History of St Mary's Church Rostherne

St Mary's Church Rostherne is in Rostherne Tatton.

On 07 Dec 1759 John Astley Painter 1724-1787 (35) and Penelope Vernon 1722-1762 (37) were married at St Mary's Church Rostherne. She died three years later at which time he became the owner of the Dukinfield and Daniel estates, including Gorse Hall. When his step-daughter Henrietta Dukinfield-Daniel -1771 died in 1771 he received further wealth.

On 19 Feb 1780 Samuel Egerton 1711-1780 (68) was buried at St Mary's Church Rostherne. Sculpted by John Bacon 1740-1799 (39). Figures representing Hope and Patience
The monument inscription describes those also buried in the vault: John Egerton 1679-1720 (63), his wife Elizabeth Barbour -1743 buried 10 Feb 1743, her mother Elizabeth Hill 1657-1713 (55) buried 17 Apr 1713 and John and Elizabeth's daughter-in-law Beatrix Copley 1721-1755 (34) buried 01 May 1755.

Before 20 Oct 1743 in the style of Michael Dahl Painter 1659-1743. Portrait of Elizabeth Barbour -1743.

On or before 17 Apr 1813 Elizabeth Hill 1657-1713 died. She was buried at St Mary's Church Rostherne.

On 25 Nov 1845 Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton 1824-1845 (21) was buried at St Mary's Church Rostherne sculpted Richard Westmacott Sculptor 1775-1856 (70).

After 08 Jan 1869. Memorial to Commander Charles Randle Egerton 1818-1869 at St Mary's Church Rostherne.