Twenty Trees

Maiden's Face

Around 1465 William Gascoigne 1409-1465 (56) died at Gawthorpe Hall, Harewood, West Yorkshire. All Saints Church, Harewood, West Yorkshire. Monument to William Gascoigne 1409-1465 (56) and Margaret Clarell. Fluted Period. Yorkist Suns and Roses Collar. His bare head, with finely detailed hair, no facial hair, rests on an unusual helm which appears to be a Maiden's Face, with an orle. Below the waist faulds and tasses under which mail may be seen. Both rest on a chest tomb with finely detailed weepers on each side. She, on his right, with a Widow's Barbe (from the French for beard) drawn up to her chin at the finely carved end of her dress two dogs, one pulling at the folds Dog(s) chewing at her dress.