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Tomb of Nicholas of Normandie, St Ouen Abbey, Rouen

Tomb of Nicholas of Normandy, 1025 - 26 Feb 1092. Abbott of St Ouen. His memorial reads:

Ci GitHere Lies
Nicolas de NormandieNicholas of Normandy
Fils de Richard II et oncle de Guillaume le ConquerantSon of Richard II and uncle of William the Conqueror
Il fut le quatrieme abbe de ce monastere qu'il gouverna pendant cinquante ans.He was the fourth abbot of this monastery who governed for fifty years.
Il deceda le XXVI Fevrier de l'an MXCII apres avoid bati l'ancienne eglise dont l'... septentrionale existe encore sous le nom de tour aux clerics.He died on 26 February of the year 1092 after building the old church whose ... exist under the name of the Tower of Clerics.
Priez Dieu pour son ame.Pray to God for his soul

Nicolas is believed to be an illegitimate son of Richard II of Normandy, 23 Aug 963 - 28 Aug 1026, and an unknown woman. He was destined for the church at a young age.

Ref: Rouen.St_Ouen_Abbey_Church.Nicholas_of_Normandy.20160712_134556.jpg

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