Twenty Trees

Elizabethan Period

In 1555 Anthony Lowe 1482-1555 (73) died. St Mary's Church, Wirksworth. Monument to Anthony Lowe 1482-1555 (73). Elizabethan Period.

On 08 Feb 1556 Robert Townshend -1556 died. He was buried at St Laurence's Church, Ludlow. Elizabethan Period. She wearing a Bongrace. He, unusually, with his head on a book.

On 08 Jun 1564 Ralph Gell 1491-1564 (73) died. He was buried in St Mary's Church, Wirksworth. Elizabethan Period.

On 21 Dec 1579 Thomas Richards -1579 died. Monument to Thomas Richards -1579. In 1603 Elizabeth Fiennes 1523-1603 (80) died.
Monument in St Mary the Virgin Church, Chipping Norton. Finely made in alabaster. Elizabethan Period. Renaissance chest with stripped-down Strapwork.

On 19 Sep 1580 Catherine Willoughby Duchess Suffolk 1519-1580 (61) died. Her son Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1555-1601 (24) succeeded 13th Baron Willoughby Eresby.
She was buried at St James' Church, Spilsby with her second husband Richard Bertie 1516-1582 (63). Elizabethan Period. Sideboard Tomb. Cornice supported by three figures of a monk and two wildmen, each holding aloft a shield of arms. In the frieze are flowers, fruit and escutcheons.

On 29 Jun 1583 Anthony Gell 1520-1583 (63) died. He was buried in St Mary's Church, Wirksworth. Elizabethan Period.

On 24 Feb 1588 John Manners 4th Earl Rutland 1559-1588 (29) died. His son Roger Manners 5th Earl Rutland 1576-1612 (11) succeeded 5th Earl Rutland (3C 1525). Elizabethan Period. Monument sculpted by Gerard Johnson The Elder Sculptor -1611 in the Chancel of St Mary the Virgin Church, Bottesford. The service attended by his son and heir Roger Manners 5th Earl Rutland 1576-1612 (11).

In 1592 Thomas Cockayne 1520-1592 (71) died. He was buried at St Oswalds Church, Ashbourne. Monument to Thomas Cockayne 1520-1592 (71) and his wife Dorothy Ferrers. Elizabethan Period.

St Laurence's Church, Ludlow. Monument to Edmund Walter Chief Justice buried 29 Jan 1592 and Mary his wife daughter of Thomas Hackluyt of Eyton. Elizabethan Period.

On 09 Dec 1601 William Bassett 1551-1601 (50) died at Blore Hall, Blore. He was buried in St Bartholomew's Church, Blore. The Bassett Tomb. William Bassett 1551-1601 (50) (centre), his wife Judith Corbet (his left), Henry Howard 1592-1616 (9) (his right) and kneeling Catharine aka Elizabeth Howard 1616- and Elizabeth Bassett Countess Newcastle upon Tyne 1592-1643 (9). Sculpted by Jasper Hollemans Sculptor. Elizabethan Period.

In 1610 Nicholas Longford 1532-1610 (78) died. He Nicholas Longford 1532-1610 (78) was buried at St Chad's Church, Longford. Elizabethan Period.

After 1653. Church of the Holy Cross, Ilam. Monument to Elizabeth Meverell Countess Ardglass -1653. Elizabethan Period.

After 1653. Church of the Holy Cross, Ilam. Monument to Robert Meverell -1628 and Elizabeth Fleming -1628. Elizabethan Period.

Elizabethan Recumbent

On 25 Feb 1559 Catherine Blount 1518-1559 (41) died. In 1585 Elizabeth Sands -1585 died. On 11 Aug 1581 Maurice Berkeley Standard Bearer 1506-1581 (75) died. Church of St Mary, Bruton. Recumbent effigies of himself and two wives in an Easter sepulchre-type recess with double round arched front, Corinthian pilasters and Strapwork panels. Ruff. Panel with quartered arms 1 2 probably , possibly Wotton Arms 3 Unknown Arms 4 probably , possibly , overall a Crescent.

On 07 May 1592 Christopher Wray 1524-1592 (68) died. He was was buried in St Michael's Church, Glentworth. Monument to Sir Chistopher and his wife Anne Girlington. Elizabethan Recumbent. Elephant and Castle Crest. Pink, white and blue-grey marble. Two recumbent effigies, Sir Christopher above and a little behind his wife, he in red robes, black cap and thick Ruff; she in black robes, large Ruff and hood. Four kneeling white marble daughters below. Ornate tomb recess above with flanking pink marble columns with white and gold Corinthian Capitals. Undersurface of Recess decorated with white and gold bay leaves. Plaque inscribed above with raised plaque above with Sir Christopher's son at prayer flanked by coats of arms and Obelisks.

On 25 Jun 1601 Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1555-1601 (45) died at Berwick on Tweed. His son Robert Bertie 1582-1642 1st Earl Lindsey 1582-1642 (18) succeeded 14th Baron Willoughby Eresby. He was buried at St James' Church, Spilsby.
On 15 Feb 1610 Catherine Bertie 1595-1610 (15) died in childbirth. She was buried at St James' Church, Spilsby.
Monument Elizabethan Recumbent. Tall Sideboard Tomb with reclining hooded figure of Lady Katherine, daughter of Peregrine, with Chrisom Child in the crib at her feet. Above a standing figure of Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1555-1601 (45) in a niche, with Strapwork embellishments, all supported on composite columns with a Dentillated cornice.

On 28 Oct 1613 George St Paul Baronet St Paul 1562-1613 (51) died. He was buried at St Lawrence's Church, Snarford. Monument to George St Paul Baronet St Paul 1562-1613 (51) and Frances Wray Countess Warwick -1634. Elizabethan Recumbent. A base supporting the reclining figures of the deceased with composite Pillars supporting an Entablature and armorial termination. In the base is a central semi-circular niche containing a carving of the deceased's daughter, flanked by niches containing mourning Putti. Above on the lower step is a figure of Frances in full mourning dress with formal Ruff and hat, reclining on a cushion holding a prayer book. On the upper step he reclines in plate armour with a sword. The figures are contained in a semi-circular headed Recess with roses in the archivolt and on the back wall is an inscribed rectangular panel with scrolls and memento mori. The Pillars to either side support a frieze and Entablature from which rise flaming urns and at the angles, and at the centre is a raised achievement of arms flanked by scrolled shields and Obelisks.

On 24 Mar 1619 Robert Rich 1st Earl Warwick 1559-1619 (59) died. His son Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick 1587-1658 (31) succeeded 2nd Earl Warwick (3C 1618), 4th Baron Rich Leez. Frances Hatton Countess Warwick 1590-1623 (29) by marriage Countess Warwick (3C 1618).
He was buried at St Lawrence's Church, Snarford. Elizabethan Recumbent. Unusual head and shoulder portrait sculpture of deceased full face, with a profile of his wife Frances Wray Countess Warwick -1634 behind, set in a circular Medallion. To either side are pelleted Pilasters supporting an Entablature with scrolled Cartouche of arms and flanked by heraldic supporters. The whole is painted and gilded and beneath is a panel containing an inscribed poem. Above his Arms implaled with hers. His are quartered 1&4 2&3 Baldry Arms (his mother), hers quartered 1&4 Wray 2&3 Unknown. The. Monument is perhaps the work of Epiphanius Evesham.

Elizabethan Kneeling

On 24 Jun 1584 Dorothy Vernon 1531-1584 (53) died. On 04 Jun 1611 John Manners 1527-1611 (84) died at Haddon Hall. Both were buried at All Saint's Church, Bakewell. Elizabethan Kneeling facing each other. Complex armorial of his arms impaled with her arms.
Arms of John Manners 1527-1611 (57) impaled with those of Dorothy Vernon 1531-1584 (53).
On the left his arms from top left to bottom right:
Top Row: 1 2 His great-grandmother Eleanor Ros. Second Row: 5 6 7 Berkeley Arms 8 . Third Row: 11 .
On the right arms of Dorothy Vernon 1531-1584 (53). Top Row: 1 . Her arms. Second Row: 5 . Third Row: 9 . Fourth Row: 10 .