Photographs of St Peter's Church, Deene, Northamptonshire

After 1531. Monument to Robert Brudenell and his two wives: Margaret Entwistle and Philippa Power in St Peter's Church. The incription reads: Of your charite pray for the soules of Syr Robert Brudenell, Knight, late Chief Justice of the Kyngg's Common Bench at Westm. And Margaret, and Dame Philippe his wyves. Syr Robert dyed the xxx daye of Januaris, Anno Domini M[C/V]XXXI, and the said dame Philippe dyed xxviii daye of March, Anno Domini M[C/V]XXXII, and lye here, on whose soulles Jhu have mercy.

Before 1736. Monument to Anne Brudenell (wife of Charles Lennox) in St Peter's Church by Giovanni Battista Guelphi on the west wall of the transept. Bust set against square surround with flanking caryatids, metope frieze and pediment over.

After 28 Mar 1868 James Brudenell 7th Earl Cardigan was buried at St Peter's Church. Monument to James Brudenell 7th Earl Cardigan and Adeline Louisa Maria Horsey Countess Cardigan sculpted by Joseph Edgar Boehm. Recumbent effigies on sarcophagus, bronze sea horses at the bottom corners.