History of King's Bench Prison

1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion

1554 Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

1600 Essex Rebellion

King's Bench Prison is in Southwark.

1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion

Chronicle of Gregory 1450. 05 Jul 1450. And uppon the morowe the Sonday at hyghe mas tyme a lette to be heddyd a man of Hampton, a squyer, the whyche was namyd Thomas Mayne. And that same evyn Londyn dyd a rysse and cam owte uppon hem at x [of] a the belle, beyng that tyme hyr captaynys the goode olde lorde Schalys (53) and Mathewe Goughe. Ande from that tyme unto the morowe viij of belle they were ever fyghtynge uppon London Brygge, ande many a man was slayne and caste in Temys, harnys, body, and alle; and monge the presse was slayne Mathewe Goughe and John Sutton aldyrman. And the same nyght, a-non aftyr mydnyght, the Captayneof Kentte dyde fyre the draught brygge of London ; and be-fore that tyme he breke bothe Kyngys Bynche ande the Marchelsy, and lete owte alle the presoners that were yn them.

Chronicle of Gregory 1450. 12 Jul 1450. And uppon the xij day of Juylle, the yere a-fore sayde, the sayde camptayne was cryde and proclaymyd traytoure, by the name of John Cade, in dyvers placys of London, and also in Sowtheworke, whythe many moo, that what man myght or wolde bryng the sayde John Cade to the kyng, qwyke or dede, shulde have of the kynge a thousande marke. Also who som evyr myght brynge or wolde brynge any of hys chyffe counsellourys, or of afynyte, that kepte any state or rewle or governansse undyr the sayd fals captayne John Cade, he schulde have to hys rewarde of the kynge v. c. [500] marke. And that day was that fals traytoure the Captayne of Kentte i-take and slayne in the Welde in the countre of Sowsex, and uppon the morowe he was brought in a .earre alle nakyd, and at the Herte in Sowetheworke there the carre was made stonde sty lie, the wyffe of the howse myght se hym yf hyt were the same man or no that was namyd the Captayne of Kente, for he was loggyd whythe yn hyr howse in hys pevys tyme of hys mys rewylie and rysynge. And thenne he was hadde in to the Kyngys Bynche, and there he lay from Monday at evyn unto the Thursseday nexte folowynge at evyn; and whythe yn the Kynges Benehe the sayde captayne was be-heddyde and quarteryde; and the same day i-d[r]awe a-pon a hyrdylle in pecys whythe the hedde by-twyne hys breste from the Kyngys Benehe thoroughe owte Sowthewerke, and thenne ovyr Londyn Brygge, and thenne thoroughe London unto Newegate, and thenne hys hedde was takyn and sette uppon London Brygge.

Wriothesley's Chronicle Edward VI 5th Year 1551-1552. 12 Dec 1551. The 12 of December at the sessions of the gayle delivery holden at Newgate, Nicholas Ballard (41), gentleman, which in August last past was punished for an adulterer with one Middletons wyfe, and after sent to Newegate for a rape, and after was bayled with sureties from tyme to tyme till nowe, was this day araigned for the sayd rape, which was indyted for the same, and by a jury this day found guilty of the rape, havinge great witnes for the proofe of the same rape; and after verdyte giuen against him he asked the benefyte of his booke [Note. Benefit of the Clergy], and read, and so was burnt this daye in the hand and had to the bishops convicte prison.

In 1554 Archdeacon John Philpot 1516-1556 (38) was imprisoned at the King's Bench Prison.

Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

Wriothesley's Chronicle Mary I 1st Year 22 Feb 1554. 22 Feb 1554. The 22 of February certeyne of the rebells which lay in Newgate, both the Counters, the Kings Benche, the Marshallsie, and Westminster, to the number of iiii C. and more, were ledd to Westminster to the Cowrte, coupled together with collers and halters abowte their neckes, and there in the Tylt-yeard kneeled afore the Queen (38) lookinge owt at the gallerie by the gate, and cried for meroye, who most gratiouslye gave to them their pardon.

Around 1554 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. Around 1556 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558.

Diary of Henry Machyn April 1559. After 07 Apr 1559. The (blank) day cam from Franse my lord chamburlayn Haward (38) and my lord bysshope of Elly (53) and master doctur Wotton, and (unfinished) .... ye Tempull, and ix .... dener, and ther dynyd the consell and dyvers notabyll .... and juges, and my lord mayre (50) and the althermen, and the [officers of the] Chansseres [Chancery] and the Flett, and the Kyngesbynshe, and the Marshalsea; [and they] gayff gownes of ij collers, morreys and mustars, and ... ij collers ... hondered; and at v of cloke at after-non [the new] serganttes whent unto sant Thomas of Acurs in a ... gowne and skarlette hodes a-bowt ther nekes, and whyt [hoods on] ther hedes, and no capes [caps]; and after they whent unto Powles with typstayffes and offesers of the Kyngbynche, and odur plasses, and [they were] browth be ij old serganttes, one after a-nodur in skarlett ... of north syd, and ther thay stod tyll thay had brou[th them] unto ix sondre pellers [pillars] of the north syd, and after the ... cam unto the furst, and after to the reseduu; and thay whe[nt back] unto the Tempull on a-lone [one-by-one], and a-for whent the ... and the rulers and the Chansere and of the Kyngbynche [ij and ij to]gether, and after cam a hondered in parte cottes of ...

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1559. 14 Aug 1559. The xiiij day of August landyd at the Bryghowsse a iiijxx [80] rovers and mareners that was taken with Strangwys, and send unto the masselsay and to the kynges bynche, and ther trumpeter, and as sone as thay cold make hast put on fetters on ther leges for ther offensys.... pesse over chargyd at master Hyksun .... and one of ys servand dyd fyre yt that was ... and yt hytt brust in pesses, and on pesse yt ... and smott on of ys leg a-way by the ... smott a pesse of the calff of ys lege a-way ... of the pesse fluw over Temes a-pon the .. and in dyvers plases.

Diary of Henry Machyn February 1562. 15 Feb 1562. The xv day of February ded with-in the kynge('s) bynche on Hare Saxsay merser, for he was browth into the star-chambur a-for my lord keper and dyvers of the consell, and he was juged to stand on the pelere ij tyme in the weke for the spase of (blank) and he was condemnyd the last day of the terme, and a-pone that he toke a purgasyon that he d ...

Around 1594 Nicholas Ballard 1510-1594 (84) died at King's Bench Prison.

On 02 Jul 1675 Anthony Bateman Lord Mayor of London 1616-1687 (59) was imprisoned at King's Bench Prison.

In Oct 1830 Captain Thomas Garth (30) was committed for debt to the King's Bench Prison and Georgiana Carolina Dashwood Lady Astley 1796-1835 (34) lived with him there.

1826 Henry William Pickersgill Painter 1782-1875. Portrait of Georgiana Carolina Dashwood Lady Astley 1796-1835. In 1826 Henry William Pickersgill Painter 1782-1875. Portrait of Georgiana Carolina Dashwood Lady Astley 1796-1835.

On 29 Mar 1834 John Mytton 1796-1834 (37) died in King's Bench Prison.

In 1835 Georgiana Carolina Dashwood Lady Astley 1796-1835 (39) died of scarlet fever at King's Bench Prison.

In 1467 Thomas Cooke -1478 was charged with high treason for lending money to Margaret, the queen of the deposed Lancastrian King Henry VI, on the strength of a confession of a statement obtained under torture from one Hawkins. Chief Justice Markham directed the jury to find it only misprision of treason, whereby Cooke's lands and life were saved, though he was heavily fined and long imprisoned. While awaiting his trial in the Tower his effects, both at his town house and at Gidea Hall, were seized by Lord Rivers, then treasurer of England, and his wife was committed to the custody of the mayor. On his acquittal he was sent to the Bread Street compter, and afterwards to the king's bench, and was kept there until he paid eight thousand pounds to the king and eight hundred pounds to the queen. Lord Rivers and his wife, the Duchess of Bedford, also obtained the dismissal of Markham from his office for having determined that Cooke was not guilty of treason.

Queen's Bench Prison, King's Bench Prison, Southwark, Surrey

In Jul 1601 John Lyttelton 1561-1601 (40) died in the Queen's Bench Prison havign been tried for high treason for involvement in the Essex Rebellion.