkesbury Abbey. The remnants of the monument to Hugh "Younger" Despencer.

After 1359. Tewkesbury Abbey. Monument to Elizabeth Montagu Baroness Badlesmere.

After 1375. Chantry of Edward Despencer 1st Baron Despencer. Beautifully carved tomb in the Early English Perpendicular Style. Note the unique kneeling knight above the tomb facing the alter.

After 1390. Tewkesbury Abbey. Monument to Guy de Brienne. Alabaster with, unusually, portraits rather than a generic face. Early PlatePeriod (Bascinet).

After 14 Apr 1471 Edward Lancaster Prince Wales was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey. Brass floor marker of the grave of Edward Lancaster Prince Wales 1453-1471.

After 22 Dec 1476 Isabel Neville was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey. George York 1st Duke Clarence and Isabel Neville were originally buried in the vault.

After 1549. Tewkesbury Abbey. Cadaver Cenotaph to Abbot Wakeman. The Cadaver unusual for the detail of worms and mice.

In 1916 the Monument to Archdeacon Hemming Robeson in Tewkesbury Abbey, sculpted by Percy Bryant Baker, was dedicated.

After 1887. Tewkesbury Abbey. Monument to Dinah Maria Murlock. Sculpted by Henry Hugh Armstead.

Tewkesbury Abbey. Miscellaneous Photos.