History of Bletchingley

Bletchingley is in Surrey.

In or before 1515 Richard "The Great Black Knight of the North" Cholmondeley 1515-1563 was born at Bletchingley.

In 1542 Thomas Cawarden of Bletchingly and Nonsuch -1559 was elected MP Bletchingly.

In 1547 Thomas Cawarden of Bletchingly and Nonsuch -1559 was elected MP Bletchingly.

On 07 Apr 1547 Thomas Cawarden of Bletchingly and Nonsuch -1559 came into the possession of Bletchingley. Anne of Cleves (31) had formerly owned it.

Around 1539 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Portrait of Anne of Cleves.

Diary of Edward VI 1551. 24 May 1551. An earthquake was at Croidon and Blechingliee, and in the most part of Surrey, but no harme was donne.

In Mar 1553 Maurice Berkeley Standard Bearer 1506-1581 (47) was elected MP Bletchingly.

In 1625 Thomas Gresham 1547-1630 (78) was elected MP Bletchingly.

John Evelyn's Diary 06 November 1643. 06 Nov 1643. Lying by the way from Wotton at Sir Ralph Whitfield's, at Blechingley (whither both my brothers had conducted me), I arrived at London on the 7th, and two days after took boat at the Tower-wharf, which carried me as far as Sittingbourne, though not without danger, I being only in a pair of oars, exposed to a hideous storm: but it pleased God that we got in before the peril was considerable. From thence, I went by post to Dover, accompanied with one Mr. Thicknesse, a very dear friend of mine.

Diary of Isabella Twysden 1645. My nan went with my Servt whitfield into the contry to blechinly July 17.

John Evelyn's Diary 03 July 1677. 03 Jul 1677. I sealed the deeds of sale of the manor of Blechingley to Sir Robert Clayton (48), for payment of Lord Peterborough's (55) debts, according to the trust of the Act of Parliament.

In 1685 Ambrose Browne 1659-1688 (25) was elected MP Bletchingly.

In Feb 1789 Benjamin Hobhouse 1st Baronet Hobhouse 1757-1831 (32) was elected MP Bletchingly.

Marden Park, Bletchingley, Surrey

John Evelyn's Diary 13 July 1700. 13 Jul 1700. I went to Harden, which was originally a barren warren bought by Sir Robert Clayton (71), who built there a pretty house, and made such alteration by planting not only an infinite store of the best fruit; but so changed the natural situation of the hill, valleys, and solitary mountains about it, that it rather represented some foreign country, which would produce spontaneously pines, firs, cypress, yew, holly, and juniper; they were come to their perfect growth, with walks, mazes, etc., among them, and were preserved with the utmost care, so that I who had seen it some years before in its naked and barren condition, was in admiration of it. The land was bought of Sir John Evelyn, of Godstone (67), and was thus improved for pleasure and retirement by the vast charge and industry of this opulent citizen. He and his lady received us with great civility. The tombs in the church at Croydon of Archbishops Grindal, Whitgift, and other Archbishops, are fine and venerable; but none comparable to that of the late Archbishop Sheldon, which, being all of white marble, and of a stately ordinance and carvings, far surpassed the rest, and I judge could not cost less than £700 or £800.

St Mary's Church Bletchingley, Surrey

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1559. 05 Sep 1559. The v day of September was bered at [Bletchingley] ser Thomas Karden knyght, with a standard and .... of armes and a cot of armes, a helmet, targat, .... with the mantylls and crest, and a iij [3] dosen of skochyons of armes, the wyche he had mony goodly offeses in ....

The sam day at non was shytt a thornderyng [such a thundering] [as] was never hard a-for the tyme, for with a clap at Alalowes in Bred strett yt kyld a water span[iel] at the chyrche syde, and fellyd a man on of the bedman [beadman] of the Salters, ys nam ys Hare (blank), and sexten of the sam chyrche, and more-over yt crakyd the stepull a-boyfe the batelment all of stone, that sum of (it) fluw owtt in pesses, that mony pepull resortyd theder to se that marvels thrugh-owt London. I pray God help! Thys was done be(tween) xij [12] and on [one] the v day of September. At myd-day at non at Tottenam-he -crosse was ij ....

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1560. 23 Feb 1560. The xxiij day of Feybruary was cared from (Black) frers over the water to Parys garden, and ther was a hors-lytter rede to care her to Blechyng-led, [my] lade Carden, the wyff of ser Thomas Carden, to be bered.