History of St Dunstan's in the East Parish

1559 Consecration of Matthew Parker as Archbishop of Canterbury

1665 Battle of Lowestoft

St Dunstan's in the East Parish is in City of London.

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1555. 08 Mar 1555. The sam day was a man sett on the pelere [for hurting] of one of the vj men that was sworne, and lyke [to have] bene slayne, and dyd suspend the chyrche of [saint] Donestones in the est.

On or before 20 Dec 1555 Alderman Henry Hudson 1500-1555 (55) died. He was buried at St Dunstan's in the East Parish.

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1555. 20 Dec 1555. The xx day of Dessember was bered at sant Donstones in the Est master Hare Herdsun (55), altherman of London and skynner, and on of the masturs of the hospetall of the gray frers in London, with men and xxiiij women in mantyll fresse gownes, a hersse of wax, and hong with blake; and ther was my lord mare and the swordberer in blake, and dyvers odur althermen in blake, and the resedew of the aldermen, at ys beryng; and all the masters, boyth althermen and odur, with ther gren stayffes in ther handes, and all the chylderyn of the gray frersse, and iiij men in blake gownes bayryng iiij gret stayffes-torchys bornyng, and then xxiiij men with torchys bornyng; and the morowe iij masses songe; and after to ys plasse to dener; and ther was ij goodly whyt branchys, and mony prestes and clarkes syngyng.

Diary of Henry Machyn September 1557. 17 Sep 1557. The xvij day of September whent owt of Nuwgatt unto Yslyngton beyonde the buthes [archery buttes] towardes the chyrche in a valley to be bornyd [burned] iiij; iij men, on women, for herese duly [proved;] ij of them was man and wyff dwellyng in sant Donstans in the Est, of the est syd of sant Donstons cherche-yerd with master [Waters,] sargant of armes, and att ther bornyng was (unfinished).

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1559. 13 Dec 1559. The xiij day of Desember in the mornyng was by mysefortune in sant Dunstones in est a nold [an old] man on master Cottelle a talowchandler, he fell downe in a trape dore and pechyd hys hed a-pone a pesse of tymbur, and brust owtt ys braynes, for he was beldyng, so the trape dore was left opyn.

The sam day cam serten fellous unto the Gorge in Bredstret, wher the fyre was, and gatt in-to the howse, and brake up a chest of a clothear, and toke owtt xl lb. and after cryd fyre, fyre, so that ther cam ij C. pepull; and so they toke one.

Consecration of Matthew Parker as Archbishop of Canterbury

Diary of Henry Machyn December 1559. 16 Dec 1559. The xvj day of Desember was the sam man bered in sant Don stones in the est, master Cottell, that was slayne with (the) falle, and he had a sarmon, and all ys compene in ther clothyng, and a grett dener, for ther was mad mon [moan] for hym, and a dolle.... Parker (55) electyd byshope of Canturbere.

Diary of Henry Machyn Aprile 1562. 20 Apr 1562. The xx day of Aprell was mared in the parryche of sant Donstones in the est master Bacun('s) (47) dowther, the salter, and brodur unto my lord keper (51) of the selle of England; and ther was a grett wedyng; and after the marege done home to dener, for ther dynyd my lord keper (51) and most of the conselle, and mony lades and mony of the quen's maydes gorgyowsly aparrell(ed), and grett chere; and master Valuntyne Browne dyd mare here [her], the audetour of Barwyke; ther was as gret chere as has byne sene in thes days.

Unknown Painter. Posthumous portrait of Nicholas Bacon Lord Keeper 1510-1579.

On 11 Jun 1573 Alderman James Bacon 1515-1573 (58) was buried at St Dunstan's in the East Parish where the inscription on his memorial reads "Here lyeth buried James Bacon, late of London Alderman and Sheriff, who departed this mortal life the 5th day of June, Anno Dom. 1573. Having Issue by Mary his first Wife, one Son and three Daughters. And by Margaret his second Wife, three Sons and one Daughter. And by Anne his third Wife, no Child"

Diary of Samuel Pepys 22 January 1663. 22 Jan 1663. To the office, where Sir W. Batten (62) and Sir J. Minnes (63) are come from Portsmouth. We sat till dinner time. Then home, and Mr. Dixon by agreement came to dine, to give me an account of his success with Mr. Wheatly for his daughter for my brother; and in short it is, that his daughter cannot fancy my brother because of his imperfection in his speech, which I am sorry for, but there the business must die, and we must look out for another. There came in also Mrs. Lodum, with an answer from her brother Ashwell's daughter, who is likely to come to me, and with her my wife's brother, and I carried Commissioner Pett (52) in with me, so I feared want of victuals, but I had a good dinner, and mirth, and so rose and broke up, and with the rest of the officers to Mr. Russell's buriall, where we had wine and rings, and a great and good company of aldermen and the livery of the Skinners' Company.

We went to St. Dunstan's in the East church, where a sermon, but I staid not, but went home, and, after writing letters, I took coach to Mr. Povy's (49), but he not within I left a letter there of Tangier business, and so to my Lord's, and there find him not sick, but expecting his fit to-night of an ague. Here was Sir Wm. Compton (38), Mr. Povy (49), Mr. Bland, Mr. Gawden and myself; we were very busy about getting provisions sent forthwith to Tangier, fearing that by Mr. Gawden's neglect they might want bread. So among other ways thought of to supply them I was empowered by the Commissioners of Tangier that were present to write to Plymouth and direct Mr. Lanyon to take up vessels great or small to the quantity of 150 tons, and fill them with bread of Mr. Gawden's lying ready there for Tangier, which they undertake to bear me out in, and to see the freight paid. This I did.

About 10 o'clock we broke up, and my Lord's fit was coming upon him, and so we parted, and I with Mr. Creed, Mr. Pierce, Win. Howe and Captn. Ferrers, who was got almost drunk this afternoon, and was mighty capricious and ready to fall out with any body, supped together in the little chamber that was mine heretofore upon some fowls sent by Mr. Shepley, so we were very merry till 12 at night, and so away, and I lay with Mr. Creed at his lodgings, and slept well.

Before 09 Dec 1641 Anthony Van Dyck Painter 1599-1641. Portrait of John Mennes Comptroller 1599-1671. Around 1657 John Michael Wright 1617-1694. Portrait of Thomas Povey Master of Requests 1614-1705.

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Battle of Lowestoft

On 25 Jun 1665 Admiral John Lawson 1615-1665 (50) died in Scarborough from wounds received at the Battle of Lowestoft. He was buried at St Dunstan's in the East Parish.

Around 1665 Peter Lely Painter 1618-1680. Portrait of Admiral John Lawson 1615-1665. One of the Flagmen of Lowestoft.

Diary of Samuel Pepys 23 April 1668. 23 Apr 1668. Up, and to the office, where all the morning, and at noon comes Knepp and Mrs. Pierce, and her daughter, and one Mrs. Foster, and dined with me, and mighty merry, and after dinner carried them to the Tower, and shewed them all to be seen there, and, among other things, the Crown and Scepters and rich plate, which I myself never saw before, and indeed is noble, and I mightily pleased with it.

Thence by water to the Temple, and thereto the Cocke (51) alehouse, and drank, and eat a lobster, and sang, and mighty merry. So, almost night, I carried Mrs. Pierce home, and then Knepp and I to the Temple again, and took boat, it being darkish, and to Fox Hall, it being now night, and a bonfire burning at Lambeth for the King's coronation-day. And there she and I drank;.... [Note. Missing text "and yo did tocar her corps all over and besar sans fin her, but did not offer algo mas; and so back, and led her home, it being now ten at night...."] and so back, and led her home, it being now ten at night; and so got a link; and, walking towards home, just at my entrance into the ruines at St. Dunstan's, I was met by two rogues with clubs, who come towards us. So I went back, and walked home quite round by the wall, and got well home, and to bed weary, but pleased at my day's pleasure, but yet displeased at my expence, and time I lose.

John Evelyn's Diary 08 August 1686. 08 Aug 1686. Our vicar gone to dispose of his country living in Rutlandshire, having St. Dunstan in the east given him by the Archbishop of Canterbury (69).

I went to visit the Marquis Ravigné, now my neighbor at Greenwich, retired from the persecution in France. He was the deputy of all the Protestants of that kingdom in the parliament of Paris, and several times Ambassador in this and other Courts; a person of great learning and experience.

On 22 May 1701 Henry St John 1st Viscount Bolingbroke 1678-1751 (22) and Frances Winchcombe Viscountess Bolingbroke 1680-1718 (20) were married at St Dunstan's in the East Parish.

Around 1735 Charles Jervas Painter 1675-1739. Portrait of Henry St John 1st Viscount Bolingbroke 1678-1751. Before 28 May 1745 Johnathan In 1718. Charles D'Agar Painter 1669-1723. Portrait of Henry St John 1st Viscount Bolingbroke 1678-1751. Before 1718. Michael Dahl Painter 1659-1743. Portrait of Frances Winchcombe Viscountess Bolingbroke 1680-1718. Lydiard House. Before 1718. Charles D'Agar Painter 1669-1723. Portrait of Frances Winchcombe Viscountess Bolingbroke 1680-1718.

Mincing Lane St Dunstan's in the East Parish, City of London

On 07 May 1622 James Boevey 1622-1696 was born to Andreas Boevey 1556-1625 (66) at Mincing Lane St Dunstan's in the East Parish.

St Dunstan in the East Church