Portrait Painters

Tudor and Elizabethan

Meynart Weywyck.

Hans Holbein The Younger.

John "The Elder" Bettes.

Gerlach Flicke.

John "The Younger" Bettes.

Hans Eworth.

Robert "The Elder" Peake.

George Gower.

Nicholas Hilliard.

John Critz.

Jasper Hollemans.

Stewart and Jacobean

William Segar.

Marcus Gheeraerts.

William Larkin.

Daniel Mijtens.

John Hoskins.

Cornelius Johnson.

Gilbert Jackson.

Anthony Van Dyck.

Gilbert Soest.

John Cradock.

Mary Cradock.

Pieter Borsseler.

John Greenhill.

John Closterman.

John Michael Wright.

Peter Lely.

Jacob Huysmans.

Henri Gascar.


Charles Jervas.

John Weesop.

Willem Wissing.

Michael Dahl.

Thomas Murray.

Johnathan "The Elder" Richardson.

William Aikman.

Enoch "The Younger" Seeman.

George Knapton.

Thomas Hudson.

Jean-Etienne Liotard.

Andrea Soldi.

Pompeo Batoni.

Francis Cotes.

Thomas Beach.

John Singleton Copley.

Thomas Gainsborough.

Gavin Hamilton.

Joshua Reynolds.

George Romney.

Angelica Kauffmann.

Daniel Gardner.

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Lebrun.

Arthur William Devis.

Victorian Painters

Francis Grant.

Unknown Attribution

Unknown Artist.

Master John.

Pieter Bronckhorst.

Isaac Oliver.

John Hoppner.

John "The Younger" Vanderbank.

John Vanderbank.


Tudor Elizabethan and Renaissance

Pietro Torrigiano.

William Stanton.

Cornelius Cure.

Nicholas Stone.

Thomas Burman.

Maximillian Colt.

Grinling Gibbons.

Joshua Marshall.

Nathaniel Hedges.


Thomas Green.

Giovanni Battista Guelphi.

Peter Scheemakers.

John Michael Rysbrack.

Louis-Francois Roubiliac.

Henry Cheere 1st Baronet St Margaret's.

Neo Classical

Pierre-Etienne Monnot 1657-1733.

James Athenian Stuart 1713-1788.

W Tyler.

John Bacon.

Thomas Banks.

John Francis Moore.

Charles Harris.

Richard "The Elder" Westmacott.

Richard Westmacott.

Richard "The Younger" Westmacott.


Peter Mathias Van Gelder.

Antonio Trentanove.

Joseph Nollekens.

John Flaxman.

Joseph Gott.

Robert Hall of Derby.

Joseph Francis of London.

Francis Leggatt Chantrey.

Thomas Campbell.

William Behnes.

William "The Younger" Theed.

Henry Weekes.


Thomas Gaffin.

William Calder.

Thomas Woolner.

Edwardo Orlandini.

Henry Hugh Armstead.

Joseph Edgar Boehm.

James Forsyth.

John Adams-Acton.

Leon-Joseph Chavalliaud.

New Sculpture

Hamo Thornycroft.

Adolfo Polloni.

George Frampton.

Henry Alfred Pegram.

Bertram Mckennal.

Percy Bryant Baker.

Church Effigies


Early Medieval

Camail and Jupon Period

Early Plate Period (Bascinet)

Early Plate Period (Bascinet and Gorget)

Fluted Period

Tudor Period

Elizabethan Period


Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent

Richard Parker of Burton on Trent

Richard and Gabriel Royley of Burton upon Trent

Great Helms and Male Headwear

Around 1340 the Camail and Jupon Period starts; around the time of the commencement of the Hundred Years War. Knights wear a Bascinet, a form of conical helmet to which the chail mail 'Camail' is attached to protect the shoulders; greater protection for the head whilst increasing mobility. The Jupon, or Surcoat, is a heavily padded jacket affording additional protection to the shoulders, upper arms, torso and upper legs. The bottom of the Jupon was often decorated, sometimes roundels, sometimes scallops. The Jupon began to be decoated with Knight's Arms becoming, literally, a Coat of Arms. The Camail and Jupon Period is also characterised by the heavy belts slung low on the hips from which the sword was slung. Effigies of this period are characterised by having facial hair, and their hands clasped in prayer on the chest. Male effigies of this period have their head resting on Great Helms usually topped off with their Crest.


Ass's Head Crest

Bearded Man

Calf's Head Crest

Clenched Fist Crest

Cockerel Crest

Dogs Head Crest

Eagle Crest

Eagle and Baby Crest

Elephant and Castle Crest

Feathered Crest

Horses Head Crest

Maiden's Face

Peacock Crest

Saracen's Head Crest

Sphinx Crest

Female Headwear

Crespine Headress

Butterfly Headress

Widow's Barbe

Gabled Headress

Gabled Headress with Lappets











Crossed Legs


Cap of Maintenance



Livery Collars

Lancastrian Esses Collar

Lancastrian Esses and Inter-twined Knots Collar

Yorkist Suns and Roses Collar

Tudor Livery Collar

Garter and Inter-twined Knots Collar

Garter Collar


Lion Pendant

Yorkist Boar Pendant

St George Pendant

Beaufort Portcullis

Tudor Rose Pendant


Maiden's Face Buckle

Arse Girdle


Holding Hands

Cadaver Tombs


Cadaver underneath


Garter Robes

Leg Garter

Wrist Garter

Other Detail

Dog(s) chewing at her dress

Lord Treasurer Staff of Office

Comptroller of the Household Staff of Office