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Rollo Normandy Duke Normandy 846-930

William "Longsword" Normandy I Duke Normandy 893-942

Richard "Fearless" Normandy I Duke Normandy 932-996

Richard "Good" Normandy II Duke Normandy 963-1026

Richard Normandy III Duke Normandy 997-1027

Alice Normandy Count Burgundy 1002-1038

Robert "Magnificent" Normandy I Duke Normandy 1000-1035

William "Conqueror" I King England 1028-1087

Robert Curthose Normandy III Duke Normandy 1051-1134

William Clito Normandy Count Flanders 1102-1128

William "Rufus" II King England 1056-1100

Henry "Beauclearc" I King England 1068-1135

Empress Matilda Duchess Normandy 1102-1167

William Adelin Normandy Duke Normandy 1103-1120

Robert Normandy 1st Earl Gloucester 1099-1147

William Fitzrobert 2nd Earl Gloucester -1183

Mabel Fitzrobert Count Évreux

Amice Fitzrobert Countess Hertford -1220

Isabella Fitzrobert 3rd Countess Gloucester, Countess Essex 1173-1217

Roger Fitzrobert Bishop Worcester -1179

Matilda Fitzrobert Countess Chester -1189

Richard Fitzrobert Bishop Bayeux -1142

Matilda Fitzroy Count Perche -1120

Matilda Fitzroy Duchess Brittany

Sybilla Fitzroy Queen Consort Scotland 1092-1122

Constance Normandy Duchess Brittany 1057-1090

Adela Normandy Count Blois 1067-1137

Adelaide Normandy Count Troyes and Meaux, Count Champagne, Count Aumale, Count Ponthieu 1030-1089

Matilda Normandy Count Flanders 1013-

Mauger Normandy Archbishop Rouen

William "Talou" Normandy Count Arques

Robert Normandy Archbishop Rouen 988-1037

Richard Normandy 2nd Count Évreux 1015-1067

William Normandy I Count Évreux -1118

Emma Normandy Queen Consort England 985-1052

Maud Normandy Count Blois -1006

Hawise Normandy Count Rennes -1034

Geoffrey Normandy 1st Count Eu 962-1015

Gilbert Clare 2nd Count Eu 1000-1040

Gilbert Clare 1st Earl Hertford 1115-1153

Roger Clare 2nd Earl Hertford 1116-1173

Richard Clare 3rd Earl Hertford 1153-1217

Gilbert Clare 5th Earl Gloucester, 4th Earl Hertford 1180-1230

Amice Clare Countess Devon 1220-1287

Richard Clare 6th Earl Gloucester, 5th Earl Hertford 1222-1262

Gilbert "Red Earl" Clare 7th Earl Gloucester, 6th Earl Hertford 1243-1295

Joan Clare Countess Fife 1264-1302

Gilbert Clare 8th Earl Gloucester, 7th Earl Hertford -1314

Margaret Clare Countess Gloucester -1342

Margaret Clare Countess Cornwall

Aveline Clare Countess Essex

Rohese Clare Countess Lincoln

Gilbert Clare 1st Earl Pembroke 1100-1148

Richard "Strongbow" Clare 2nd Earl Pembroke, 1st Earl Buckingham 1130-1176

Gilbert Clare 3rd Earl Pembroke 1176-1185

Isabel Clare 4th Countess Pembroke 1172-1220

Edmund Butler 1st Earl Carrick 1268-1321

James Butler 1st Earl Ormonde 1305-1338

James Butler 2nd Earl Ormonde 1331-1382

James Butler 3rd Earl Ormonde 1359-1405

James "White Earl" Butler 4th Earl Ormonde 1393-1452

James Butler 1st Earl Wiltshire, 5th Earl Ormonde 1420-1461

John Butler 6th Earl Ormonde 1422-1476

Thomas Butler 7th Earl Ormonde 1426-1515

Elizabeth Butler Countess Shrewsbury, Countess Waterford 1424-1473

Piers "Red" Butler 8th Earl Ormonde, 1st Earl Ossory 1467-1539

James "Lame" Butler 9th Earl Ormonde, 2nd Earl Ossory 1501-1546

Thomas "Black Tom" Butler 10th Earl Ormonde, 3rd Earl Ossory 1532-1614

Walter Butler 11th Earl Ormonde, 4th Earl Ossory 1559-1633

James Butler 1st Duke Ormonde 1610-1688

Thomas Butler 6th Earl Ossory 1634-1680

James Butler 2nd Duke Ormonde 1665-1745

Elizabeth Butler Countess Derby

Henrietta Butler Countess Grantham -1724

Richard Butler 1st Earl Arran 1639-1685

Elizabeth Butler 2nd Countess Chesterfield 1640-1665

John Butler 1st Earl Gowran 1643-1677

Mary Butler Duchess Devonshire 1646-1710

Walter Butler 16th Earl Ormonde, 10th Earl Ossory 1703-1783

John Butler 17th Earl Ormonde, 11th Earl Ossory 1740-1795

Walter Butler 1st Marquess Ormonde 1770-1820

James Wandesford Butler 1st Marquess Ormonde 1777-1838

John Butler 2nd Marquess Ormonde 1808-1854

James Butler 3rd Marquess Ormonde 1844-1919

James Arthur Wellington Foley Butler 4th Marquess Ormonde -1943

James George Anson Butler 5th Marquess Ormonde 1890-1949

James Arthur Norman Butler 6th Marquess Ormonde 1893-1971

James Hubert Theobald Charles Butler 7th Marquess Ormonde 1899-1997

Ellen Butler Countess Clancarty -1682

Helen Butler Countess Ormonde, Countess Ossory

Eleanor Butler Countess Desmond

Maud Verdun Countess Arundel 1225-1283

Hubert Walter Archbishop Canterbury 1160-1205

Christina Fitzrobert Countess Essex

Alice Fitzwalter Countess Oxford -1401

William Normandy 1st Count Eu 978-1057

William Busac Normandy Count Soissons 1020-1076

Renaud Normandy II Count Soissons -1099

John Normandy I Count Soissons -1115

Renaud Normandy III Count Soissons -1141

Manasses Normandy Bishop Cambrai, Bishop Soissons -1108

Robert Normandy III Count Eu -1093

Condoha Normandy Count Angoulême

William Normandy II Count Eu 1055-1095

Henry Normandy I Count Eu 1075-1140

John Normandy 6th Count Eu

Henry Normandy 7th Count Eu

Hugues Normandy Bishop Lisieux -1077

Gerloc aka Adela Normandy Duchess Aquitaine 912-962

Devereux Family

Walter Devereux 1st Earl Essex 1541-1576

Robert Devereux 2nd Earl Essex 1565-1601

Robert Devereux 3rd Earl Essex 1591-1646

Penelope Devereux Countess Devonshire 1563-1607

Dorothy Devereux Countess Northumberland 1564-1619

Frances Devereux Duchess Somerset