History of All Saints Church Ashover

All Saints Church Ashover is in Ashover.

On 13 Mar 1518 Thomas Babington 1449-1518 (69) died at Ashover. He was buried at All Saints Church Ashover.

Monument to Thomas Babington 1449-1518 (69) and Editha Fitzherbert 1457-1511 (61). Excellent painted alabaster monument of the Tudor Period with the colours much refreshed. Carved by Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings.

She wearing a Gabled Headress with long lappets.

He in civilian clothes with a purse (aka scrip aka gypciere) hanging from his belt.

Dogs chewing at her dress suggests Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent carved the monument.

The chest tomb of exceptional quality with the fifteen weepers under crocketed canopies broadly undamaged. The weepers on the sides are believed to represent Thomas and Editha's children, possibly fourteen, and their respective spouses. Those on the ends appear to be Saints and Angels with the one in the middle possible St Catherine. The chest tomb now abuts the south wall of the chancel meaning only three sides visible.

Babington impaled Fitzherbert.