History of Bamburgh Castle

991 Battle of Maldon

1464 Suppressing the Lancastrian Northern Resistance

1464 Suppressing the Northumbrian Resistance

Bamburgh Castle is in Bamburgh.

Battle of Maldon

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 950-999. 993. This year came Anlaf with three and ninety ships to Staines, which he plundered without, and went thence to Sandwich. Thence to Ipswich, which he laid waste; and so to Maldon, where Alderman Britnoth came against him with his force, and fought with him; and there they slew the alderman, and gained the field of battle; whereupon peace was made with him, and the king received him afterwards at episcopal hands by the advice of Siric, Bishop of Canterbury, and Elfeah of Winchester. This year was Bamborough destroyed, and much spoil was there taken. Afterwards came the army to the mouth of the Humber; and there did much evil both in Lindsey and in Northumbria. Then was collected a great force; but when the armies were to engage, then the generals first commenced a flight; namely, Frene and Godwin and Frithgist. In this same year the king ordered Elfgar, son of Alderman Elfric, to be punished with blindness.

In Aug 1311 Piers Gaveston 1st Earl Cornwall 1284-1312 (27) withdrew at Bamburgh Castle.

1464 Suppressing the Northumbrian Resistance

Chronicle of Gregory 1464. Around Jul 1464. Alle so the same somer my Lorde of Warwycke (35) and hys brether the Lorde Mountegewe (33), that was made Erle of Northehumberlond by the kynge, they ij layde a sege unto the castelle of Anwyke a gate hyt by a-poyntement. And in the same wyse and forme they gate the castelle of Dunsterborowe by the same mene. And thenne they layd sege to the castelle of Bamborowe, and layde grete ordynans and gonnys [Note. guns] there too. And manly they gate hyt by fors, and toke there yn that fals traytur Syr Raffe Gray (32), and brought hym unto the kynge to the castelle of Pomfrete. And fro thens he was ladde to Dankester, and there hys hedde was smete of and sent to London, and hyt was sette a-pon Londyn Bryge.

In 1489 Thomas Darcy 1st Baron Darcy Templehurst 1467-1537 (22) was appointed Constable Bamburgh Castle.

Ralph Grey 1432-1464 was appointed Governor of Bamburgh Castle.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle William Rufus 1095. 1095. The king then went homeward; for he saw that he could do no more there this winter. When the king came home again, he gave orders to take the Earl Robert of Northumberland, and lead him to Bamborough, and put out both his eyes, unless they that were therein would give up the castle. His wife held it, and Morel who was steward, and also his relative. Through this was the castle then given up; and Morel was then in the king's court; and through him were many both of the clergy and laity surrendered, who with their counsels had conspired against the king. The king had before this time commanded some to be brought into prison, and afterwards had it very strictly proclaimed over all this country, "That all who held land of the king, as they wished to be considered worthy of protection, should come to court at the time appointed." And the king commanded that the Earl Robert should be led to Windsor, and there held in the castle.

Chronicle of Gregory 1462. But within schorte tyme aftyr the sayde Syr Raffe Percy by fals colysyon and treson he lete the Fraynysche men take the castelle of Bamborowe fro hym nolens volo [Note. voluntarily]. As for the castelle of Anwyke alle the men of werre that were of worschip brake owte of the castelle by fors and warre and rescuyd Syr Perys de Brasylle on xij day by [v] the morne, and they that were with yn the castelle gaffe hit uppe by a-poyntement, &c.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle William Rufus 1095. 1095. Then, soon after that the king was gone south, went the earl one night out of Bamborough towards Tinemouth; but they that were in the new castle were aware of him, and went after him, and fought him, and wounded him, and afterwards took him. And of those that were with him some they slew, and some they took alive.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle William Rufus 1095. 1095. Hereafter at Pentecost was the king at Windsor, and all his council with him, except the Earl of Northumberland; for the king would neither give him hostages, nor own upon truth, that he might come and go with security. And the king therefore ordered his army, and went against the earl to Northumberland; and soon after he came thither, he won many and nearly all the best of the earl's clan in a fortress, and put them into custody; and the castle at Tinemouth he beset until he won it, and the earl's brother therein, and all that were with him; and afterwards went to Bamborough, and beset the earl therein. But when the king saw that he could not win it, then ordered he his men to make a castle before Bamborough, and called it in his speech "Malveisin"; that is in English, "Evil Neighbour". And he fortified it strongly with his men, and afterwards went southward.

1464 Suppressing the Lancastrian Northern Resistance

Chronicle of Gregory 1462. Thys yere Quene Margarete com owt of Frauns with lij schyppys, with Freynysche men and sum Engelysche men in the schyppys. And they londyd in Northe Humberlonde, hyt was vij dayes be-fore Alle Halwyn tyde. And there sche toke the castelle of Anwyke and put hyt fulle of Fraynyschemen. And thenn she retornyd in to Schotlonde by water. And there rosse suche a tempaste uppon hyr that she for soke hyr schippe, and a schapyd with the bote of [t]e schyppe. And the schyppe was drownyd with moche of hyr stuffe and iij grete schippys moo. And iiij c and vj Fraynysche men were take in the chyrche of Hooly Ylond. Thenn Kyng Edward hyrde telle of thys, and made hym redy towarde the Northe with many lordys, gentellys, and comyns with hym. And there he layde a sege to Anwyke Castelle, and to the castelle of Bamborowe, and to Dunsterborowe. Bamborowe and Dunsterborowe was kepte by Syr Raffe Persy and Syr Harry Bewforde, late Duke of Somersett, and the castelle of Anwyke with the Lorde Hungerforde. And Bamborowe and Dunsterborowe were yoldyn be Syr Raffe Percy and Syr Harry Beuford, late Duke of Somersett, to the Kyngys wylle, whythe the condyscyons that the sayde Raffe Percy schulde have the kepynge of the ij castellys, Bamborowe and Dunstarborowe. The sayde Syr Raffe Percy and Syr Harry Beuforde, late Duke of Somersett, were sworne to be trewe and faythefulle as trewe lege men unto owre kynge and soverayne lorde Edwarde the iiijthe. And they com to Derham, and there they were sworne byfore owre kynge. And the kynge gaffe hem hys levery and grete rewardys. See 1464 Suppressing the Lancastrian Northern Resistance.

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