Biography of Saunders Duncombe Physician 1570-1638

Before 1570 [his father] William Duncombe 1546-1603 and [his mother] Ellen Saunders 1549- were married.

Around 1570 Saunders Duncombe Physician 1570-1638 was born to [his father] William Duncombe 1546-1603 (24) and [his mother] Ellen Saunders 1549- (20).

In 1603 [his father] William Duncombe 1546-1603 (57) died.

In 1631 Saunders Duncombe Physician 1570-1638 (61) was prosecuted for being an unlicensed practitioner. Found guilty and stated that protected as King's servant.

In 1634 Sir Saunders Duncombe (64) introduced the sedan chair for hire in London.

John Evelyn's Diary 1620 1636 Birth and Childhood. 1635. But my dear mother (36) being now dangerously sick, I was, on the 3d of September following, sent for to Wotton. Whom I found so far spent, that, all human assistance failing, she in a most heavenly manner departed this life upon the 29th of the same month, about eight in the evening of Michaelmas-day. It was a malignant fever which took her away, about the 37th of her age, and 22d of her marriage, to our irreparable loss and the regret of all that knew her. Certain it is, that the visible cause of her indisposition proceeded from grief upon the loss of her daughter, and the infant that followed it; and it is as certain, that when she perceived the peril whereto its excess had engaged her, she strove to compose herself and allay it; but it was too late, and she was forced to succumb. Therefore summoning all her children then living (I shall never forget it), she expressed herself in a manner so heavenly, with instructions so pious and Christian, as made us strangely sensible of the extraordinary loss then imminent; after which, embracing every one of us she gave to each a ring with her blessing and dismissed us. Then, taking my father (48) by the hand, she recommended us to his care; and, because she was extremely zealous for the education of my younger brother (12), she requested my father (48) that he might be sent with me to Lewes; and so having importuned him that what he designed to bestow on her funeral, he would rather dispose among the poor, she labored to compose herself for the blessed change which she now expected. There was not a servant in the house whom she did not expressly send for, advise, and infinitely affect with her counsel. Thus she continued to employ her intervals, either instructing her relations, or preparing of herself.
Though her physicians, Dr. Meverell, Dr. Clement, and Dr. Rand, had given over all hopes of her recovery, and Sir Sanders Duncombe (65) had tried his celebrated and famous powder, yet she was many days impairing, and endured the sharpest conflicts of her sickness with admirable patience and most Christian resignation, retaining both her intellectuals and ardent affections for her dissolution, to the very article of her departure. When near her dissolution, she laid her hand on every one of her children; and taking solemn leave of my father (48), with elevated heart and eyes, she quietly expired, and resigned her soul to God. Thus ended that prudent and pious woman, in the flower of her age, to the inconsolable affliction of her husband, irreparable loss of her children, and universal regret of all that knew her. She was interred, as near as might be, to her daughter Darcy (21), the 3d of October, at night, but with no mean ceremony.

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On 01 Mar 1638 Saunders Duncombe Physician 1570-1638 (68) died at.