Biography of David Owen


Around 1459 David Owen was born to Owen Tudor at Pembroke Castle.

Battle of Mortimer's Cross

On 02 Feb 1461 at the Battle of Mortimer's Cross at Wigmore the future Edward IV King England commanded the Yorkist forces including William Hastings 1st Baron Hastings, John Wenlock 1st Baron Wenlock, John Tuchet 6th Baron Audley Heighley, 3rd Baron Tuchet, John Savage and Roger Vaughan. In the Lancastrian army Owen Tudor (captured by Roger Vaughan ) and his son Jasper Tudor 1st Duke Bedford fought as well as James Butler 1st Earl Wiltshire, 5th Earl Ormonde. Gruffydd ap Nicholas Deheubarth was killed.
Following the battle Owen Tudor was beheaded in the Market Place. He was buried thereafter in Greyfriars Church in a tomb paid for by his son David Owen.

Before 1493 David Owen and Mary Bohun were married by which Owen came into possession of Cowdray House when Mary inherited it from her father John Bohun.

Around 1493 Ann Owen was born to David Owen and Mary Bohun in Cowdray House.

Around 1500 Henry Owen was born to David Owen and Mary Bohun in Cowdray House.

Around 1520 David Owen began construction of Cowdray House on the site of the former manor house that he had inherited from his wife Mary Bohun.

After 1533. Monument to David Owen in St Mary's Church.

Around 1535 David Owen was buried at St Mary's Church.

Around 1535 David Owen died.

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Tudor


Kings Gwynedd: Great x 8 Grand Son of Gruffudd ap Cynan King Gwynedd

Kings Seisyllwg: Great x 13 Grand Son of Hywel "Dda aka Good" King Seisyllwg, King Deheubarth

Kings Powys: Great x 8 Grand Son of Maredudd ap Bleddyn King Powys


Father: Owen Tudor

GrandFather: Maredudd Tudor

Great GrandFather: Tudur ap Goronwy Tudor

Great x 2 GrandFather: Goronwy ap Tudur Hen Tudor

Great x 3 GrandFather: Tudur "Hen aka Elder" Tudor

Great x 2 GrandMother: Gwerfyl verch Madog Hendwr

Great x 3 GrandFather: Madog ab Iorwerth Hendwr

Great GrandMother: Marged verch Tomos Unknown