History of St Peter's Church Elford

St Peter's Church Elford is in Elford.

After 1391. St Peter's Church Elford. Some discussion as to whether a monument to Thomas Arderne 1337-1391 and Catherine Stafford 1338-1392, or to his son John Arderne 1369-1408 and Margaret Pilkington 1371-1423. Early Plate Bascinet Period. Holding Hands. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings holding Shields. Chunky Lions Mane. Angels Supporting Pillow. Possibly Sutton and Prentys.

After 1423. St Peter's Church Elford. Monument to John Stanley 1423-1474. Early Plate Bascinet Period. Maiden's Face Buckle. Eagle and Baby Crest; the legend associated with Sir John's descent from his ancestor, Sir Thomas Latham, whose wanted his barren wife to adopt his illegitimate son so he placed the baby in a nearby eagle's nest. His wife was delighted with this 'miracle' and took the child as her own.

Historic England states ... "Knight of circa 1370, alabaster, with bogus Gothic inscription by Richardson to Sir John Stanley, died 1474".

Mark Downing, President of the Church Monuments Society states on FB ... My research concludes c.1410. On a modern alabaster tomb-chest in the north-east corner of the south aisle. Stebbing Shaw quotes the inscription and expenses by Humphrey Stanley who probably acquired the effigy from a dissolved monastic house, with the inscription added c.1540 by possibly a Burton-on-Trent workshop. Restored and re-cut by Richardson in 1848/49. He states that he renewed the eagle crest, parts of the basinet, aventail, left arm, gauntlets, grip of the dagger, rowel spurs, spur straps, first part of the inscription and tomb-chest. Inscription on the right side of the slab: Orate pro aia d’ni Joh’is Stanley milit quondam d’ni de pype clyfton caumpuyle elforde et stotfolde et hui’ Cantarie et capelle fundator’ Anno d’ni Mil’simo CCCCMO Septuagesimo quarto. It is worth commenting that the rapier sword was not introduced until the sixteenth century and that this sword was cut into the slab when the inscription was added.

Around 1460 John Stanley -1460 died from a wooden real tennis ball hitting his jugular vein, or his temple. Monument in St Peter's Church Elford. His monument shows him pointing to his right temple where he was struck by a wooden tennis ball that killed him; he is holding the ball in his left-hand.

In 1463 Thomas Stanley 1392-1463 (70) died. He was buried at St Peter's Church Elford.

On 12 Oct 1516 Isabel Neville 1457-1516 (59) died. In 1526 William Smythe 1480-1526 (46) died. Before 29 Nov 1529 Anne Staunton -1529 died.

Monument in St Peter's Church Elford. Tudor Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar with Big Esses. Gabled Headress with Lappets. Probably Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent. Angels Supporting Pillow. Dogs chewing at her dress with Studded Collar. Swirling Tail. Chunky Lions Mane. Chest with Weepers.

On 19 Mar 1703 Ann Howard -1703 died. Monument in St Peter's Church Elford.

After 07 Mar 1779. St Peter's Church Elford. Memorials to Henry Howard 12th Earl Suffolk 5th Earl Berkshire 1739-1779, Craven Howard 1649-1700 and Henry Bowes Howard 4th Earl Berkshire 11th Earl Suffolk 1686-1757.

Before 16 Mar 1803 Mary Finch 1716-1803 died. On 16 Mar 1803 she was buried.

On 15 Jul 1756 William Howard 1714-1756 (41) was killed accidentally whilst driving a chaise.

Monument in St Peter's Church Elford.

In 1746 Thomas Hudson Painter 1701-1779. Portrait of Mary Finch 1716-1803. In 1745 Thomas Hudson Painter 1701-1779. Portrait of William Howard 1714-1756.

In 1881 Charles Bagot 1810-1881 (71) was buried at St Peter's Church Elford. Monument to Charles Bagot 1810-1881 (71) and Sophia Louisa Percy 1821-1908 (59).

On 07 Nov 1908 Sophia Louisa Percy 1821-1908 (86) died. She was buried at St Peter's Church Elford.

The River Tame rises near Oldbury after which it passes Wednesbury, Tamworth, Perry Barr, Spaghetti Junction, Drayton Bassett, St Peter's Church Elford before joining the River Trent 2km east of Alrewas.