Biography of William Mountfort Actor 1664-1692

Around 1664 William Mountfort Actor 1664-1692 was born.

On 10 Dec 1692 William Mountfort Actor 1664-1692 (28) died. The previous day he had been stabbed accidentally in Howard Street Strand by Charles Mohun 4th Baron Mohun Okehampton 1675-1712 (17) during a scuffle.

John Evelyn's Diary 04 February 1693. 04 Feb 1693. After five days' trial and extraordinary contest, the Lord Mohun (18) was acquitted by the Lords of the murder of Montford (29), the player, notwithstanding the judges, from the pregnant witnesses of the fact, had declared him guilty; but whether in commiseration of his youth, being not eighteen years old, though exceedingly dissolute, or upon whatever other reason, the King (42) himself present some part of the trial, and satisfied, as they report, that he was culpable. 69 acquitted him, only 14 condemned him.