died of a heart attack

On 20 Nov 1863 James Bruce 12th Earl Kincardine, 8th Earl Elgin 1811-1863 (52) died of a heart attack while crossing a swinging rope and wood bridge over the river Chadly, on the lap between Kullu and Lahul in Himachal Pradesh. He was buried at St John in the Wilderness Church, Dharamshala.

died of apoplexy

On 01 Aug 1812 Henry Vane-Tempest 2nd Baronet 1771-1813 (41) died of apoplexy

died of blood poisoning

On 11 Nov 1931 Archie Primrose 1910-1931 (21) died of blood poisoning at Oxford, Oxfordshire

died of cancer

On 02 Jul 1908 Henry Arthur Cadogan 1868-1908 died of cancer at Temple House, Theobalds Park, Cedars Park, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

died of cholera

On 12 Aug 1854 Robert Jocelyn 1816-1854 (38) died of cholera.

On 29 Jun 1879 Charles Bennet 1850-1879 (28) died of cholera at India.

died of convulsions

On 03 Oct 1675 Catherine Laura Stewart 1675-1675 died of convulsions

died from diabetes

On 26 Mar 1889 Richard Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville 3rd Duke Buckingham and Chandos 1797-1889 (92) died from diabetes at 2 Queen Anne Street aka Chandos House, Queen Anne Street, Marylebone, Westminster

died of diptherea

On 17 Oct 1893 Violet Hyacinth Bowes-Lyon 1882-1893 (11) died of diptherea

died of dysentery

Death of the Black Prince

On 08 Jun 1376 Edward "Black Prince" Plantagenet Prince Wales 1330-1376 (45) died of dysentery at Westminster Palace, Westminster. He was buried in Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent.

On 17 Sep 1415 Michael Pole 2nd Earl Suffolk 1361-1415 (54) died of dysentery. His son Michael Pole 3rd Earl Suffolk 1394-1415 (21) succeeded as 3rd Earl Suffolk (3C 1385). Elizabeth Mowbray Countess Suffolk 1394-1423 (21) by marriage Countess Suffolk (3C 1385).

On 19 Oct 1595 Philip Howard 20th Earl Arundel 1557-1595 (38) died of dysentery at Tower of London, Tower Hill, City of London. He was buried at St Peter ad Vincula Church, Tower of London, Tower Hill, City of London, reburied at Arundel Cathedral, Arundel, Sussex and then reburied in the Fitzalan Chapel, Arundel Castle, Arundel, Sussex

On 07 Dec 1674 Charles Hohenzollern 1655-1674 (19) died of dysentery

Siege of Tangier

On 17 Oct 1680 Charles "Don Carlo" Fitzcharles 1st Earl Plymouth 1657-1680 (23) died of dysentery at Tangier during the Siege of Tangier.

In 1689 Thomas Cartwright Bishop Chester 1634-1689 (55) died of dysentery in Dublin, County Dublin. He was buried in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, County Dublin.

Before 1758 Robert Apreece -1758 died of dysentery

died of fever

On 05 Nov 1624 James Wriothesley 1605-1624 died of fever at Roosendaal.

died of gaol fever

In 1592 Robert Denys -1592 died of gaol fever contracted whilst serving as a magistrate at the Lent Black Assizes of Exeter in 1586,[2] which accounted for a number of deaths, including several other prominent Devonshire magistrates and visiting circuit judges.

died of gout

On 03 Mar 1709 Thomas Felton 4th Baronet Felton 1649-1709 (59) died of gout. His brother Compton Felton 5th Baronet Felton 1650-1719 (59) succeded as 5th Baronet Felton of Playford in Suffolk

On 29 Sep 1719 Henry Johnson 1661-1719 (58) died of gout at Bath, Somerset

On 23 May 1828 Cecil Weld-Forester 1st Baron Forester 1767-1828 (61) died of gout at Belgrave Square, Belgravia, Westminster. His son John Weld-Forester 2nd Baron Forester 1801-1874 (26) succeeded as 2nd Baron Forester of Willey Park in Shropshire

died of measles

On 18 Feb 1712 Louis Bourbon Duke Burgundy 1682-1712 (29) died of measles

On 08 Mar 1712 Louis Bourbon Duke Brittany 1707-1712 (5) died of measles

died of meningitis

On 14 Jun 1939 Johanna Hesse-Darmstadt 1936-1939 (2) died of meningitis

died of plague

On Sep 1343 Gaston Foix II Count Foix 1308-1343 (35) died of plague at Seville

In 1348 John Savoy 1338-1348 (9) died of plague

In 1348 John Barcelona 1317-1348 (31) died of plague

Black Death

In Jun 1348 the Black Death arrived in England. The first of many occurrences. It is estimated to have killed between 25 to 60 percent of the population of around six million. The outbreak lasted through 1349 recurring in 1362, 1369 and regularly thereafter until its last significant outbreak in The Great Plague of 1666.
On 11 Sep 1349 Bonne Luxembourg Queen Consort France 1315-1349 (33) died of plague in Maubisson, Pontoise.

On 06 Jun 1349 William Harcourt 1300-1349 (49) died of plague at Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire

On 20 Sep 1349 Margaret Wake Countess Kent 1305-1349 (44) died of plague

On 26 Mar 1350 Alfonso "Avenger" XI King Castile 1311-1350 (38) died of plague

On 04 Oct 1361 John Mowbray 3rd Baron Mowbray 1310-1361 (50) died of plague. His son John Mowbray 4th Baron Mowbray, 5th Baron Segrave 1340-1368 (21) succeeded 4th Baron Mowbray (1C 1283).

On 05 Oct 1361 Reginald Cobham 1st Baron Cobham Sternborough 1295-1361 died of plague at Lingfield, Surrey. He was buried at Lingfield, Surrey

On 07 Sep 1362 Joan Plantagenet Queen Consort Scotland 1321-1362 (41) died of plague at Hertford Castle, Hertford, Hertfordshire. He was buried at Greyfriars Church, Farringdon Within, City of London.

On 20 Sep 1370 Edward Plantagenet 1365-1370 died of plague at Bordeaux

On 13 Nov 1386 Thomas Beauchamp 11th Earl Warwick 1313-1386 (73) died of plague. His son Thomas Beauchamp 12th Earl Warwick 1338-1401 (48) succeeded as 12th Earl Warwick (1C 1088).

Death of Anne of Bohemia

On 07 Jun 1394 Anne of Bohemia Queen Consort England 1366-1394 (28) died of plague (probably) at Sheen Palace, Sheen_Richmond_Surrey. Richard II King England 1367-1400 (27) was so distraught at her death he ordered the destruction of Sheen Palace, Sheen_Richmond_Surrey.

On Oct 1397 Henry Bar 1362-1397 (35) died of plague at Treviso

On 22 Sep 1399 Thomas Mowbray 1st Duke Norfolk 1368-1399 (31) died of plague in Venice. His son Thomas Mowbray 4th Earl Norfolk, 2nd Earl Nottingham 1385-1405 (14) succeeded 4th Earl Norfolk (3C 1312), 2nd Earl Nottingham (2C 1383), 7th Baron Mowbray (1C 1283), 8th Baron Segrave (1C 1295) and Earl Marshal.

On 22 Sep 1405 Barnim Griffins 6th Duke Pomerania 1365-1405 (40) died of plague. His son Barnim Griffins 7th Duke Pomerania -1450 succeeded as 7th Duke Pomerania

On 03 Nov 1456 Edmund Tudor 1st Earl Richmond 1430-1456 (26) died of plague at Carmarthen Castle, Carmarthen, Camarthenshire, South West Wales leaving his twelve year old wife Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond 1443-1509 (13) pregnant with their child Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509 (-1).

On 18 Nov 1463 John Wittelsbach IV Duke Bavaria 1437-1463 (26) died of plague

On Mar 1479 George York 1st Duke Bedford 1477-1479 (2) died of plague at Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire

On 29 May 1500 Thomas Rotherham Archbishop York 1423-1500 (76) died of plague at Cawood, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire

Before 1541 Thomas Fiennes 1536-1540 died of plague

In 1583 Walter Corbet -1583 died of plague

In 1613 John Leveson -1613 died of plague

John Sutherland died of plague

died of pleurisy

On 19 Feb 1625 Arthur Chichester 1st Baron Chichester 1563-1625 died of pleurisy. He was buried in St Nicholas' Church, Carrickfergus, County Antrim.

In 1876 Beatrice Charlotte Elizabeth Vesey Baroness Stalbridge -1876 died of pleurisy at Brook Street, Mayfair, Westminster.

died of pneumonia

On 16 Sep 1607 Princess Mary Stewart 1605-1607 died of pneumonia at the Stanwell Park, Stanwell, Surrey home of Thomas Knyvet 1st Baron Knyvet 1545-1622 in whose care she had been placed. As soon as Mary died, the Earl of Worcester (57), the Robert Sidney 1st Earl Leicester 1563-1626 and the Earl of Totnes (52) went to Hampton Court Palace, to inform the Queen (32) of her daughter's death. Seeing the three men before her, Queen Anne realized what had happened and spared the men the task of telling her.

On 09 Apr 1626 Francis Bacon 1st Viscount St Alban 1561-1626 died of pneumonia. He was buried at St Paul's Walden Bury, Hertfordshire.

On 13 Feb 1662 Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia 1596-1662 died of pneumonia shortly after midnight. She was buried at Westminster Abbey

On 14 Jan 1892 Albert Victor Windsor 1864-1892 (28) died of pneumonia at Sandringham House, Sandringham Estate, Sandringham, Norfolk

On 03 Jan 1934 Victor Albert Francis Spencer 3rd Baron Churchill Wychwood 1864-1934 died of pneumonia.

died of consumption

On 16 Feb 1658 Robert Rich 1634-1658 died of consumption

On 30 Oct 1735 Edmund Sheffield 2nd Duke Buckingham and Normandby 1716-1735 (19) died of consumption at Rome

On 30 Nov 1797 William Henry Lambton 1764-1797 died of consumption. He was buried at Old English Cemetery

On 05 Jun 1807 Charles Gough-Calthorpe 2nd Baron Calthorpe 1786-1807 (21) died of consumption unmarried at Flushing, Cornwall.

In 1820 George Charles Canning 1801-1820 (18) died of consumption

On 18 Dec 1835 Frances Charlotte Lambton 1812-1835 died of consumption

On 15 Mar 1895 Jaqueline Mary Alva Montagu 1879-1895 died of consumption

On 10 Jan 1900 Alice Eleanor Louise Montagu 1879-1900 died of consumption

died of scarlet fever

On 27 Mar 1714 Charlotte Amalie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1650-1714 (63) died of scarlet fever

On 30 Apr 1810 Charles James Yorke 1797-1810 (12) died of scarlet fever.

In 1835 Georgiana Carolina Dashwood Baroness Hastings 1796-1835 died of scarlet fever at King's Bench Prison, Southwark, Surrey

died of smallpox

On 06 Dec 1618 Elizabeth Radclyffe -1618 died of smallpox

On 25 Sep 1621 Mary Sidney Countess Pembroke 1561-1621 died of smallpox at Herbert Townhouse, Aldersgate Street, Aldersgate, City of London. Her funeral was held at Old St Paul's Cathedral, Castle Baynard, City of London. She was buried at Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire

In 1639 Francis Lee 2nd Baronet Lee 1616-1639 died of smallpox

On 03 Jun 1643 Anne Sophia Herbert Countess Carnarvon -1643 died of smallpox

In Feb 1655 George Brydges 6th Baron Chandos 1620-1655 died of smallpox. His brother William Brydges 7th Baron Chandos 1621-1676 succeeded 7th Baron Chandos of Sudeley.

On 07 Dec 1657 Johanna Saxe-Gotha 1645-1657 (12) died of smallpox at Gotha

On 31 Dec 1657 Johann Ernest Saxe-Gotha 1641-1657 (16) died of smallpox at Gotha

In 1659 Henry Lee Baronet Lee -1659 died of smallpox

On 10 Aug 1660 Esmé Stewart 2nd Duke Richmond, 5th Duke Lennox 1649-1660 (11) died of smallpox at Paris. He was buried in on 04 Sep 1660 in the Richmond Vault, Westminster Abbey

On 13 Sep 1660 Henry Fitzjames 1st Duke Gloucester 1640-1660 (20) died of smallpox

On 24 Dec 1660 Mary Stewart Princess Orange 1631-1660 died of smallpox

On 05 May 1661 Charles Stewart 1660-1661 died of smallpox at Whitehall Palace, Westminster

On 17 Dec 1661 Charles Coote 1st Earl Mountrath 1610-1661 (51) died of smallpox. He was buried in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

On 17 Mar 1671 Mary Gardiner -1671 died of smallpox

On 02 Mar 1675 Justinian Isham 2nd Baronet Isham 1610-1675 (64) died of smallpox at Oxford, Oxfordshire. He was buried at Church of All Saints, Lamport, Northamptonshire. His son Thomas Isham 3rd Baronet Isham 1657-1681 (17) succeeded as 3rd Baronet Isham of Lamport in Northamptonshire

In 1676 William Brydges 7th Baron Chandos 1621-1676 died of smallpox with no male isse.

On 12 Dec 1677 Charles Stewart 1677-1677 died of smallpox

In 1678 William Dummer 1657-1678 (21) died of smallpox

On 22 Jun 1680 Elisabeth Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg 1679-1680 (1) died of smallpox at Gotha

In 1685 Anne Killigrew 1660-1685 (24) died of smallpox. She was buried at Savoy Chapel Royal, Strand, Westminster

On 06 Aug 1691 Mary Compton Countess Dorset 1669-1691 died of smallpox

On 24 May 1694 Anthony Carey 5th Viscount Falkland 1656-1694 died of smallpox. He was buried at Westminster Abbey. His second-cousin Lucius Carey 6th Viscount Falkland 1687-1730 succeeded as 6th Viscount Falkland

In Nov 1695 John Guise 2nd Baronet Guise 1654-1695 (40) died of smallpox. He was buried in Church of St John the Baptist, Elmore, Gloucestershire.

On 25 Feb 1699 Robert Shirley 1673-1699 died of smallpox. His son Washington Shirley 2nd Earl Ferrers 1677-1729 succeeded as 2nd Earl Ferrers. Mary Levinge Countess Ferrers -1740 by marriage Countess Ferrers.

On 21 Nov 1703 Karl Frederick Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg 1702-1703 (1) died of smallpox (possibly) at Gotha

On 29 Nov 1703 Sophie Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg 1697-1703 (6) died of smallpox at Gotha

On 05 Mar 1705 Christian Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg 1705-1705 died of smallpox at Gotha

On 16 Jun 1710 William Ashburnham 2nd Baron Ashburnham 1679-1710 (31) died of smallpox at Ashburnham, Sussex. His son John Ashburnham 1st Earl Ashburham 1687-1737 (23) succeeded as 3rd Baron Ashburnham of Ashburnham in Sussex.

On Jul 1710 Catherine Taylor -1710 died of smallpox

In 1711 William Henry Osborne 1690-1711 died of smallpox in Utrecht.

In 1713 William Pierrepoint 1692-1713 died of smallpox

On 22 Mar 1713 Robert Petre 7th Baron Petre 1689-1713 (24) died of smallpox. His son Robert Petre 8th Baron Petre 1713-1742 (-1) succeeded as 7th Baron Petre.

On 17 Apr 1714 Baptist Noel 3rd Earl Gainsborough 1684-1714 died of smallpox. His son Baptist Noel 4th Earl Gainsborough 1708-1751 (5) succeeded as 4th Earl Gainsborough (1C 1682)

On 05 Jul 1714 Robert Shirley 1692-1714 (21) died of smallpox

On 23 May 1721 Essex Finch 1687-1721 died of smallpox.

In 1737 Edmund Quincy 1681-1737 (56) died of smallpox

On 13 May 1737 William Wodehouse 1706-1737 (31) died of smallpox wihout issue. He was buried in St James', Westminster.

On 02 Jul 1742 Robert Petre 8th Baron Petre 1713-1742 (29) died of smallpox at Ingatestone Hall, Ingatestone, Blackmore, Essex. His son Robert Edward Petre 9th Baron Petre 1742-1801 succeeded 9th Baron Petre

In 1746 Elizabeth Fazakerley -1746 died of smallpox

On 01 Apr 1750 Francis Scott 1721-1750 died of smallpox. He was buried at Buccleuch Crypt, St Nicholas Church, Dalkeith.

In 1752 Margaret Cecil -1752 died of smallpox at Earl of Egmont's House, Pall Mall, St James', Westminster

On 31 Jan 1760 Mary Radclyffe 1714-1760 (45) died of smallpox in Brussels

On 10 May 1774 Louis XV King France 1710-1774 (64) died of smallpox. His grandson Louis XVI King France 1754-1793 (19) succeeded as XVI King France: Capet Valois Bourbon

On 20 Apr 1848 Katherine Isabella Manners Marchioness Bristol 1809-1848 (39) died of smallpox at 47 Eaton Place, Eaton Place, Kensington and Chelsea

died of sweating sickness

On 22 Jun 1528 William Carey 1500-1528 died of sweating sickness. He was buried at Compton-Wynyates, Warwickshire

On 30 Jun 1528 William Compton 1482-1528 died of sweating sickness

Death of the Brandon Children

On 14 Jul 1551 Henry Brandon 2nd Duke Suffolk 1535-1551 and Charles Brandon 3rd Duke Suffolk 1537-1551 died of sweating sickness in the Bishop of Lincoln's Palace, Buckden, Cambridgeshire. Henry's brother Charles Brandon 3rd Duke Suffolk 1537-1551 succeeded as 3rd Duke Suffolk (2C 1514) although he too died an hour later.

died of typhoid

In 1644 Oliver Cromwell 1622-1644 (22) died of typhoid

On 01 Dec 1871 George Philip Cecil Arthur Stanhope 7th Earl Chesterfield 1831-1871 died of typhoid

On 01 Dec 1893 Gerald Fitzgerald 5th Duke Leinster 1851-1893 (42) died of typhoid.

died of typhus

On 21 Feb 1813 William Bentinck 1764-1813 died of typhus.

died of tuberculosis

Death of Henry VII

On 21 Apr 1509 Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509 (52) died of tuberculosis at Richmond Palace_Richmond_Surrey.

On 01 Jun 1732 Benedict Leonard Calvert -1732 died of tuberculosis

On 23 Dec 1739 John Vanderbank 1694-1739 (45) died of tuberculosis in Holies Street. He was buried in St Marylebone Parish Church

In 1791 Louisa Pitt 1754-1791 (37) died of tuberculosis in Florence. She was buried in the Old English Cemetery

On 04 Mar 1866 Henry Lygon 5th Earl Beauchamp 1829-1866 (37) died of tuberculosis

On 19 Mar 1895 Hermione Wilhelmina Duncombe Duchess Leinster 1864-1895 (30) died of tuberculosis at Menton

died of yellow fever

On 16 Sep 1746 Thomas Davers 1689-1746 (57) died of yellow fever in Jamaica, Greater Antilles, Antilles, Caribbean

On 24 Nov 1807 Neville Fane 1788-1807 died of yellow fever at Bridgetown, Barbados, Lesser Antilles, Antilles, Caribbean