History of Dover Castle

Dover Castle is in Dover.

After 1191 Geoffrey Plantagenet Archbishop of York 1152-1212 was imprisoned by William Longchamp Bishop of Ely -1197 at Dover Castle.

Before 1202 Hubert Burgh Count Mortain 1st Earl Kent 1170-1243 was appointed Count Mortain Mortagne, and as Constable Dover Castle, Constable Windsor Castle, Constable Chinon Castle.

In 1246 Nicholas Moels 1195-1268 (51) was appointed Constable Dover Castle.

Fine Rolls Edward II. On 07 Feb 1308 King Edward II of England (23) and Isabella of France Queen Consort England 1295-1358 (13) returned from their wedding in Boulogne sur Mer to Dover.

07 Feb 1308. Be it remembered that on Wednesday after the Purification, Edward II (23), the king, returning from beyond seas, to wit, from Boulogne sur Mer, where he took to wife Isabel (13), daughter of the king of France (39), touched at Dover in his barge about the ninth hour [1500], Hugh le Despenser (46) and the lord of Castellione of Gascony being in his company, and the queen a little afterward touched there with certain ladies accompanying her, and because the great seal which had been taken with him beyond seas then remained in the keeping of the keeper of the wardrobe who could not arrive on that day, no writ was sealed from the hour of the king's coming until Friday following on which day the bishop of Chichester, chancellor, about the ninth hour [1500] delivered to the king in his chamber in Dover castle the seal used in England during the king's absence, and the king, receiving the same, delivered it to William de Melton (33), controller of the wardrobe, and forthwith delivered with his own hand to the chancellor the great seal under the seal of J. de Benstede, keeper of the wardrobe, and Master John Painter Fraunceis, in the presence of Thomas, earl of Lancaster (30), Peter, earl of Cornwall (24), and Hugh le Despenser (46), William Martyn and William Inge, knights, and Adam de Osgodby, clerk; and the chancellor on that day after lunch in his room (hospicio) in God's House, Dover, sealed writs with the great seal.

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In 1324 Henry Cobham 1st Baron Cobham 1260-1339 (64) was appointed Constable Dover Castle.

Around 30 Jun 1360 John "The Good" II King France 1319-1364 (41) left the Tower of London and proceeded to Eltham Palace where Queen Philippa (46) had prepared a great farewell entertainment. Passing the night at Dartford, he continued towards Dover, stopping at the Maison Dieu of St Mary at Ospringe, and paying homage at the shrine of St Thomas Becket at Canterbury on 04 Jul 1360. He dined with the Black Prince (30) at Dover Castle, and reached English-held Calais on 08 Jul 1360.

In 1370 Richard Pembridge 1320-1375 (50) was appointed Constable Dover Castle.

In 1373 William Latimer 4th Baron Latimer Corby 1330-1381 (42) was appointed Constable Dover Castle.

In 1384 Simon Burley 1340-1388 (44) was appointed Constable Dover Castle.

Patent Rolls Richard II 1385-1389. 03 Jan 1388. Appointment, during pleasure, of John Devereux (51), knight, to be constable of Dover castle and warden of the Cinque Ports, receiving therefor for the maintenance of himself and the chaplains, servants, watch- men and one carpenter abiding therein, £300. a year, viz. from, wards belonging to the castle £146., from the issues of the customs in the port of Sandwich 100 marks and the residue at the Exchequer, without rendering account, as Simon de Bureley (48), knight, late constable and warden, saving to the king chattels of felons and fugitives, fines, ransoms, amercements, etc. from the said ports belonging to the king, for which he is to render account at the Exchequer; provided that he stay in person upon the custody as is reasonably needful and as necessity demands. By K. & C. Mandate in pursuance to the said Simon to deliver the castle to him. Mandate de intendendo in pursuance to the barons, bailiffs, good men and whole commonalty of the liberty of the Cinque Ports.

Patent Rolls Richard II 1385-1389. 12 Mar 1388. Grant, for life, to John Devereux (51), one of the king's bannerets, of the offices of constable of Dover castle and warden of the Cinque Ports, as held by Simon de Burleye (48). By p.s. Vacated because otherwise below.

On 12 Mar 1388 John Devereux 1st Baron Devereux 1337-1393 (51) was appointed Constable Dover Castle.

In 1392 John Beaumont 4th Baron Beaumont 1361-1396 (31) was appointed Constable Dover Castle.

In Feb 1397 John Beaufort 1st Marquess Somerset Dorset 1373-1410 (24) was appointed Admiral of the Irish Fleet, Constable Dover Castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports.

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1461. 07 May 1461. Middleham Castle. Grant for life to the king's kinsman Richard (32), earl of Warwick, of the office of constable of the king's castle of Dover, and al rents and services called 'castelwarde', and herbage and advowsons pertaining to the same, and the wardenship of the Cinque Ports and all forfeitures, 'shares', wreck of sea and other profits; and also 300l yearly for the sustenances of himself and priests, servants, watchmen, and other officers there, in the same manner as Humphey (70), late Duke of Gloucester, viz 146l frin the wards pertaining to the castle and 154l from the fee farm of the town of Southampton. By other latters patent.

On 26 Aug 1573 Thomas Fane 1510-1589 (63) was knighted at Dover Castle.

Diary of Samuel Pepys 25 March 1660. 25 Mar 1660. Lord's day. About two o'clock in the morning, letters came from London by our coxon, so they waked me, but I would not rise but bid him stay till morning, which he did, and then I rose and carried them in to my Lord, who read them a-bed. Among the rest, there was the writ and mandate for him to dispose to the Cinque Ports for choice of Parliament-men. There was also one for me from Mr. Blackburne, who with his own hand superscribes it to S.P. Esq., of which God knows I was not a little proud. After that I wrote a letter to the Clerk of Dover Castle, to come to my Lord about issuing of those writs.

About ten o'clock Mr. Ibbott, at the end of the long table, begun to pray and preach and indeed made a very good sermon, upon the duty of all Christians to be stedfast in faith. After that Captain Cuttance and I had oysters, my Lord being in his cabin not intending to stir out to-day. After that up into the great cabin above to dinner with the Captain, where was Captain Isham (32) and all the officers of the ship. I took place of all but the Captains; after dinner I wrote a great many letters to my friends at London. After that, sermon again, at which I slept, God forgive me! After that, it being a fair day, I walked with the Captain upon the deck talking. At night I supped with him and after that had orders from my Lord about some business to be done against to-morrow, which I sat up late and did and then to bed.

Diary of Samuel Pepys 11 May 1660. 11 May 1660. Up very early in the morning, and so about a great deal of business in order to our going hence to-day. Burr going on shore last night made me very angry. So that I sent for Mr. Pitts to come to me from the Vice-Admiral's (45), intending not to have employed Burr any more. But Burr by and by coming and desiring humbly that I would forgive him and Pitts not coming I did set him to work. This morning we began to pull down all the State's arms in the fleet, having first sent to Dover for painters and others to come to set up the King's (29). The rest of the morning writing of letters to London which I afterwards sent by Dunne. I had this morning my first opportunity of discoursing with Dr. Clarke1, whom I found to be a very pretty man and very knowing. He is now going in this ship to the King. There dined here my Lord Crafford (48) and my Lord Cavendish (20), and other Scotchmen whom I afterwards ordered to be received on board the Plymouth, and to go along with us. After dinner we set sail from the Downs, I leaving my boy to go to Deal for my linen. In the afternoon overtook us three or four gentlemen; two of the Berties, and one Mr. Dormerhoy, a Scotch gentleman, whom I afterwards found to be a very fine man, who, telling my Lord that they heard the Commissioners were come out of London to-day, my Lord dropt anchor over against Dover Castle (which give us about thirty guns in passing), and upon a high debate with the Vice and Rear Admiral whether it were safe to go and not stay for the Commissioners, he did resolve to send Sir R. Stayner (35) to Dover, to enquire of my Lord Winchelsea, whether or no they are come out of London, and then to resolve to-morrow morning of going or not; which was done. It blew very hard all this night that I was afeard of my boy. About 11 at night came the boats from Deal, with great store of provisions, by the same token John Goods told me that above 20 of the fowls are smothered, but my boy was put on board the Northwich. To bed.

Note 1. Timothy Clarke, M. D., one of the original Fellows of the Royal Society. He was appointed one of the physicians in ordinary to Charles II on the death of Dr. Quartermaine in 1667.

Around 1665 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of Admiral John Lawson 1615-1665. One of the Flagmen of Lowestoft. Around 1642. William Dobson Painter 1611-1646. Portrait of the future Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685. Before 1691. John Riley Painter 1646-1691. Portrait of Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685. Around 1665 John Greenhill Painter 1644-1676. Portrait of Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685 in his Garter Robes. Around 1661 John Michael Wright Painter 1617-1694. Portrait of Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685 in his coronation robes. Before 11 Jul 1671 Adriaen Hanneman Painter 1603-1671. Portrait of Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685. 1675. Hendrick Danckerts Painter 1625-1680. Portrait of Royal Gardener John Rose presenting a pineappel to King Charles II Before 1708 Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723. Portrait of William Cavendish 1st Duke Devonshire 1640-1707. In 1697 John Closterman Painter 1660-1711. Portrait of William Cavendish 1st Duke Devonshire 1640-1707. Around 1660 John Michael Wright Painter 1617-1694. Portrait of William Cavendish 1st Duke Devonshire 1640-1707. Around 1655. Unknown Painter. Portrait of William Cavendish 1st Duke Devonshire 1640-1707.

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In 1663 Colonel John Strode 1627-1686 (35) was appointed Lieutenant Dover Castle.

In or before 1679. John Hayls Painter 1600-1679. Portrait of Colonel John Strode 1627-1686.

John Evelyn's Diary 06 January 1665. 06 Jan 1665. To Dover, where Colonel Stroode (37), Lieutenant of the Castle, having received the letter I brought him from the Duke of Albemarle (56), made me lodge in it, and I was splendidly treated, assisting me from place to place. Here I settled my first Deputy. The Mayor and officers of the Customs were very civil to me.

Before 03 Jan 1670  Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of George Monck 1st Duke Albemarle 1608-1670. Before 03 Jan 1670 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of George Monck 1st Duke Albemarle 1608-1670 in his Garter Robes.

Diary of Samuel Pepys 29 June 1666. 29 Jun 1666. Up, and within doors most of the morning, sending a porter (Sanders) up and down to several people to pay them money to clear my month's debts every where, being mighty desirous to have all clear so soon as I can, and to that end did so much in settling my Tangier accounts clear.

At noon dined, having first been down at Deptford and did a little business there and back again.

After dinner to White Hall to a Committee of Tangier, but I come a little too late, they were up, so I to several places about business, among others to Westminster Hall, and there did meet with Betty Michell at her own mother's shop. I would fain have carried her home by water, but she was to sup at that end of the town. So I away to White Hall, and thence, the Council being up, walked to St. James's, and there had much discourse with Sir W. Coventry (38) at his chamber, who I find quite weary of the warr, decries our having any warr at all, or himself to have been any occasion of it, that he hopes this will make us shy of any warr hereafter, or to prepare better for it, believes that one overthrow on the Dutch side would make them desire peace, and that one on ours will make us willing to accept of one: tells me that Commissioner Pett (55) is fallen infinitely under the displeasure of the Prince and Duke of Albemarle (57), not giving them satisfaction in the getting out of the fleete, and that the complaint he believes is come to the King (36), and by Sir W. Coventry's (38) discourse I find he do concur in it, and speaks of his having of no authority in the place where he is, and I do believe at least it will end in his being removed to some other yarde, and I am not sorry for it, but do fear that though he deserves as bad, yet at this time the blame may not be so well deserved.

Thence home and to the office; where I met with a letter from Dover, which tells me (and it did come by expresse) that newes is brought over by a gentleman from Callice that the Dutch fleete, 130 sail, are come upon the French coast; and that the country is bringing in picke-axes, and shovells, and wheel-barrows into Callice; that there are 6,000 men armed with head, back, and breast (Frenchmen) ready to go on board the Dutch fleete, and will be followed by 12,000 more. That they pretend they are to come to Dover; and that thereupon the Governor of Dover Castle is getting the victuallers' provision out of the towne into the Castle to secure it. But I do think this is a ridiculous conceit; but a little time will show. At night home to supper and to bed,

Before 23 Jun 1686 Mary Beale aka Cradock Painter 1633-1699. Portrait of William Coventry 1628-1686.

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John Evelyn's Diary 02 April 1686. 02 Apr 1686. Sir Edward Hales (41), a papist, made Governor of Dover Castle .

Around 1685. John Riley Painter 1646-1691. Believed to be a portrait of Frances Windebank wife of Edward Hales 3rd Baronet Hales Woodchurch and Tunstall 1645-1695.

The May 1648 Kentish Rebellion was, in effect, the commencement of the Second Civil War of 1648. The rebels, commanded by George Goring 1st Earl Norwich 1585-1663, raised forces across Kent. Deal Castle, Walmer Castle and Sandown Castle surrendered. The rebels then besieged Dover Castle. Parliament dispatched troops commanded by Nathaniel Rich of Stondon -1701 to suppress the rebels.

Thomas Fitzalan 10th Earl Surrey 12th Earl Arundel 1381-1415 was appointed Constable Dover Castle.

Richard Grey 1202-1271 was appointed Constable Dover Castle.

Chapel Dover Castle, Kent

On 15 Jun 1614 Henry Howard 1st Earl of Northampton 1540-1614 (74) died unmarried. He was buried at Chapel Dover Castle. Earl of Northampton 4C 1604 extinct.

1624. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Henry Howard 1st Earl of Northampton 1540-1614.