Cockerel Crest

After 1403. Monument to Edmund Cockayne and his first wife Margaret Longford. Camail and Jupon Period. Cockerel Crest. St Oswalds Church.

After 1438. Monument to John Cockayne. Early Plate Period (Bascinet and Gorget). Lancastrian Esses Collar. Cockerel Crest (most of which is missing). Butterfly Headress. St Oswalds Church.

Around 1488 Thomas Cockayne was buried at Youlgreave. A curious monument insofar as it half-life sized apparently as a result of his dying before his father. Killed in a fight, or duel, with his in-law Thomas Burdett over inheritance or dower. Fluted Period. Yorkist Suns and Roses Collar. Cockayne Cockerel Crest.