Biography of Roger Pratt Architect 1620-1684

In 1620 Roger Pratt Architect 1620-1684 was born.

John Evelyn's Diary 14 July 1655. 14 Jul 1655. Came Mr. Pratt (35), my old acquaintance at Rome, also Sir Edward Hales (29), Sir Joseph Tufton, with Mr. Seymour.

John Evelyn's Diary 27 August 1666. 27 Aug 1666. I went to St. Paul's church, where, with Dr. Wren (80), Mr. Pratt (46), Mr. May (44), Mr. Thomas Chicheley (52), Mr. Slingsby, the Bishop of London (74), the Dean of St. Paul's, and several expert workmen, we went about to survey the general decays of that ancient and venerable church, and to set down in writing the particulars of what was fit to be done, with the charge thereof, giving our opinion from article to article. Finding the main building to recede outward it was the opinion of Chicheley and Mr. Pratt (46) that it had been so built aborigine for an effect in perspective, in regard of the height; but I was, with Dr. Wren (80), quite of another judgment, and so we entered it; we plumbed the uprights in several places. When we came to the steeple, it was deliberated whether it were not well enough to repair it only on its old foundation, with reservation to the four pillars; this Mr. Chicheley (52) and Mr. Pratt (46) were also for, but we totally rejected it, and persisted that it required a new foundation, not only in regard of the necessity, but for that the shape of what stood was very mean, and we had a mind to build it with a noble cupola, a form of church-building not as yet known in England, but of wonderful grace. For this purpose, we offered to bring in a plan and estimate, which after much contest, was at last assented to, and that we should nominate a committee of able workmen to examine the present foundation. This concluded, we drew all up in writing, and so went with my Lord Bishop to the Dean's.

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John Evelyn's Diary 20 July 1670. 20 Jul 1670. We went to dine at Lord Allington's (30), who had newly built a house of great cost, I believe a little less than £20,000. His architect was Mr. Pratt (50). It is seated in a park, with a sweet prospect and stately avenue; but water still defective; the house has also its infirmities. Went back to Mr. Slingsby's (49).

On 20 Feb 1684 Roger Pratt Architect 1620-1684 (64) died.