Twenty Trees

Twenty Trees is an online resource for people who are interested in history. It began as a means to categorise photographs and grew into providing Family Trees, Biographies, Categories, On This Day in History, etc.

Family Trees can be Paternal, Maternal and Descendants. Paternal Family Trees, the ones we traditionally see, trace the Y-DNA that is passed from father to son. Maternal Family Trees trace the mt-DNA that is passed from mother to daughter. Descendants Family Trees show a person's descendants to six generations - limited since some families become vary large.

Titles. If a Title has a ordinal eg 1st Baron Berekley then the person has the title by right ie they were created or inherited the title. If the title doesn't have an ordinal then the person has the Title by marriage.

Errors. We check the data for many things but mistakes do creep in. If you spot a mistake please let us know.

Content. Our content grows organically typically as a result of having taken photographs. If you would like content added please let us know.

Spelling. Spelling can be trickly. We try to keep original spelling from original sources over time. Accents can be tricky with filenames so we change these if necessary.

Countries are a convenience to organise the data. Genealogically they are a nonsense; someone may have parents from England and France - are they English or French? We err towards paternal DNA for organisation but stray from this for convenience. For example, we have the Plantagenet Family as English even though their progenitor is French.