Biography of William Douglas 1st Earl Atholl


In 1320 William Douglas 1st Earl Atholl was created 1st Earl Atholl.

Battle of Halidon Hill

On 19 Jul 1333 Edward III King England defeated the Scots army at the Battle of Halidon Hill near Berwick on Tweed. English archers, just as at the Battle of Dupplin Moor one year previously, had a significant impact on the massed ranks of Scottish schiltrons. Edward's army included: Thomas of Brotherton 1st Earl Norfolk, who commanded the right wing, Hugh Courtenay 9th Earl Devon, Robert Pierrepoint, Hugh Courtenay 10th Earl Devon, Henry Beaumont 4th Earl Buchan and John Sully. One of the few English casualties was John Neville who was killed. The Scottish army included David II King Scotland. Alexander Bruce, Alan Stewart, James Stewart, John Stewart, William Douglas 1st Earl Atholl, Archibald Douglas, Malcolm Lennox 2nd Earl Lennox, Hugh Ross 4th Earl Ross and Kenneth de Moravia Sutherland 4th Earl Sutherland who were all killed.

William Douglas 1st Earl Atholl was born to James "Black" Douglas.


Kings Wessex: Great x 14 Grand Son of Aethelwulf King Wessex

Kings Scotland: Great x 5 Grand Son of David I King Scotland

Kings Franks: Great x 16 Grand Son of Charles "Charlemagne aka Great" King Franks, King Lombardy, Holy Roman Emperor

Kings France: Great x 7 Grand Son of Henry I King France


Father: James "Black" Douglas

GrandFather: William "Hardy" Douglas 2nd Lord Douglas

Great GrandFather: William "Longleg" Douglas

Great x 2 GrandFather: Archibald Douglas

Great x 3 GrandFather: William Douglas 1st Lord Douglas

Great x 3 GrandMother: Margaret Kerdal

Great x 2 GrandMother: Margaret Crawford

Great x 3 GrandFather: John Crawford

Great GrandMother: Constance Battail Battail

GrandMother: Elizabeth Stewart Lady Douglas

Great GrandFather: Alexander Stewart 4th High Steward

Great x 2 GrandFather: Walter Stewart 3rd High Steward

Great x 3 GrandFather: Alan Fitzwalter 2nd High Steward

Great x 2 GrandMother: Bethóc Angus

Great x 3 GrandFather: Gille Críst Angus 4th Earl Angus

Great x 3 GrandMother: Marjorie Dunkeld Countess Angus