History of St Dunstan in the East Church

St Dunstan in the East Church is in St Dunstan's in the East Parish.

Chronicle of Gregory 1403-1419. 1417. Ande the same yere, a-pon Estyr daye at aftyr none, the Lorde Stronge (35) and Syr John Trusselle (68), knyght, fylle at debate for hyr wyvys in the chyrche of Syn Donstonys in the Este, evyn at the prechyng tyme. In the same fraye Thomas Pedwardynne, fyschemonger, was slayne as he wolde have lettyde hem of hyr fyghtynge, and many men were i-hurte; and therefore the chyrche was suspendyd. Ande thenne was the Lorde Stronge (35) a-restyde and brought unto the Counter in the Pultrye, and the Sonday nexte aftyr he was cursyde in every chyrche in London, whithe boke, belle, and candelle, in one houre of the day. And aftyr he dyde hys penaunsse opynly thorow London for hys trespas ayenst Hooly Chyrche.

Chronicle of Gregory 1447. Jan 1447. Ande that same yere was a Parlyment begon at Byry; and that same yere there was grete wache at Syn Donstonys in the Este, by the sofferens of oure sufferayne lorde the kyng, in every warde of London alle the xvi dayes in Crystysmasse by the commaundement of the kynge (25).

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1554. 14 Dec 1554. The xiiij day of Desember was sant Donstones in (the) est chyrche and chyrche-yerde halowyd by a sofferacan [suffragan bishop], the wyche was sospendyd one owr Lade day, the Consepsyon, by a man of the parryche.

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1556. 31 Aug 1556. The xxxj day of August was bered masteres ... Sawde sumtyme weyff unto John Sawde su .... quen Katheryn['s ex-] chekare, and here sune p .... unto quen Mare her dowther; with ij grett branchys and xij torchys and iiij grett tapurs, and bered in sant Dunstones parryche in the est, with many morners; and to master Grenway('s) to drynke [ale?] and spyssebred; and the morow masse and a sermon, and after a grett dener; and the morowe after ther was gyffyn for her boyth wod and colles to the powre pepulle.

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1557. 06 May 1557. The vj day of May was bered in sant Donstones in the est ser James Garnado knyght, with ij whytt branchys and xij stayffe torchys and iiij grett tapurs and a ij dosen of skochyons.

Diary of Henry Machyn August 1558. 21 Aug 1558. The xxj day of August was bered at sant Donstones parryche in the est mastores Chalenger wedow, mother unto master Wylliam Allen, lether-seller, a' for-non, bered with money morners in blake.

In 1566 Richard Champion Lord Mayor of London 1495-1566 (71) died. He was buried at St Dunstan in the East Church.

Diary of Samuel Pepys 27 July 1660. 27 Jul 1660. The last night Sir W. Batten (59) and Sir W. Pen (39) came to their houses at the office. Met this morning and did business till noon. Dined at home and from thence to my Lord's where Will, my clerk, and I were all the afternoon making up my accounts, which we had done by night, and I find myself worth about £100 after all my expenses. At night I sent to W. Bowyer to bring me £100, being that he had in his hands of my Lord's. in keeping, out of which I paid Mr. Sheply all that remained due to my Lord upon my balance, and took the rest home with me late at night. We got a coach, but the horses were tired and could not carry us farther than St. Dunstan's. So we 'light and took a link and so home weary to bed.

Before 08 Oct 1683 Richard Meynell Apothecary -1683. His will reads ....

To be buried in a vault of St. Dunstan's-in-the-East "under the place where the Sundayes bread is distroibuted to the poore." A marble stone or small monument to be erected by his executors. Executors to invite to his funeral "my eldest and constant patients or customers, kindred, friends, & acquaintances, the sum of two hundred and fifty men att the least whereof forty to bee of the court assistants & other the livery of the company of apothecaries whereof I am a member, & also to include in the same number thirty of the governors of St. Bartholemews hospitall." Among his bequests was £50 to St. Bartholemew's Hospital "towards the maintenance & cure of that numerous company of poore sick & lame people which weekely are most freely received both from the citty & countrey & therefore an object of greatest charity."

Bequests to: dear brother Thomas MEYNELL Prebend of Baswitch and Whittington in the county of Stafford and Rector of Kirk and Meynell Langley in the county of Derby and his wife [unnamed]; loving nephew Godfrey MEYNELL and loving nieces Dorothy and Katherine MEYNELL son and daughters of Thomas; loving niece and goddaughter Susanna MEYNELL daur of Thomas [who bore his late wife's christian name]; Francis MEYNELL eldest son of late brother William and his son Richard RM's godson; nephew William MEYNELL second son of late brother William; niece Dorothy KINASTON eldest daughter of late brother William; nephew John MEYNELL fourth son of late brother William; niece Sarah MEYNELL second daughter of late brother William; nephew Godfrey MEYNELL third son of late brother William [who owed RM money]; niece Sarah LARGE widow & relict of Robert LARGE; niece Patience GRACE widow; niece Dorothy WATTS; loving niece Prudence CLARKE; loving nephew William ULLOCK a minister; loving nephew George ULLOCK; loving nephew Francis ULLOCK; nephew and godson John MEYNELL youngest son of brother Alderman MEYNELL deceased; Elizabeth MEYNELL daughter of late brother Isaac; honoured nephew Godfrey MEYNELL esq., and Margaret his wife; Francis and Richard MEYNELL sons of Alderman MEYNELL deceased; Jane THORNELEY widow of Stephen THORNELEY esq. and her sons Stephen & Isaac THORNELEY; William MEYNELL of Anslow; Francis MEYNELL of Anslow; Gerrard MEYNELL of London

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On 01 Jan 1685 Robert Bristow 1662-1706 (22) and Catherine Wooley 1667-1751 (17) were married at St Dunstan in the East Church.

Diary of Samuel Pepys 29 November 1663. A good dinner we had of boeuf a la mode, but not roasted so well as my wife used to do it.

So after dinner I to the French church, but that being too far begun I came back to St. Dunstan's by six and heard a good sermon, and so home and to my office all, the evening making up my accounts of this month, and blessed be God I have got up my crumb again to £770, the most that ever I had yet, and good clothes a great many besides, which is a great mercy of God to me.

So home to supper and to bed.