History of Cheyne Walk

Cheyne Walk is in Chelsea.

Cheyne Walk was named after William Cheyne 2nd Viscount Newhaven 1657-1728.

Around 1850. Henry Pether 1800-1880 (50). Cheyne Walk in Chelsea, London, by Moonlight.

3 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Around Jul 1969 Keith Richards Musician 1943- (25) and Anita Pallenburg 1942-2017 (27) moved to 3 Cheyne Walk.

4 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

10 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 02 Jan 1863 to James Anderson Rose. 02 Jan 1863. Friday. 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.

My dear Rose (43)

I have asked Whistler to dinner Thursday next at 6. Will you meet him?


D G Rossetti (34)

Next Wednesday will do well for the Deed of Partnership

1862. Frederick Sandys Painter 1829-1904. Portrait of Susanna Rose nee Anderson 1795-1870. Mother of collector James Anderson Rose 1819-1890. Sandys exhibited this portrait at the Royal Academy in 1863. 1902. Frederick Sandys Painter 1829-1904. Portrait of Emily Winter Rose nee Chadwick 1825-1907, wife of collector James Anderson Rose 1819-1890. 1871. George Frederick Watts 1817-1904. Portrait of Dante Gabriel Rossetti Painter 1828-1882. 1853. William Holman Hunt Painter 1827-1910. Portrait of Dante Gabriel Rossetti Painter 1828-1882. Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones 1860. After 09 Jun 1860. It was quite clear that we must give up Paris and get to our own home as soon as the doctor gave Edward leave to travel; so ruefully enough I wrote to Gabriel and told him how things were; and his answer was a comfort to us, for he reported that they were both tired of

Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 09 Dec 1863 to James Leathart. 09 Dec 1863. 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.

My dear Leathart (43),

The picture of Whistler's (29) which I mentioned was the unfinished Chinese one, since bought by Gambart (49) & which was, as I thought, the one about which you wished to know.

The Thames picture is still unsold, and on enquiring of Whistler (29) I find its price is 300 guineas. It is the noblest of all the pictures he has done hitherto, and is the one for your collection.

As regards Legros' works, I yesterday saw for the first time a picture he is doing now, of Hamlet in his mother's chamber, where he kills Polonius, about 20 inches by 15 I suppose in size, it may be rather more, and a truly admirable work, the finest he has done in London as yet. He intends to ask 45 guineas for it. It is so very cheap proportionately to the other that I am induced to mention it to you, since it is a work which will stand the proximity of anything whatever, being most full & luminous in colour, though, like all his work, low in tone.

With kind rememberances to Mrs. Leathart[8].

I remain my dear Leathart

Yours ever truly

D G Rossetti (35)

19 to 26 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

19 to 26 Cheyne Walk cover the site of the original Chelsea Palace afterwards the residence of Hans Sloane 1st Baronet 1660-1753.

24 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

27 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

48 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

During the 1960s Mick Jagger -1943 (16) and Marianne Faithfull 1946- (13) lived at 48 Cheyne Walk.

Belle Vue House 92 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Around 1771 Belle Vue House 92 Cheyne Walk was constructed.

1873. Alice Boyd Painter 14th Lord Penkill 1825-1897 (48). Cappella di S. Clemente [Chapel of San Clemente/S Marks, Venice]. On a label attached to the reverse "Painted by Alice Boyd Bellevue House, Chelsea".

Lindsey House Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

Lindsey House Cheyne Walk was subsequently divided into 96-101 Cheyne Walk.

On 01 May 1729 Brownlow Bertie 5th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1729-1809 was born to Peregrine Bertie 2nd Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1686-1741 (43) and Jane Brownlow Duchess Ancaster and Kesteven -1736 at Lindsey House Cheyne Walk.

98 Cheyne Walk, Lindsey House Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

98 Cheyne Walk was the home of Marc Isambard Brunel 1769-1849 and also his son Isambard Kingdom Brunel 1806-1859.

119 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea

On 19 Dec 1851 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 (76) died of cholera at the home of Sophia Caroline Booth at 119 Cheyne Walk.