Anglo-Saxon People


Aelfwine King Deira -679

Æthelfrith King Northumbrians 572-617

Æthelric King Bernicia -572

Æthelwald King Deira 642-

Aldfrith King Northumbria -704

Alhred King of Northumbria

Ceolwulf King Northumbria -760

Eadberht King of Northumbria -768

Ealhfrith King Deira 630-664

Eanfrith King Bernicia 590-634

Ecgfrith King Northumbria 645-685

Ida King Bernicia -559

Osred King Northumbria 697-716

Osred King of Northumbria -792

Osthryth Bernicia Queen Consort Mercia -697

Oswald King Northumbria 604-641

Oswiu King Northumbricia 612-670

Oswulf King of Northumbria -759

Taloran King Picts 615-657


Acha DeiraQueen Consort Bernicia Queen Consort Deira

Aella King Deira -588

Æthelric King Deira -604

Eanfled Deira Queen Consort Bernicia 626-685

Edwin King Northumbria 586-633

Osric King Deira -634

Oswine King Deira -651

Unknown Name Deira Queen Consort Strathclyde aka Alt Clut


Archbishop Dunstan 909-988


Offa King of Essex -709

Sæbbi King of Essex 626-695

Sæberht King of Essex -616

Saelred King of Essex 709-746

Sæward King of Essex -623

Sexred King of Essex -626

Sigeberht the Good II King Essex -661

Sigeheard King of Essex -709

Sigered King of Essex -825

Sigeric I King of Essex -798

Sighere King of Essex -688

Sledd King of Essex -604

Swæfred King of Essex -709

Swithhelm King of Essex -664

Swithred King of Essex -758


Ralph de Gael Earl East Anglia 1041-1096


Edith of Wessex Queen Consort England 1026-1075

Godwin Godwinson Earl Kent and Wessex 1001-1053

Harold Godwinson II King England 1022-1066

Sweyn Godwinson 1st Earl Hereford 1021-1052

Tostig Godwinson Earl Northumbria 1026-1066


Hussa of Bernicia


Ælfflæd Queen of Mercia

Æthelbald King of Mercia -757

Æthelred King Mercia -704

Ceolred King Mercia -716

Coenred King Mercia -709

Creoda King Mercia 570-593

Eadburga Queen of Wessex -802

Ecgfrith King of Mercia -796

Eowa King Mercia -642

Offa King Mercia -796

Paeda King South Mercia -656

Penda King Mercia -655

Pybba King Mercia 590-610

Wulfhere King Mercia 640-675


Ælfgar Earl of Mercia and East Anglia -1060

Beornwulf King Mercia -852

Coelwulf King Mercia King East Anglia King Kent

Coenwulf King Mercia -821

Cwenburg Mercia Queen Consort Bernicia Queen Consort Deira

Ealhswith Mercia Queen Consort England -902

Edwin Earl of Mercia -1071

Eohric King East Anglia -902

Leofric Earldorman Mercia -1057

Morcar Earl Northumbria -1087


Aelfgifu of York Queen Consort England -1002

BeornhAeth Sub King Northern Northumbria aka Lothian -685

Maud Northumbria 3rd Countess Huntingdon and Northampton Queen Consort Scotland 1074-1131

Siward "Stout" Earl of Northumbria 1010-1055

Uchtred "The Bold" Earldorman of Northumbria -1016

Waltheof Northumbria 1st Earl of Northampton 1st Earl Huntingdon -1076


Oda Archbishop of Canterbury -958


Æthelberht King Kent 550-616

Æthelbert II King of Kent 725-762

Æthelburh Oiscingas Queen Consort Northumbria 605-647

Eadbald King Kent -640

Eadbert I King of Kent -748

Eadric King Kent -686

Ecgberht I King Kent -673

Eorcenberht King Kent -664

Eormenric King Kent

Octa King Kent 500-543

Wihtred King of Kent 670-725


Aelfgifu of Shaftesbury Queen Consort England -944


Stigand Archbishop of Canterbury -1072


Archibishop Ælfstan aka Lyfing -1020


Beorhtric King Wessex -802

Bishop Daniel of Winchester -745

Burgred King Mercia -875

Edmund "The Martyr" King East Anglia -869

John of Beverley Bishop -721

Theodore of Tarsus Archbishop of Canterbury 602-690

Unknown anglo-Saxon

Ælfgifu Queen Consort of England

Æthelburg Queen of Wessex 673-740

Æthelflæd of Damerham Queen Consort of England

Æthelheard King of Wessex -740

Æthelred I of Northumbria 762-796

Æthelwald Moll King of Northumbria

Archibishop Ælfheah 953-1012

Beornred King Mercia -757

Cuthred King of Wessex -756

Cynewulf King of Wessex -786

Sigeberht King of Wessex


Æthelbald King Wessex -860

Æthelberht King Wessex -865

Æthelflæd Lady of the Mercians 870-918

Æthelhelm Prince Wessex -890

Æthelred King Wessex 847-871

Æthelred "Unready" II King England 966-1016

Æthelstan I King Anglo Saxons I King England 894-939

Æthelstan King Kent -852

Æthelswith Wessex Queen Consort Mercia 838-888

Æthelwulf King Wessex -858

Alfred "The Great" King Wessex 849-899

Caedwalla King Wessex 659-689

Ceawlin King Wessex -592

Centwine King Wessex -685

Cenwalh King of Wessex -672

Ceol King Wessex

Cerdic King Wessex -534

Cuthburh Wessex Queen Consort Northumbria

Cwichelm King of Wessex -636

Cynegils King Wessex -641

Cynric King Wessex

Eadgifu Wessex Queen Consort West Francia -951

Eadgyth Wessex Queen Consort Germany -946

Eadred I King England -955

Eadwig "All Fair" I King England -959

Ealmund King Kent

Edgar Ætheling II King England 1051-1126

Edgar "Peaceful" I King England 943-975

Edmund I King England 921-946

Edmund "Ironside" I King England 1015-1016

Edward "Confessor" King England 1003-1066

Edward "Elder" King Anglo Saxons 874-924

Edward "Martyr" I King England 962-978

Egbert King Wessex 773-839

Ine King Wessex 670-728

Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland 1045-1093

Mul King Kent -687


Æthelhere King East Anglia -655

Æthelthryth Wuffingas Queen Consort Deira Queen Consort Northumbria 636-679

Æthelwold King East Anglia -664

Anna King East Anglia -654

Eorpwald King East Anglia -632

Raedwald King East Anglia 570-624

Seaxburh Wuffingas Queen Consort Kent -699

Tytila King East Anglia -616

Wuffa King East Anglia