Paternal Family Trees

Ednyfed "Fychan aka Younger" Tudor 1170-1246. 40 Person. 10 Generations. 3 Kings. 2 Queens. 1 Queen Consort. 5 Dukes. 1 Duchesses. 1 Earl.
Families: Tudor, Owen.
Titles: Tudor, Earl Richmond (7C 1452), King England and Ireland: Tudor, Duke Cornwall, Queen Consort Scotland, Duke of Richmond and Somerset, Duke Suffolk (2C 1514), Duke Somerset (3C 1499), Duke Bedford (5C 1485).

Gwriad ap Elidyr Aberffraw. 140 Person. 15 Generations. 20 Kings. 3 Queen Consorts. 3 Princes. 1 Countess. 1 Baroness.
Families: Aberffraw, Dinefwr, Unknown.
Titles: Aberffraw, King Gwynedd, King Seisyllwg, King Deheubarth, Queen Consort Gwynedd, Prince Deheubarth, King Powys, Prince Gwynedd, Queen Consort Deheubarth, Earl Huntingdon (1C 1065), Earl Mar (1C 1404), Baron Clifford (Feudal).

Lewis Bayly Bishop Bangor -1631. 80 Person. 10 Generations. 1 Duchesses. 8 Marquesses. 1 Marchioness. 8 Countesses. 1 Earl. 5 Baronesses. 2 Baronets.
Families: Bayly, Bayly-Paget.
Titles: Bayly, Baronet Plas Newydd Anglesey, Earl Uxbridge (2C 1784), Marquess Anglesey, Duke Richmond (3C 1675), Earl Nottingham (7C 1681), Earl Pembroke (10C 1551), Earl Montgomery, Marquess Hastings, Baron Crofton, Baron Templemore of Templemore in Donegal, Earl Sydney Scadbury Kent, Earl Sandwich, Earl Plymouth in Devon (3C 1905), Earl Galloway, Baron Hylton of Hylton in County Durham, Earl Enniskillen, Baron Graves of Gravesend in County Londonderry, Earl Granard.

Richard Bulkeley -1349. 98 Person. 14 Generations. 7 Viscounts.
Families: Bulkeley, Warren Bulkeley.
Titles: Bulkeley, Viscount Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary.

Elisedd ap Gwylog King Powys -755. 15 Person. 5 Generations. 6 Kings. 1 Queen Consort. 1 Baroness.
Families: Cadelling.
Titles: Cadelling, King Powys, King Gwynedd, King Deheubarth, King Wales, Baron Burford (1C), Queen Consort Gwynedd.

William Carew 1215-1279. 25 Person. 10 Generations.
Families: Carew.
Titles: Carew.

Philip Cecil -1426. 135 Person. 18 Generations. 1 Duchesses. 12 Marquesses. 1 Marchioness. 16 Countesses. 14 Earls. 1 Viscountess. 1 Viscount. 7 Baronesses. 4 Barons. 2 Baronetesses.
Families: Cecil, Brownlow Cecil, Amherst Cecil, Joicey-Cecil, Gascoyne-Cecil.
Titles: Cecil, Baron Burghley, Earl Exeter, Baron Ros Helmsley, Earl Stamford, Earl Berkshire (2C 1626), Earl Oxford (2C 1141), Earl Elgin, Marquess Exeter (2C 1801), Baron Hotham, Baron Barnard, Baron Newlands of Newlands and Barrowfield in City of Glasgow and of Mauldslie Castle in Lanarkshire, Earl Harrowby Lincolnshire, Baron Carbery, Earl Cork, Viscount Scudamore, Viscount Wimbledon, Baron Willoughby Parham, Marquess Winchester, Earl Norwich (1C 1626), Earl Isle Thanet, Earl Salisbury (5C 1605), Earl Kinnoul, Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire, Earl Selborne, Baron Harlech, Duke Devonshire, Baron Rockley of Lychett Heath in Dorset, Earl Galloway, Baron Cowley (1C 1828), Earl Egmont, Earl Ranelagh, Baronet Downing of East Hatley in Cambridgeshire, Baronet Hotham of Scorborough in Yorkshire, Earl Leicester (4C 1618), Earl Devonshire, Earl Cumberland.

Philip ab Elidir Deheubarth 1325-1425. 14 Person. 11 Generations.
Families: Deheubarth, Rice.
Titles: Deheubarth.

William ap Thomas "Blue Knight of Gwent" Herbert 1380-1445. 162 Person. 13 Generations. 2 Marchionesses. 3 Marquesses. 8 Countesses. 22 Earls. 4 Viscountesses. 7 Baronesses. 8 Barons.
Families: Herbert, Montgomery, Medkaff.
Titles: Herbert, Earl Pembroke (8C 1468), Earl Pembroke (10C 1551), Earl Montgomery, Viscount Windsor, Earl Normanton, Baron Herbert Lea, Marquess Ripon, Marquess Ailesbury (1C), Earl Dunmore, Viscount Vesci of Abbeyleix in Queen's County, Earl Carnarvon (3C 1793), Baron Burghclere of Walden in Essex, Earl Aldborough, Baron Bergavenny (1C 1392), Baron Poulett, Earl Gainsborough (1C 1682), Earl Carnarvon (1C 1628), Baron Powis of Powis Castle in Powys, Marquess Powis, Earl Powis (2C 1748), Baron Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire, Viscount Montague, Baron Herbert Chirbury (1C 1629), Baron Herbert Raglan, Earl Northumberland (1C 1377), Baron Grey Powis, Viscount Lisle (1C 1451), Earl Kent (8C 1465), Earl Kent (5C 1321), Baron Herbert Chirbury (2C 1694).

Gwerystan ap Gwaithfoed Mathrafal. 61 Person. 13 Generations. 2 Kings. 1 Queen Consort. 10 Princes. 1 Baroness.
Families: Mathrafal, Unknown.
Titles: Mathrafal, Queen Consort Deheubarth, King Gwynedd, King Powys, Prince Powys, Prince Powys Fadog, Prince of Wales, Prince Powys Wenwynwyn, Baron Cherleton.

Morgan ap Llewelyn 1320-1383. 13 Person. 8 Generations.
Families: Morgan, Unknown.
Titles: Morgan.