Biography of Ralph Freeman Judge MP 1589-1667

On 06 Jul 1589 Ralph Freeman Judge MP 1589-1667 was born.

In 1618 Ralph Freeman Judge MP 1589-1667 (28) was appointed Master of Requests.

John Evelyn's Diary 27 November 1662. 27 Nov 1662. Went to London to see the entrance of the Russian Ambassador (17), whom his Majesty (32) ordered to be received with much state, the Emperor not only having been kind to his Majesty (32) in his distress, but banishing all commerce with our nation during the Rebellion.
First, the city companies and trained bands were all in their stations: his Majesty's (32) army and guards in great order. His Excellency came in a very rich coach, with some of his chief attendants; many of the rest on horseback, clad in their vests, after the Eastern manner, rich furs, caps, and carrying the presents, some carrying hawks, furs, teeth, bows, etc. It was a very magnificent show.
I dined with the Master of the Mint (41), where was old Sir Ralph Freeman (73); passing my evening at the Queen-Mother's (53) Court; at night, saw acted "The Committee", a ridiculous play of Sir R. Howard (36), where the mimic, Lacy, acted the Irish footman to admiration.

On 12 Jun 1667 Ralph Freeman Judge MP 1589-1667 (77) died.