Biography of Pietro Torrigiano

On 29 Jun 1509 Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond 1443-1509 (66) died in the Deanery, Westminster Abbey. She was buried at Henry VII Chapel, Chapels, Westminster Abbey. Her tomb was created by Pietro Torrigiano. The gilded bronze sculpture on the tomb depicts Margaret with her head resting on pillows and her hands raised in prayer, wearing garments characteristic of widowhood; the face was probably sculpted from a death mask.The black marble tomb is embellished with heraldic bronze insignia, including a Yale[Heraldic Badge], her heraldic badge, at her feet.

Around 1510 Meynnart Wewyck 1499-1525 (10). Portrait of Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond 1443-1509 in the Masters Lodge, St John's College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire.Commissioned by John Fisher Bishop of Rochester 1469-1535 (40). Note the Beaufort Arms on the wall beneath which is the Beafort Portcullis. Repeated in the window.She is wearing widow's clothes, or possibly that of a convent; Gabled Headress with Lappets. On 29 Mar 2019, St John's College, Cambridge, which she founded, announced the portrait was original work by Wewyck.

Pietro Torrigiano.