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St Mary's Church, Staindrop, Durham

Monument to William Harry Vane

The effigy of William Harry Vane (1766-1842), 1st Duke Cleveland, sculpted in white marble by Richard Westmacott.

William Harry Vane, 1st Duke Cleveland, was a British landowner and politician. He was a great-great-grandson of King Charles II by his mistress Barbara Palmer (who was the first duchess of Cleveland).

His journey to the Commons appears to be based on a number of "rotten boroughs" by which he bought his status as member of parliament. On succeeding to his father as Earl of Darlington he left the Commons for the Lords.

The Vane family arms reflect the origin from an illegitimate line being Azure, three sinister gauntlets; the sinister, or left, describes the illegitimacy. They were derived, or differenced, from the arms of the Earls of Westmoreland (2nd Creation in 1624) whose arms are Azure, three dexter gauntlets back affrontée or ie the three golden (or means gold in Latin; it is used for yellow) gloves are right handed.

Similarly, any arms that show a bend (a bend is a diagonal line) from top right to bottom left is also a sign of illegitimacy, or disgrace.

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