Biography of George Joyliffe Physician 1621-1658

In 1621 George Joyliffe Physician 1621-1658 was born.

In 1637 George Joyliffe Physician 1621-1658 (16) matriculated from Wadham College.

In 1643 George Joyliffe Physician 1621-1658 (22) was awarded Master of Arts: Oxford University from Pembroke College.

John Evelyn's Diary 25 February 1649. 25 Feb 1649. Came to visit me Dr. Joyliffe (28), discoverer of the lymphatic vessels, and an excellent anatomist.

John Evelyn's Diary 10 January 1657. 10 Jan 1657. Came Dr. Joyliffe (36), that famous physician and anatomist, first detector of the lymphatic veins; also the old Marquis of Argyle (49), and another Scotch Earl.

John Evelyn's Diary 19 October 1657. 19 Oct 1657. I went to see divers gardens about London: returning, I saw at Dr. Joyliffe's (36) two Virginian rattlesnakes alive, exceeding a yard in length, small heads, slender tails, but in the middle nearly the size of my leg; when vexed, swiftly vibrating and shaking their tails, as loud as a child's rattle; this, by the collision of certain gristly skins curiously jointed, yet loose, and transparent as parchment, by which they give warning; a providential caution for other creatures to avoid them. The Doctor tried their biting on rats and mice, which they immediately killed: but their vigor must needs be much exhausted here, in another climate, and kept only in a barrel of bran.

In 1658 George Joyliffe Physician 1621-1658 (37) died.