History of Dorking

Dorking is in Surrey.

Stane Street to Chichester is a 91km Roman Road from Noviomagus Reginorum aka Chichester to London crossing the land of the Atrebates in use by 70AD. Its route took it from London Bridge along Newington Causeway past Merton Priory to Ewell, through Sutton, past the boundary of Nonsuch Palace to Thirty Acre Barn, then near to Juniper Hall Field Centre near Mickleham, then crossing the River Mole near to Burford Bridge southwards to Dorking (although the route here is vague) to North Holmwood, Ockley, Rowhook after which it crossed the River Arun at Alfodean Bridge where some of the timber piles on which the bridge was built are still present in the river bed. Thereafter the road travels broadly straight to Billingshurst, Pulborough where it crosses the River Arun again, then passing the Roman Villa at Bignor before entering the East Gate at Noviomagus Reginorum aka Chichester.

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1551. 25 May 1551. The xxv day of May was be syd Rygatt and Croydon, Suttun, and Darkyng, a grett wondernus of herth... and spesshall at Darkyng, and in dyvers plasys .... pottes, panes, and dyssys donst, and mett felle doune ... abowt howse, and with mony odur thyngs.

In 1599 Christopher Hussey 1599-1686 was born to John Hussey -1632 and Mary Wood at Dorking.

Before 24 May 1632 John Hussey -1632 died. On 24 May 1632 John Hussey -1632 was buried at Dorking.

John Evelyn's Diary 01 August 1655. 01 Aug 1655. I went to Dorking, to see Mr. Charles Howard's (26) amphitheater, garden, or solitary recess, being fifteen acres environed by a hill. He showed us divers rare plants, caves, and an elaboratory.

In Jul 1688 Ambrose Browne 1659-1688 (29) died. On 24 Jul 1688 Ambrose Browne 1659-1688 (29) was buried at Dorking.

On 18 Mar 1837 John Gurney Hoare 1810-1875 (26) and Caroline Barclay 1812-1878 (25) were married at Dorking.

John Evelyn's Diary 1620 1636 Birth and Childhood. The distance from London little more than twenty miles, and yet so securely placed, as if it were one hundred; three miles from Dorking, which serves it abundantly with provision as well of land as sea; six from Guildford, twelve from Kingston. I will say nothing of the air, because the pre-eminence is universally given to Surrey, the soil being dry and sandy; but I should speak much of the gardens, fountains, and groves that adorn it, were they not as generally known to be among the most natural, and (till this later and universal luxury of the whole nation, since abounding in such expenses) the most magnificent that England afforded; and which indeed gave one of the first examples to that elegancy, since so much in vogue, and followed in the managing of their waters, and other elegancies of that nature. Let me add, the contiguity of five or six manors, the patronage of the livings about it, and what Themistocles pronounced for none of the least advantages—the good neighborhood. All which conspire here to render it an honorable and handsome royalty, fit for the present possessor, my worthy brother, and his noble lady, whose constant liberality gives them title both to the place and the affections of all that know them. Thus, with the poet:

Nescio quâ natale solum dulcedine cunctos.

Ducit, et immemores non sinit esse sui.

Deepdene, Dorking, Surrey

On 20 Jan 1796 William Burrell 2nd Baronet 1732-1796 (63) died at Deepdene. His son Charles Merrik Burrell 3rd Baronet 1774-1862 (21) succeeded 3rd Baronet Raymond of Valentine House.

Deepdene House, Dorking, Surrey

John Evelyn's Diary 09 August 1664. 09 Aug 1664. Went with my brother Richard (41) to Wotton, to visit and comfort my disconsolate brother (47); and on the 13th saw my friend, Mr. Charles Howard, at Dipden, near Dorking.

John Evelyn's Diary 13 September 1670. 13 Sep 1670. To visit Sir Richard Lashford, my kinsman, and Mr. Charles Howard (40), at his extraordinary garden, at Deepden.

Westcott Dorking, Surrey

On 12 Aug 1233 Eleanor Vitre Countess Salisbury 1158-1233 (75) died in Westcott Dorking.