All Descendants to Six Generations

James I King England and Ireland VI King Scotland 1566-1625. 345 Person. 5 Generations. 2 Queens. 16 Kings. 5 Queen Consorts. 1 Cardinal. 2 . 1 . 1 . 32 Dukes. 6 Duchesses. 1 Marchioness. 2 Bishop. 11 Countesses. 16 Earls. 1 Viscount. 1 Viscountess. 3 Barons. 3 Baronesses. 1 Baronetess. 1 .
Families: , Stewart, Palatinate-Simmern, Bourbon, Lorraine, Salm, Hanover, Hohenzollern, Schulenburg, Calvert, Scott, Powlett, Fitzroy, Paston, Fitzcharles, Lennard, Barrett-Lennard, Moore, Trevor-Roper, Vane, Fitzroy-Scudamore, Lee, Crowe, Beauclerk, Beauclerk-Lennox, Berkeley, Keppel, Tudor, Radclyffe, Orange-Nassau, Fitzjames, Waldegrave, Fitz-James, Fitz-James Stuart, Darnley, Sheffield, Savoy.
Titles: King England Scotland and Ireland: Stewart, King Scotland: Stewart, Earl Chester (10C 1610), Duke Cornwall, Elector Palatine Rhine, Duke Orléans, Duke Berry, Queen Consort Spain, Duke Lorraine, Holy Roman Emperor, Queen Consort Sardinia, Duke Cumberland (1C 1644), Count Salm-Salm, King Great Britain and Ireland: Hanover, Duke Cumberland (3C 1726), Landgrave Hesse-Kassel, Queen Consort Denmark and Norway, Queen Consort Prussia, King Prussia, Earl Chesterfield, Duke York and Albany (1C 1716), Duke Albany (4C 1600), Prince of Wales, Duke Monmouth, Duke Buccleuch, Earl Doncaster, Earl Deloraine, Earl Yarmouth, Earl Plymouth (1C 1675), Baron Dacre Gilsland (1C 1321), Earl Sussex (4C 1674), Baron Teynham of Teynham in Kent, Duke Cleveland (1C 1670), Duke Southampton, Baron Barnard, Earl Darlington, Earl Euston, Duke Grafton (1C 1675), Earl Harrington, Earl Hertford, Earl Lichfield (2C 1674), Baron Baltimore of Longford in Leinster, Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo, Baron Clifford Chudleigh in Devon, Baronet Browne of Kiddington in Oxfordshire, Earl Northumberland (4C 1674), Duke Northumberland (2C 1683), Earl Burford, Duke St Albans (1C 1684), Baron Vere, Bishop Hereford, Duke Richmond (3C 1675), Earl Berkeley, Duke Leinster, Earl Albermarle (1C 1697), Rear-Admiral, Commander in Chief: Jamaica Station, First Lord of the Admiralty, Viscount Keppel of Elveden in Suffolk, Colonel: 56th Regiment of Foot, Major-General, Lieutenant-general, Colonel: 14th Regiment of Foot, Colonel: 12th Royal Lancers, Bishop Exeter, Earl Derwentwater, Prince Orange, King England Scotland and Ireland: William and Mary, Duke Cambridge (1C 1664), Duke Kendal (1C 1666), Baronet Waldegrave, Baron Waldegrave Chewton Somerset (1C 1686), Earl Newcastle in Limerick, Earl Waldegrave (1C 1729), Duke Cambridge (2C 1667), Duke Berwick, Duke Veragua, Duke Albermarle (Jacobite 1C 1696), Earl Anglesey (2C 1661), Duke Buckingham and Normandby (4C 1822), Cardinal, Duke Gloucester (4C 1659), Duke Savoy, Duke Brittany, King France: Capet Valois Bourbon, King Spain, King Sardinia.