History of Middle Temple

1640 Short Parliament

1665 Great Plague of London

Middle Temple is in Temple.

Around 1488 Thomas Audley 1st Baron Audley Walden 1488-1544 was born to Geoffrey Audley 1450-1504 (38) at Earls Colne. He was educated at Magdalene College aka Buckingham and Middle Temple.

In 1569 Unknown Painter. Posthumous portrait of Thomas Audley 1st Baron Audley Walden 1488-1544.

In 1503 John Mordaunt 1st Baron Mordaunt 1480-1562 (23) educated at Middle Temple.

On 22 May 1506 Edward Montagu Chief Justice 1485-1557 (21) admitted at Middle Temple.

On 02 Nov 1518 Richard Brydges 1500-1558 (18) admitted at Middle Temple.

In 1561 Thomas Paget 3rd Baron Paget Beaudasert 1544-1590 (17) admitted at Middle Temple.

Around 1574 Richard Carew 1555-1620 (18) educated at Middle Temple.

In 1575 Walter Raleigh 1554-1618 (21) educated at Middle Temple.

In 1591 Nicholas Hilliard Painter 1547-1619 painted a portrait of Walter Raleigh 1554-1618.In 1598 William Segar Painter 1554-1663. Portrait of Walter Raleigh 1554-1618.In 1585 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Walter Raleigh 1554-1618.In 1588 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Walter Raleigh 1554-1618.

In 1576 Amyas Bampfylde of Poltimore and North Molton 1560-1626 (16) studied law at the Middle Temple.

In 1579 Henry Savile 1st Baronet 1579-1632 was born to John Savile 1545-1607 (34) and Jane Garth. He was educated at Merton College and in 1593 he entered the Middle Temple.

In 1583 Thomas Culpepper 1561-1613 (22) educated at Middle Temple.

In 1585 Richard Edgecumbe 1570-1639 (15) educated at Middle Temple.

In Mar 1595 John Salusbury 1567-1612 (28) assisted at Middle Temple.

Around 1596 Richard Carew 1st Baronet Carew 1580-1643 (16) educated at Middle Temple.

In 1606 Henry Borlase 1590-1624 (16) was a student at Middle Temple.

In 1607 John Bampylde 1586-1657 (21) studied law at the Middle Temple.

On 13 Nov 1615 Robert Bernard 1st Baronet 1601-1666 (14) was admitted to the Middle Temple.

In 1616 Algernon Percy 10th Earl of Northumberland 1602-1668 (13) educated at Middle Temple.

Around 1634 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of Algernon Percy 10th Earl of Northumberland 1602-1668 and Anne Cecil -1637.Before 09 Dec 1641 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of Algernon Percy 10th Earl of Northumberland 1602-1668.

On 14 Jun 1616 Geoffrey Palmer 1st Baronet 1598-1670 (18) was admitted to the Middle Temple and called to the bar on 23 May 1623.

In 1619 Adrian Scrope Regicide 1601-1660 (17) educated at Middle Temple.

Around 1623 Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675 (17) educated at Middle Temple.

In 1634. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675.In 1650. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675.

Around 1628 Edward Hyde 1st Earl Clarendon 1609-1674 (18) educated at Middle Temple.

Around 1643. William Dobson Painter 1611-1646. Portrait of Edward Hyde 1st Earl Clarendon 1609-1674.Before 04 Jan 1674 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of Edward Hyde 1st Earl Clarendon 1609-1674.

In 1629 Thomas Thynne 1610-1669 (19) entered at Middle Temple.

Short Parliament

John Evelyn's Diary 11 April 1640. 11 Apr 1640. I went to London to see the solemnity of his Majesty's (39) riding through the city in state to the Short Parliament, which began the 13th following,—a very glorious and magnificent sight, the King (39) circled with his royal diadem and the affections of his people: but the day after I returned to Wotton again, where I stayed, my father's (53) indisposition suffering great intervals, till April 27th, when I was sent to London to be first resident at the Middle Temple: so as my being at the University, in regard of these avocations, was of very small benefit to me. Upon May the 5th following, was the Parliament unhappily dissolved; and, on the 20th I returned with my brother George to Wotton, who, on the 28th of the same month, was married at Albury to Mrs. Caldwell (an heiress of an ancient Leicestershire family, where part of the nuptials were celebrated).

John Evelyn's Diary 12 October 1641. 12 Oct 1641. From Dover, I that night rode post to Canterbury. Here I visited the cathedral, then in great splendour, those famous windows being entire, since demolished by the fanatics. The next morning, by Sittingboume, I came to Rochester, and thence to Gravesend, where a light-horseman (as they call it) taking us in, we spent our tide as far as Greenwich. From hence, after we had a little refreshed ourselves at the College, (for by reason of the contagion then in London we balked the inns,) we came to London landing at Arundel-stairs. Here I took leave of his Lordship (56), and retired to my lodgings in the Middle Temple, being about two in the morning, the 14th of October.

John Evelyn's Diary 15 December 1641. 15 Dec 1641. I was elected one of the Comptrollers of the Middle Temple revellers, as the fashion of the young students and gentlemen was, the Christmas being kept this year with great solemnity; but, being desirous to pass it in the country, I got leave to resign my staff of office, and went with my brother Richard to Wotton.

On 21 Jan 1645 John Bernard 2nd Baronet 1630-1679 (14) was admitted to the Middle Temple.

John Evelyn's Diary 14 October 1647. 14 Oct 1647. To Sayes Court, at Deptford, in Kent (since my house), where I found Mr. Pretyman, my wife's (12) uncle, who had charge of it and the estate about it, during my father-in-law's residence in France. On the 15th, I again occupied my own chambers in the Middle Temple.

In 1652 William Willoughby 6th Baron Willoughby Parham 1616-1673 (36) studied at Middle Temple.

Great Plague of London

Diary of Samuel Pepys 15 July 1661. 15 Jul 1661. Up by three o'clock this morning, and rode to Cambridge, and was there by seven o'clock, where, after I was trimmed, I went to Christ College, and found my brother John (20) at eight o'clock in bed, which vexed me. Then to King's College chappell, where I found the scholars in their surplices at the service with the organs, which is a strange sight to what it used in my time to be here.
Then with Dr. Fairbrother (whom I met there) to the Rose tavern, and called for some wine, and there met fortunately with Mr. Turner of our office, and sent for his wife, and were very merry (they being come to settle their son here), and sent also for Mr. Sanchy, of Magdalen, with whom and other gentlemen, friends of his, we were very merry, and I treated them as well as I could, and so at noon took horse again, having taken leave of my cozen Angier, and rode to Impington, where I found my old uncle (78)1 sitting all alone, like a man out of the world: he can hardly see; but all things else he do pretty livelyly.
Then with Dr. John Pepys and him, I read over the will, and had their advice therein, who, as to the sufficiency thereof confirmed me, and advised me as to the other parts thereof. Having done there, I rode to Gravely with much ado to inquire for a surrender of my uncle's in some of the copyholders' hands there, but I can hear of none, which puts me into very great trouble of mind, and so with a sad heart rode home to Brampton, but made myself as cheerful as I could to my father, and so to bed.
Note 1. Talbot Pepys (78), sixth son of John Pepys of Impington -1589, was born 1583, and therefore at this time he was seventy-eight years of age. He was educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and called to the bar at the Middle Temple in 1605. He was M.P. for Cambridge in 1625, and Recorder of Cambridge from 1624 to 1660, in which year he was succeeded by his son Roger (44). He died of the plague, March, 1666, aged eighty-three.

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John Evelyn's Diary 09 January 1668. 09 Jan 1668. Went to see the revels at the Middle Temple, which is also an old riotous custom, and has relation neither to virtue nor policy.

John Evelyn's Diary 03 August 1668. 03 Aug 1668. Mr. Bramstone (son to Judge B (91)), my old fellow-traveler, now reader at the Middle Temple, invited me to his feast, which was so very extravagant and great as the like had not been seen at any time. There were the Duke of Ormond (57), Privy Seal (62), Bedford (52), Belasis (54), Halifax (34), and a world more of Earls and Lords.

John Evelyn's Diary 04 August 1669. 04 Aug 1669. I was invited by Sir Henry Peckham (54) to his reading feast in the Middle Temple, a pompous entertainment, where were the Archbishop of Canterbury (71), all the great Earls and Lords, etc. I had much discourse with my Lord Winchelsea (41), a prodigious talker; and the Venetian Ambassador [Signor Muccinigo].

John Evelyn's Diary 02 May 1672. 02 May 1672. My son, John (17), was specially admitted of the Middle Temple by Sir Francis North (34), his Majesty's (41) Solicitor-General, and since Chancellor. I pray God bless this beginning, my intention being that he should seriously apply himself to the study of the law.

John Evelyn's Diary 16 December 1686. 16 Dec 1686. I carried the Countess of Sunderland (40) to see the rarities of one Mr. Charlton in the Middle Temple, who showed us such a collection as I had never seen in all my travels abroad either of private gentlemen, or princes. It consisted of miniatures, drawings, shells, insects, medals, natural things, animals (of which divers, I think 100, were kept in glasses of spirits of wine), minerals, precious stones, vessels, curiosities in amber, crystal, agate, etc.; all being very perfect and rare of their kind, especially his books of birds, fish, flowers, and shells, drawn and miniatured to the life. He told us that one book stood him in £300; it was painted by that excellent workman, whom the late Gaston, Duke of Orléans, employed. This gentleman's whole collection, gathered by himself, traveling over most parts of Europe, is estimated at £8,000. He appeared to be a modest and obliging person.

Around 1689 Spencer Compton 1st Earl Wilmington 1673-1743 (16) admitted at Middle Temple.

In 1692 Edward Bagot 4th Baronet Bagot 1674-1712 (17) was educated at the Middle Temple.

Around 1675 John Michael Wright Painter 1617-1694. Portrait of Mrs Salesbury with her Grandchildren Edward and Elizabeth Bagot

On 30 Jul 1698 Brian Broughton 3rd Baronet 1677-1724 (20) was admitted to Middle Temple.

John Evelyn's Diary 04 September 1699. 04 Sep 1699. My worthy brother (82) died at Wotton, in the 83d year of his age, of perfect memory and understanding. He was religious, sober, and temperate, and of so hospitable a nature, that no family in the county maintained that ancient custom of keeping, as it were, open house the whole year in the same manner, or gave more noble or free entertainment to the county on all occasions, so that his house was never free. There were sometimes twenty persons more than his family, and some that stayed there all the summer, to his no small expense; by this he gained the universal love of the county. He was born at Wotton, went from the free school at Guildford to Trinity College, Oxford, thence to the Middle Temple, as gentlemen of the best quality did, but without intention to study the law as a profession. He married the daughter of Colwall, of a worthy and ancient family in Leicestershire, by whom he had one son; she dying in 1643, left George her son an infant, who being educated liberally, after traveling abroad, returned and married one Mrs. Gore, by whom he had several children, but only three daughters survived. He was a young man of good understanding, but, over-indulging his ease and pleasure, grew so very corpulent, contrary to the constitution of the rest of his father's relations, that he died. My brother afterward married a noble and honorable lady, relict of Sir John Cotton, she being an Offley, a worthy and ancient Staffordshire family, by whom he had several children of both sexes. This lady died, leaving only two daughters and a son. The younger daughter died before marriage; the other afterward married Sir Cyril Wych (67), a noble and learned gentleman (son of Sir —— Wych), who had been Ambassador at Constantinople, and was afterward made one of the Lords Justices of Ireland. Before this marriage, her only brother (47) married the daughter of —— Eversfield, of Sussex, of an honorable family, but left a widow without any child living; he died about 1691, and his wife not many years after, and my brother resettled the whole estate on me. His sister, Wych, had a portion of £6,000, to which was added £300 more; the three other daughters, with what I added, had about £5,000 each. My brother died on the 5th of October, in a good old age and great reputation, making his beloved daughter, Lady Wych, sole executrix, leaving me only his library and some pictures of my father, mother, etc. She buried him with extraordinary solemnity, rather as a nobleman than as a private gentleman. There were, as I computed, above 2,000 persons at the funeral, all the gentlemen of the county doing him the last honors. I returned to London, till my lady should dispose of herself and family.

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In 1708 Jacob Bouverie 1st Viscount Folkestone 1694-1761 (13) admitted at Middle Temple.

In 1718 Henry Archer 1700-1768 (18) educated at Middle Temple.

On 29 Oct 1723 Henry Streatfield 1706-1762 (17) admitted at Middle Temple.

John Evelyn's Diary 1620 1636 Birth and Childhood. 13th February 1637: I was especially admitted (and, as I remember, my other brother) into the Middle Temple, London, though absent, and as yet at school. There were now large contributions to the distressed Palatinates.

John Evelyn's Diary Editor's Introduction. It may be not altogether incurious to observe, that though Mr. Evelyn's father was a man of very considerable fortune, the first rudiments of this son's learning were acquired from the village schoolmaster over the porch of Wotton Church. Of his progress at another school, and at college, he himself speaks with great humility; nor did he add much to his stock of knowledge, while he resided in the Middle Temple, to which his father sent him, with the intention that he should apply to what he calls "an impolished study", which he says he never liked.